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Who are Fan Fiction Editors?

Koeli 4 months ago

Fan Fiction Editors or FFEs are team members who are responsible for curating FFs. They are going to help out in migration. You are free to contact any of them if you are having any issues while migration and beyond. Not that they are not development team members.

Fan Fiction editors will have the rights to edit the title of any fiction that is not in line with the specification of the new sight. If they are editing anything they will pm the author personally about the problem and the solution.

They are also going to help new/budding authors with how to start writing fiction and what all needs to be kept in mind to make fiction very written.

Current FFE's are :

Viswasruti/Madhuri  |  MsChanadlerBong/Sam   |   moonglade /Ramya  |  Koeli_Appy/Appy

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