Kumud & Kshitij: Match Made in Heaven!

Posted: 2005-08-30T23:42:53Z
Part 1 (i will change some stuff)

Mahi and Kkusum are in the living room having an argument at the Kapoor house

Abhay is the room....

Everyone else is gone

Mahi: As much as you try Kk.... you will never bring this family together because i have broken it!!!!!

Aryaman comes to meet Abhay but he hears their convo....

Mahi: I have broken this family up.... actually you did!! I mean Swati did!!!!

Aryaman is shocked.... he gets an idea and records it from his phone (its an fan fic anything can happen)

Mahi: Swati came here pretended to be you!!!!!! And see the outcome!!!

While talking to Kk Mahi tells her everything... i mean just to repeat  to make Kkusum really mad!!! But they dont know that Aryaman is there recording!!

Mahi tells everything.....

Mahi: And then... i got ur daughter... your sweet little angel.. Kumud!!!!

He is shocked!!!!

Mahi: But you had to come and ruin everything...... its a shame.. i couldnt kill her!!

Kk: MAhi????????? (ScreamsAngry)

Mahi: Dont yell!!!!!   I know how to yell too!!!

Kk: When you mess w/ me.. i dont care... but if you harm anyone else...

Mahi: Then what?? What??? I have already done the damage!!!! There is no way you can fix it!!! Everyone hates you Kkusum Deshmukh!!!!! Swati has done everything!!! Too bad she couldnt kill Abhay!!!!!

Kk is looking really mad!!

Kk: When Kali finds out what you did...

Mahi: She wont know... and if she did she wouldnt believe you!!!!!! She trusts me more than anyone!!!! Look at it... she hates you!!!! And plus.... she would never think i would do anything because i "love" abhay!!!

Mahi laughs!!!!

Kk: What kind of mom are you?

Mahi: Why do you care? kali hates you!!!! And for me.. i dont really care!!!!

Kk: Kali may hate me but i love her as much as i love Kumud.... 

Mahi: You can love Kali.. but the hatred for you will always be there

KK: She will hate you even more becuase you tried to kill her father!!!

Mahi: Heh.. she will never believe it!!!!  My goal is done.. everyone hates you and they hate Kumud!!!!! Now no one will believe you!!!!!

She laughs and leaves.. leaving Kk there

Aryaman has recorded the whole thing!!!!

He is speechless.... He goes home

Kshtij is doing paperwork.. Kumud is setting the table...

Kali and Nakul are upstairs...

Aryaman comes home

Aryaman: Kumud?? (yells)

Kali comes out and watches from upstairs

Kumud: What happened Papa?

Aryaman: Why didnt you tell us what happened to you?

Kumud: What?

Aryaman: That you were kidnapped!!!!!!!!

She is shocked... and so is everyone else

Kumud looks down

Aryaman: Answer my question!!!!!!

Kshitij: Papa... what are you saying?

Aryanman: You keep quiet.... I am asking you something Kumud.....

Kumud: How do you know...

Aryaman: Kkusum!!!!!!!!!!

Saying Kkusum's name Kali gets all pissed

Aryaman sees Kali

Aryaman: Kali come downstairs......

Kali is shocked!!!!!!!!!

Aryaman: Kk didnt tell me how you were kidnapped?? Who kidnapped you?

Kumud: That....

Aryaman: That Mahi had got you kidnapped????

Kumud and Kali are shocked!!!!

Kali: Mom??

Aryaman: I will talk to you later but 1st Kumud.. answer me

Kumud: Yes!!!

Kali: What are you saying? mom would never do...

Aryaman puts his hand up.. in Kali's face

Aryaman: Mahi got you kidnapped... and wanted to kill you... why? Becuase if KK opened her mouth that everything that happened to Abhay was Mahi's plan Kumud would've been killed!!!!!! Right?

Kumud doesnt know what to say!!!

Aryaman: Why didnt you tell anyone???

Kumud looks at Kshitij......

Kali cant believe what she is hearing

Kali: Wah Kumud!!! Really good!!!!!!!!  You blame my mom for all of this... you should blame ur mom!!!

Kumud: You know.... it would've been better if i just died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She walks off saying that!!!! Kshitij is sad!!!!!

Aryaman; Ur not going to believe her that easily are you Kali?? Then listen

He plays it all and Kali listens to it the convo between Mahi and Kkusum is shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aryaman: They dont even know i was there!!!!!  So now who will you believe????

Kali is crying.... and she's confused!!!!

SHe is thinking Momma has just confessed  everything..... and that wasnt Kkusum... that was Swati???!!!!

And Aryaman... turns around and sees the Kapoor family.... and they are like all shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Okay you guys the end..... hope you liked it!!!! i will cont tomorrow if you want me too!!!!!
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Posted: 2005-08-31T00:30:48Z
omgggggggggggggggggg that was sooooo good Ekta should take lessions from you!!! please go on that was extreamly good!! Big smile Big smile Big smile
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Posted: 2005-08-31T05:21:43Z
thank you for the update. keep it up. pls continue... that was really good.

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Posted: 2005-08-31T09:22:38Z
that is really good.........
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Posted: 2005-08-31T09:33:48Z
very good continue soon!!! Clap
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Posted: 2005-08-31T09:38:50Z
it was really good. I want this to be true..so that Kkusum becomes interesting. Ekta should read this fanfic and change her story.
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Posted: 2005-08-31T09:59:58Z
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Posted: 2005-08-31T17:02:19Z
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz continue! tooo good..very awesome
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