Sonal Sehgal makes her Bollywood debut

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Posted: 18 years ago

Sonal Sehgal makes her Bollywood debut

Shelly of Hotel Kingston will play the lead character Monica in U Bomsi N Me

Sonal Sehgal, Shelly of Star One's Hotel Kingston is all set to make her big screen debut in director Jairaj Padmanabhan and producer-Bobby Bahal's U Bomsi N Me. Sehgal was offered the film after the makers spotted her in Star Plus's Saara Akash where she played Sanjana.

Sehgal informs, "Jairaj (the director) saw me in Saara Akash and called me for an audition. After the audition, they narrated the script to me and I loved it. They even gave me a bound script and I was glad that a newcomer like me was treated in such a professional way. Incidentally, I was also offered another film from a big banner but I opted for this as it gave me ample of scope to prove my credentials as an actor. I am very glad that the makers stuck to their word and shot the film exactly the way it was narrated to me."

Speaking about the film, she says, "It's a brilliant script and is very real. Basically, it's the story of a couple, played by me and Gautam Rode. I play Monica who is in love with the idea of falling in love. Romance does not end for her with marriage and she overdoes it to the point of irritation. She is an air hostess and her husband is a radio jockey. The problem starts building between the two as they don't have time for each other. All this has been treated is a very comical way. It is a contemporary film.'

Sehgal has also been an assistant to ad film maker Pradeep Sarkar before she came to try her hand in acting, "I was in Delhi when I started assisting him. I was with him for about three years from 2000 as I always wanted to be a director. I remember that we were shooting for the 'Mahi re' with the Euphoria group. Even I featured in video. I was so bad that I had to give 36 retakes for the video but eventually it went on to create history. After that I did about six videos with Harbhajan Maan, Pankaj Udhas, Bally Sagoo, Ali Haider and Jazzy B. Then I came to Mumbai and within the first month itself I got Saara Akash."

"I am open to the idea of doing both films and television and will decide according to the offers I get. I would also like to add that there could not be a better debut for me that U Bomsi N me," she signs off.

* My producers even gave me a bound script and I was glad that a newcomer like me was treated in such a professional way
— Sonal


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