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Ramiliamuliukov 2 months ago Barun Sobti Stay happy. Love you loads
samarsobti 7 months ago Barun Sobti all your roles are great. You are the best
Barun.k 8 months ago Barun Sobti - The most amazing, incredible man the most beautiful and talented!
sonya317 8 months ago Barun Sobti is the most talented and beautiful actor.The role of Advai is amazing.Much emotion. And great chemistry Adni -which always makes me want to watch the show, CNAL 3.
sonya316 8 months ago Barun Sobti, A lovely man, talented actor, he to combine all the best qualities!
Barni 8 months ago BARUN SOBTI your talent is endless, you are magnificent actor. It's amazing enjoyment to watch your play... You are the best!
samarsobti 8 months ago Barun Sobti my star love you the best actor in the world
sonya316 9 months ago Love you Barun Sobti, you're the best! I Love him!
_madhurika_ 9 months ago My love Barun Sobti you're the best, I'm proud of you. All your roles are perfect, good luck to you always and in everything
Regina.BS 9 months ago Barun Sobti all your characters are interesting and deep. Thank you for the excellent work
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