Who do I contact if I am having any issues in forums?

MsChanadlerBong 4 months ago

If you have any issues in the any forum then first you have to contact the development team of that particular forum. The DT members are listed on the bottom of the forum page (on mobile) and on the right hand side of the forum page (on PC). You can contact any one of them present. If the DT members consist of Viewbie, Moderators and Channel Moderators then first contact the Viewbie if they don't respond then the moderator and finally the channel moderator. If the forum DT consist of only one member then contact them only and wait for their response. If they don't respond then go to the channel moderator (if the channel has one) or take your issue to the global moderators. 

If you have any issues with forum which has no DT members then take your issues to the global moderators or the site admin.