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woops, sorry guys, theres two links, heres the one where i will actually update in:


Armaan: youngest in his family, handles his father's business gulmohar, is smart, handsome, straight man, and in search of his mrs. right.

Ila: Armaan's mother, is looking for a bahu for armaan, loves her son alot

Puru: Armaan's father, used to own gulmohar, retired

Malika: Armaan's best friend, married to CJ

Angel: Armaan's elder sister, lives in USA married to Karan, and is very happy, and has two kids named Lola and Rahul

Jassi: a very simple person, shes a nurse, and is pretty rich because her papaji owns a company named Kohinoor

Papaji: Jassi's father and philosopher/guru, owns Kohinoor

Amrit: Jassi mother, who used to be a doctor until she retired

Bebe: Jassi grannie, who supports Jassi everytime, and is a biggie in time/relations, religion and god

Nandu: Jassi's best friend who's father owns a hotel, and is a hotel manager and owner

Purab: Nandu and Jassi's best friend ever whos married to Mandira bedi, and is a business tycoon

I'll add more characters soon

------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------

character abrreviations:


A- Armaan



B- Bebe








------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------

Part 1:

As Jassi goes to the hospital like every morning, suddenly Amrit shouts:

Am: Jasssi...Beta, kuch to kahlo! Jaane se pehle kahna padtha hai netho itne sare mareez ka khoon kaise dekh paogi?

J: Mamaaaa....Main kahlungi, acha thik hai, ye lo, (jassi grabs a paratha and lassi), maine kha liya, ab mujhe jana hoga!!

Papaji shouts: Jassi Beta, ye lo, paiso thora le lo, shayad tumhe zarurat padegi.

J: Acha thik hai papaji, liken mujhe ab jaana padega, netho bohat der ho jayegi

Bebe shouts right when Jassi was about to step out the door: Jassi betaa, ye lo prashad to le lo and Babaji se manath mangna!!

Jassi aims for the prashad and prays to Babaji for a fine future and that she finds her Mr. Right

Jassi heads out, and starts her car, and is going to the hospital, that she see's Nandu running right behind her car

Nandu shouts: Jassiiiiii..........
Jassi thinks what crazy fool is he? Anyways, he's my best friend,
Nandu: Jassi, mujhe lift dedho naa! Meri gaadi ka tire puncture ho gaya hai, please Jassi
jassi: theek hai nandu bandu, liken tum phir wapas kaise awoge?
Nandu: Ha, ye to maine socha bhi nahin, Mein na......(thinks for 5 minutes)  taxi mangva kar lelunga
Jassi: Theek hai and Jassi drops Nandu to his Hotel and leaves to the hospital and looks at her watch, and shes late by 10 minutes

Jassi speeds her car and hits a guy and panicks.
Jassi gets out of her car and says: Oh my god, babaji, ye kya ho gaya!!
jassi picks and tries to drag the person to her car and takes him to the hospital and puts him on the stretcher and treats him as Amrit had taught her

2 hours later:

the guy regains his hosh(By the way, the guy's name is Armaan :) )

Jassi: How are you? I'm soo sorry, I had hit you from my car because I was in hurry to get to the hospital
Armaan doesnt know what to say, he is surprised that this much has happened and he doesnt utter a word, Jassi becomes confused
Jassi: kuch to boliye Mr.?
Armaan replies: Mr. Armaan Suri, yes this is my name, and I would like to thank you for saving me, but you have also hit me and Armaan faints after seeing blood
Jassi gets troubled and leaves from there, regretting, and thinking what if she turns a case onto her?



How do you guys like it? Should I continue? If anyone has ideas, I'll add more! And sorry if its boring, this is my first time, so I'm still trying!


