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Posted: 18 years ago
Amrita Raichand

Transcript of LIVE INDIATIMES CHAT with TV actress,Amrita Raichand at 12 noon on Friday, September 30, 2005 in Mumbai

Amrita Raichand
TV actress

"I never had any intentions of getting into TV but my role, as "Roma" in Time Bomb 9/11, was so amazingly different that I just could not refuse it. And, I am open to doing films now but it has to be an intelligent role"

Manie >
Why did you take so long to get into TV?
Amrita Raichand > Because I never had any intentions of getting into TV as I can't really relate to the kind of characters required to play. But, my role in the serial Time Bomb 9/11 was so amazingly different that I just could not say no to it.

Alpa > Hi Amrita, how is the feeling working with stars like Kay Kay Menon, Aamir Bashir and Rajeev Khandelwal?
Amrita Raichand > It doesn't feel that I am working with stars because they are very decent and sweet people, and they have made me feel extremely comfortable. Hence, it was great working with them.

Kal > Please tell us when was the happiest moment in your life? Whom have you loved the most till today? Which place would you like most to live in?
Amrita Raichand > The happiest moment in my life was when I got married, which was two years ago. Besides my husband, I love my mother the most. I would love to live nowhere else but Mumbai, where I currently live.

Soulmate > Hey Amrita, how are you? I watch your serial Time Bomb 9/11. I must say you really are a beautiful bomb!
Amrita Raichand > So sweet. Thank you for this amazing compliment, and keep watching the serial.

Riva > Did you act in a film some 10 years back? Why didn't you pursue a career in films?
Amrita Raichand > It wasn't a film, it was a telefilm, which was shot and aired around six years back. It was called Humko Ishq Ne Mara . After doing the telefilm, I realised that it wasn't my cup of tea to be dancing around trees, and getting wet in the rain. I am open to doing films now but it has to be an intelligent role.

Funpoint21 > Hi Amrita, would you like to work with BIG B?
Amrita Raichand > I would love to, even if it means playing his daugther.

Sadaf > Hello Ma'am, how are you? Tell us something about your personal life, your family background, education and how did you get the role of "Roma" in Time Bomb 9/11 ?
Amrita Raichand > I am a very family person. I am very close to my mother and two elder brothers, and now I am extremely close to my in-laws, who I live with. I went to St. Lawrence School, Sanawar, near Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) after which I did my college from St. Xavier's (Mumbai). I was called by somebody from (the director) Ketan Mehta's office, just out of the blue, and when I went to meet him, ( I was meeting him for the first time) he told me that he had seen me in the Whirlpool commercial and had full confidence that I would be the right person for 'Roma's' character.

Soulmate > You share a very good on screen chemistry with Rajeev. Does it happen off screen too? And, are you planning to act in any of the movie in the near future? Where do you find more scope - in modelling or in acting?
Amrita Raichand > Off screen, we are professionally good friends. Yes, I have been offered a lot of movies lately and I am definitely considering them, and if everything falls into place, you may soon be seeing me in a decent movie, playing a decent role. Don't expect me to dance around trees because that ain't gonna happen. Modelling is definitely more fun, lesser hard work and better money but acting is definitely more satisfying.

Alpa > Any other project right now, besides Time Bomb 9/11 ?
Amrita Raichand > Lots of more commercials coming up, and as I said, a couple of movies in the pipeline. But haven't signed on the dotted line yet.

Momie > Who are you closest to on the sets of Time Bomb 9/11 ? How is your rapport with Rajeev?
Amrita Raichand > I am closest to Nupur Asthana, who is directing my current track. My rapport with Rajeev is very good. On the sets we tease each other a lot.

Lili > What about your hubby? Is he from the same field as you? What is his name? How did you guys meet? Is yours a love or an arranged marriage?
Amrita Raichand > My hubby's name is Rahul Raichand, and he is into sports management and organises cricket matches all over the world. We met through families and he managed to woo me in 20 days. We got married within two months after that. It's a love cum arranged marriage.

Sexy-babe > How do you feel you and Rajeev look on the screen? Have you received any feedback on the chemistry you two share on screen?
Amrita Raichand > I have got a lot of good feedback, which I was surprised about. People think we share a great chemistry on screen, considering the fact we have very few scenes together. It's nice to know people are reacting positively to the on screen chemistry.

Kali > Amrita, in the beginning of Time Bomb 9/11 you were doing well. But don't you think, in the last few episodes, your acting tends to get a bit on the over acting side, especially in panic situations? Do you evaluate your performance? Has anyone pointed this out to you? It would be interesting to know what you think of this assessment...
Amrita Raichand > I am very happy to hear this and I am absolutely open to criticism and yes, I feel the same way, but my director feels that the situation that I am portraying myself in is of an extremely tensed up situation. So, any woman who doesn't know where her husband is and whose daughter has been kidnapped, would be ultra hyper. But anyway, going by your feedback, I will try to tone it down. Yes, I watch my episode every Monday and evaluate myself.

Luvamrita > Is it true that you said somewhere before that you would do anything just to be given a chance to star with Shahrukh Khan? What about him that makes him stand apart, compared to other actors?
Amrita Raichand > No, I never said that and I have not aspired to act opposite any of these big stars. Unless it is offbeat cinema, I don't see myself doing any of the commercial films with any of them.

Bomb > Some people say you look much older than Rajeev and don't look like his wife. What do you have to say to this?
Amrita Raichand > This the first time I am hearing this. But I think when Ketan Mehta casted me opposite him, he must have been pretty sure of what he was doing.

Sign Off Message > Thank you for all your messages and the great feedback. Keep watching me. Love Amrita.


Posted: 18 years ago
Oh god! I don't believe someone actually pointed it out to her that she looks older than Rajeev.

The poor girl must have relised that its not easy working with a too- good looking actor.
Posted: 18 years ago
LOL LOL LOL niki lol
well she seems nice to me here..but in serial she is dumbo for me nothing else.. LOL LOL LOL
Posted: 18 years ago
I found her sweet and a lady with sense.
Posted: 18 years ago
thanx for sharing!!!
she sounds nice! 😊

Amrita Raichand

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