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Details about Matured Content in New Fan Fiction Forum

Koeli 4 months ago

Any story that is not suitable for under 18 audiences will be categorized under mature content. You will be able to mark your fan fiction matured chapter-wise in the new fan fiction site. Stories that contain sensitive subjects/violence/subtle intimate scenes/strong language will be categorized as Matured Content.

However graphical description / explicit content will not be allowed throughout the India Forums.

Underage Molestation -> NO! 
If it's mere background information of a character and you mention it briefly through a conversation or the character describing himself/herself, that's alright. If the rape scene is described AT ALL, the content will HAVE to be edited out immediately if brought to the attention of the Dev Team. If the content is NOT edited out and the author REFUSES to, the DT will be forced to edit out the content and lock the FF thread entirely. 
Why? Because child molestation is illegal and such content breaks the law of several countries.

Rape In General/Sexual Scenes -> NO!
You have NO reason to describe a rape scene AT ALL. Or a sexual scene. The Dev Team understands that sometimes, such scenes are essential for the progress of the storyline. The DT does not want to restrict the creativity of the members but even creativity has limits for an open forum in a family-friendly site. After all, this is the internet and you always need to be careful of what you post here. Hence, you can post such scenes BUT in an extremely SUBTLE way. If the scene is described graphically with body parts described and named along with explanation of what's going on between the characters at that moment, you'll be warned and the content will need to be removed. Some members even use dirty talk between the characters while describing such scenes. That is also an absolute no. Use of deragatory language is already not permitted, dirty talk is out of the question. If you're unsure about what dirty talk is exactly, PM me or google the definition. 

Kissing  Scenes-> YES!
There have been a lot of questions regarding kissing scenes in stories. Our answer to those questions is, Yes. You can include kissing scenes for exactly two reasons, Tellywood no longer feels ashamed to depict kissing scenes in their shows so it's alright and two, it's safe ... so you don't have to worry about your young readers. 

Using The 18+/Mature Content Label -> NO!
Just don't post mature content on the forum and you won't need the warning. As is it, there is no guarantee that younger aged readers will stop reading upon viewing your warning therefore, it's not efficient. Don't post graphic content, don't use the warnings.

Describing The Rape Scene In A Good Light -> NO!
Although this constantly brings me back to 'don't post graphic content' over and over again, it won't be enough if i said a thousand times anyway. If you describe rape in a good light or encourage it, you will be issued a warning immediately -PUBLICLY, in your FF thread.

Credit :  Koeli_Appy and Angel-jot.

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