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Mika...that was wonderful! Wink Cont soon! Tongue It was really nice.. u write awesomely!! Clap
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Originally posted by jassi4armaan

Mika...that was wonderful! Wink Cont soon! Tongue It was really nice.. u write awesomely!! Clap

Yay!!! I'm not good at ideas, but thank you soo much, yay atleast one person liked! Tongue

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Originally posted by mikagurl23

Originally posted by jassi4armaan

Mika...that was wonderful! Wink Cont soon! Tongue It was really nice.. u write awesomely!! Clap

Yay!!! I'm not good at ideas, but thank you soo much, yay atleast one person liked! Tongue

No I am sure everyone who reads this is gonna love it! Big smile Cont whenever u can Wink 

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mika cont soonClapClap
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Part 2:

Armaan regains his hosh once again and needs to reach Gulmohar right away otherwise his company will be at a very big loss, so he takes all his patches away and starts to walk outside and Jassi stops him

Jassi: Where are you going Mr. Armaan Suri? You are badly bruised, and I suggest you rest for about 2 days
Armaan: I'm sorry but I have to go otherwise my life will be at stake then
Jassi fails to understand and takes him to a taxi, but Armaan left his wallet and stuff behind, so Jassi decides to hand it over someday
Armaan tells the taxi driver: Gulmohar fashion house

Armaan walks into Gulmohar and see alot of people looking at him and a series of people rush to him
Ila see's this and says: Kya huwa beta, tum theek tho ho?
Armaan doesnt care, he just cares about his clients and asks: Mom, where are the clients?
Ila is worried and tells him they are in the boardroom
Armaan rushes to the boardroom and says" I apologize for the delay, but you see, it had happened due to personal problems, anyways, so what do you think about our companies tenders?
Armaan hands the files over to the men who are sitting and the men agree to give a contract to Gulmohar. Armaan is very happy and goes to his office and starts doing some budget imformation and starts to get some flashbacks of Jassi

On the other hand, Jassi is worried that what if his stuff was needed. And starts to think: Why didnt I hand his stuff right when he was about to leave?
Doctor Singh shouts: Nurses, quick!!!
Jassi rushes and does her job, but throughout her job, she gets flashbacks of Armaan

The next day
Jassi is all ready and goes through Armaan's wallet, and finds tons of stuff, and finds his address

Jassi is about to leave to his house and Purab and Mandira show up
Purab: Kahan jaa rahi thi Miss Kuwari?
Mandira: Lagtha hai hume yaad kar rahi thi
Jassi: Nahin nahin, bhala mein kyu tum logo ko yaad karu? Tum dono ne to mujhko bhulahidiya hai!
And Nandu shows up right in time at Jassi's mansion
Nandu: Purab? Mandira? Saath saath? Mujhe yakeen nahin ho raha hai Jassi, in dono ko ya dekhe bina to mein chuho ko bhi salaam karta
jassi giggles and Mandira walks towards Jassi

Purab says: Are Nandu, I mean to say Nandan Verma, a famous hotel manager, kaam kaise chal raha hai? vaise tumhare company mein koi losses ho to mujhe batana, main ek jatke mein upar kardunga

Nandu: achaa, kaise? Jaise koi koi khuta kaantha hai?

Purab smiles: nahin, liken, kutha lau kya?

And they continue to maska as they havent seen each other for quite long while Mandira and Jassi continue to chit chat. Mandira, Purab head to their home and while Nandu pesters Jassi

Nandu: Waise Jassi, tumhara mood aaj khafi off tha na? kya huwa?
Jassi: kuch nahin, mera dimag ghayab ho gaya na isiliye
Nandu: kya, sachmuch? Jassi, tumhara deemag shayad mere pass hai
Jassi: Acha, to mein ek chaku daal kar nikal dethi hu
Nandu runs around while Jassi chases him

And they continue to have fun while Nandu leaves

Jassi decides to go give Armaan his wallet back, so she goes to the written address and ends up in a big mansion that looked soo beautiful

Jassi rings the bell, ding dong!

Ila answers the door: Hello, kahiye and Ila is mesmerized by a beautiful girl standing right outside the door

Jassi: Kya Mr. Armaan Suri yaha pe rehte hai?

Ila is thinking maybe Armaan has finally found his Miss Right

Ila says: Ha, beti andar to aajao. waise tumhara naam kya hai?

