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What are the features in the FF section?

.iridescence. 3 months ago

- Members can easily migrate their fan fictions or original stories from the old forum to the new FF section. Fan Fiction Editors can help you with this process.

Link: How to Migrate Your Stories to New Site

- Members can follow the authors by clicking the "Follow" red button found within the story, under the title, and beside the author's name. Clicking this option will give you a notification whenever the author adds a new Chapter or FanFiction 

- Members can choose to follow a specific Fan Fiction instead, by clicking on "Add to Library"

- Main Page has highlights such as "Today's Hot Story",  "Latest Stories", and "Top 10 Authors" 

- Authors can add tags to help readers refine searches. Tags can include - show name, show character names and genres. This feature is important for the show-based Fan Fictions, the tags are what will enable the story to be displayed within the show forum also.

- Fan Fictions are now featured within the related show's forums. When you go into the TV serial/show's forum, along the top of the forum there are tabs (right under the show banner) such as overview, about, cast, forum etc. Now this includes FanFiction tab which will populate the show related Fan Fictions.

Book Covers now have standard sizes and are non-animated. IF's Fan Fiction Graphicers (FFG) team can help create book covers upon request. 

Link: Where can I get book covers done?

- Members Only feature: this can be used chapter by chapter. It is encouraged that all authors leave the first few chapters of their work available to all to allow non-members to get hooked and sign-up.

- All Fan Fictions in the new site are protected with inbuilt no copy and no right-click system

Credits:  Vijay, Koeli_Appy, .iridescence.