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How can I visit specific Telly/Bolly news?

surabhi01 3 years ago

To visit specific telly news 

1 first   visit to that  serial forum  where specific   telly news belong 

Eg if want to search  telly new about   vidya serial   and about its actors    then first visit vidya forum

And when visit forum  ,  on top side of forum name of forum is  written   . . On right side of name of forum  there is search bar  feature 

Click on search bar 

Two bar will appear 

On first bar type article  that want to search    

On second bar select  article option   and then click go 

It will give specific result that wanted to search

For  specific   bolly news 

Visit Bollywood forum 

Same procedure as above  to search specific Bollywood news 

Leenaaa 3 years ago

To visit specific Telly/Bolly News,

Click on the search icon



  Click on any Articles and proceed to write the celebrity name in the search bar you would like to read about and click on GO



Now, you can read specific Articles related to your favorite celebrity



Not also articles, You can check through Videos, Galleries etc from the drop down menu


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