Friendship Tales: Fan Fic

Posted: 2005-09-20T20:16:16Z

Friendship Tales: Fan Fic

From the Sets of KYPH


IQ: Oh god, it's gonna rain

Neha: Just what we need, a rain to ruin our romantic moments

IQ: Well, get ride of that earing

Neha: HUH?

IQ: What happened?

Neha: I hate thunder, makes me scared

Neha: I wish we didn't have to shoot like this

IQ: Neha, we are supposed to create chemistry

Neha: IQ, I think we created enough chemistry yesterday

IQ: Okay, Okay, I like our chemistry, why are you walking ahead of me?

Neha: Sorry, here I am close to you,

IQ: Hold on tight Neha, God knows what Ekta wants next

Neha: I think you just answered your question

IQ: Sorry yaar, how was I supposed to know about this?

Neha: Shit, here comes the Action scene

IQ: Don't hurt yourself yaar, ack, I can't see

IQ: Neha, u okay?

Neha: IQ, Please don't let go

IQ: I am gonna have to curse Ekta now

IQ: Ouch, I am getting more hurt than Neha is

Neha: Would they stop shooting while we are in pain?

Neha: IQ!!!

IQ: Neha!!

Neha: Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

IQ: Why am I doing this again?

Iqbal is slidding and getting more and more hurt

Just then the troops: Amit, Survana, Chetan and Brinda join them

Survana: How come me and Iqbal don't get any scenes like this?

Brinda: I am new and confused

Chetan: Shut up you idiots

Amit: Where are they?

IQ: Wow, a shoe, wonder whose show this is?

Neha fainted

IQ: Neha, ??

IQ: You just had to be the "Stunt woman" huh? You should have let

Brinda do it!

Survana: Awww.. the buffaloo has fained

Amit: Excuse me? That's you Survana!

Chetan: Jeez, Survana, I am not falling for you

Brinda: Oh gosh, is she okay?

IQ: Stop asking questions, Let's hit the hospital

Amit: Thank god Survana didn't come

IQ: Did Survana call Neha a buffalo?

Amit: Yeah she did

IQ: Is she on drugs or something?

IQ: Never mind, what do you expect from a Buffalo?

Iqbal enters

Neha is sleeping.. SNORING

IQ: Thank God, she is okay

IQ: Neha... I am sorry

Neha: Sorry for what?

IQ: I promised that I would never let go.. and then I had to let go.

Neha: It's okay, I am fine..

IQ: Neha, you don't know what you mean to me, it's hard to describe in words but I just wanna tell you, I never wanna let you ever.

Iqbal kisses Neha's hand while Neha looks on

Neha: Plz don't cry yaar

Neha lands out her hand, and Iqbal smiles at her.

Neha: Iqbal, you mean the world to me. Plz don't cry

Neha: I am feeling much better, stop making fuss

IQ: Enjoy while you can Neha

Neha; What does that mean?

IQ: Why I am laughing so corny?

Neha: I am confused

IQ: Have you heard of the lost club on KYPH - India forums?

Neha: Oh that club! Yeah, aren';t all your fans a member of it?

IQ: That's not funny..

Neha: Then why are you still laughing?

IQ: I have stopped smiling

Neha: So have I

IQ: Now Neha, for the show and me, you gotta drink the milk

Neha: Are you my friend or dushmaan?

IQ: That was such a filmi dialoque

IQ: Don't you care for me?

Neha: Is that something to ask?

IQ: Good girl

IQ: Here you go!

Neha: Iqbal, we are shopping at Shopper;s stop, you need some new clothes.

IQ: Yeah, that's a good idea, here is the milk Neha

Neha; YECK

Iqbal feeds Neha the milk

IQ: Keep drinking, it's good for you

Neha: Mmmm...

IQ: Is it that good?

Neha: Argghhh... Mmmm..

Neha: That's it, no more

IQ: Neha!

Neha: Happy?

IQ: Happe, that is Angad's wife

Neha: Not bad, Happee and Angad and Iqbal and Neha huh?

IQ: Bulls eye

Neha: I am glad..

Part 2 tommrrow

Little details on Friendship Tales:

Dedicated to all Iqbal-Neha fans, displaying their friendship on Television, there will be no romance yet, as my other story contains tons of it.Wink I will continue that soon. Plz give me some time. Thanks. Do post in your comments.

- Jenny


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Posted: 2005-09-20T20:30:25Z
no comments?? Cry Cry
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Posted: 2005-09-20T20:35:17Z
Lmao! Loved the Survana/Chetan Comment! And the lost club! LOL LOL
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Posted: 2005-09-20T20:42:37Z
jenny as usual u rok gurl luved it ur chemistry master rok onClap
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Posted: 2005-09-20T20:48:00Z

Good Job Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

Keep posting can't wait to see part 2

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Posted: 2005-09-20T22:41:07Z
wow that was so funny
great great great
thats all i can say jenny Clap
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Posted: 2005-09-20T23:54:57Z
that was sooo cute...keep up the great work...and continue soon
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Posted: 2005-09-21T00:59:26Z
Clap aww jenny i luvd club rocks Clap
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