Are there any rules for posting social media content in forums?

Minionite 4 months ago

Most forums will have this basic rule for social media content. There can be additional rules depending on the show.

Issues on External Sites: We understand that social networking sites are an integral part of communication in the cyber world. And therefore we understand that Twitter/Facebook /Instagram accounts of celebrities are religiously followed by fans for news/updates. But please understand that while posting show/character related content from cast/crew, production house and official sources  accounts is allowed, there is absolutely NO need for members to be posting their own discussions from these said external websites onto IF. Any personal discussions/issues occurring between members on external sites will NOT be allowed on IF.  Personal tweets/Instagram/facebook updates of the actors/actress can only be shared in the respective ATs which is irrelevant to the show. And any fights between different fangroups will not be allowed to be discussed here from social networking sites!

Please refer here for further clarifications: External Content from Social Networking Sites.