Jassi answers: Mera naam Jassi hai, aur mein unsemilna chahthi hu

Ila calls for Armaan and Ila leaves while he shows up, he looks at Jassi and remembers that she was the nurse whom he had hit

Armaan says: Kahiye

Jassi says: Aapka wallet rehgaya tha, isiliye mein lautana chahthi thi.

Armaan says: Thank you soo much. Ummm, kya aapko chai ya cofee chahiye

Jassi: Nahin, mujhe kuch nahin chahiye, ab mein chalti hoon

Armaan says: Rukhiye as he didnt want her to leave for some reason

Armaan says: aapka naam kya hai?

Jassi answers: Mera naam Jassi hai, and I'm sorry, mulakat phir kabhi ko jayegi, likhen mujhe jana hoga

Jassi leaves and Armaan remembers his accident and gets flashbacks of her coming to his house and talking to him in the hospital
Jassi at home is thinking the same, getting flashbacks and gets shy.
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Part 3:

The next day was a sunday, so she decided to go to her papaji's company Kohinoor and start to take some charge in it, but she need Papaji's permission

Jassi goes to Papaji
Jassi: Papaji, kya main kohinoor sambhal sakthi hu?
Papaji: Ofcourse beta, mujhe to retire hona hai, Phir Kohinoor kaun sambhale ga? Tum hi na?
Jassi: Ji papaji, liken mein dono jobs kaise karungi?
Papaji: It's simple, tum dono jobs kar sakthi ho. Tumhe sirf company pe raaj hi to karna hai na?
Jassi:Acha thik hai Papaji, dekhthi hu,mein kya karsakthi hu

Jassi heads to Kohinoor building

Jassi comes in and see alot of people working and decides, maybe she should dedicate her time here. So she goes into her office, and asks someone to get files that Papaji is currently working on

Maria comes(a secretary) and says: Madam, aaj aapka meeting hai Gulmohar ke saath.

Jassi thinks that it sounds familiar and says okay

Jassi: Maria, liken woh meeting kis liye hai?

Maria: Madam, hume un logo ka designs dekhne ke baad, approval karna hai ke hum un logo ka fashion show sponsor kare, kyunki in mein hamara bhi fayda hoga

Jassi: woh kaise?

Maria: Kyunke, unlogo ne is contract pe likha hai, aur maine khooli ankhen se padha hai

Jassi: acha thik hai, main padh lethi hu

Maria leaves and Jassi reads the contact carefully and agrees to it because there are no clauses to be in negative use for the company

Jassi reaches Gulmohar boardroom and waits patiently

Jassi see's Armaan coming in, and is surprised to see him. Armaan notices this as he walks in
Armaan: tum??
Ila then walks in and is also surprised, but theink maybe shes heres to support Armaan

Ila: beti tum?

Jassi is also surprised and says: hello, I am Jasmeet Walia, filling in for my father Balwant Walia because of personal problems

Armaan: Acha theek hai. Toh, Kohinoor mein se ho?
Jassi: Ji, aur kohinoor ko aapka proposal manzoor hai aur hum ye show sponsor karne keliye tayar hai.
Ila: Really? This is great news. Have you signed it?
Jassi signs the contract and Armaan is also very happy for another achievement

Ila is thinking, maybe in dono ka rishta mein baath karthi hu, mujhe jodi bohat pasand hai!

Jassi shakes Armaan's soft rubber hands and Armaan is mesmerized by Jassi's smartness, beauty and how many jobs she can do. All though, he is sad because he was about to put a case on her for hitting him.
Jassi leaves Gulmohar
Armaan calls his lawyer and decides to cancell his report against Jassi.
Armaan is getting flashbacks of Jassi, and he wants to see her again.
Armaan finally goes to sleep and dreams:

Him and Jassi, holding hands, standing on a bridge, where someone hits them over
Armaan shouts: NAHINnnn......... NAHINNnnnnnnnnn....
Puru comes rushing into his room and says:kya huwa beta? koi bura sapna dekha?


how do you guys like it so far, if you want to contribute any ideas, feel free to PM me!

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Originally posted by nIsHaZz_21

mika cont soonClapClap

yay, another person!!! Smile

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