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Posted: 15 years ago
Deepa Parab
Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actress, Deepa Parab at 12 noon on Monday, July 25, 2005 in Mumbai

Deepa Parab
TV actress

"Everybody on the sets knows about my sentimental nature. And that's why I am able to do all my emotional scenes with natural tears. But the real Deepa is full of life as well"

Kusum > Parab, you have been prominently doing theatre. What do you have to say about the theater scene?
Deepa Parab > Feedback is immediate, as it is a live performance.

Gauri > Hi Deepa. I like your role of "Jia" in Reth more than your role in the serial Meeth . This role is more strong as compared to that of "Nupur" (in Meeth ). Are you doing any assignment other than Reth ? With whom would you tie the knot in the future in Reth – "Shom" or "Shekhar"?
Deepa Parab > "Nupur" and "Jia" are very different but who they get married to is a secret.. Character wise, I like "Shekhar' but both are right in their own stance and everything depends on destiny.

Bhavana > What do you enjoy more - theatre or the small screen (TV)?
Deepa Parab > I enjoy all three- the small screen, the big screen and theater as also, (TV) commercials. I feel everything is falling into place, but theater is my base.

Suman > You are known to do all your emotional scenes with natural tears. How and when did you discover this natural talent?
Deepa Parab > Everybody on the sets knows about my sentimental nature. Maybe, I am extremely sensitive in real life as well. Plus, I have emotional depth.

Nama > Out of the roles you played on the small screen, which one is closest to your heart and why?
Deepa Parab > Until now, nothing so earth shattering has been offered. I've liked roles that I've played. But you're (I am) still waiting for that life-altering role.

Kkarishma > Hi, how did you get into television industry?
Deepa Parab > When I was in college, I knew I wanted to become an actress. It was not a hobby. It was my passion. I started with theater then started doing TV commercials. And then, through all the auditions, I am on my way to become a big TV star.

Prince-Charming > What sort of portrayals do you personally prefer to do?
Deepa Parab > There are lots of shades in acting. A lot depends upon the mood and situation.

Gayatri > Tell us about the off screen Deepa Parab.
Deepa Parab > She's very bubbly - always laughing. I am an emotional person, mostly an introvert. I like to cook also. Deepa is full of life.

Hash > Had Deepa not been a TV actor she would be ...
Deepa Parab > Nothing else. I always wanted to become an actress.

Angula > How do you improve on your acting?
Deepa Parab > Experience teaches a lot. Basically that is it.

Heena > Hi, who is your favourite costar? When is your birthday? Any funny situation encountered during shoot?
Deepa Parab > I like working with Ankur Nayar, Amardeep ji, Diwakar Pundir. My birthday is on 31st of Oct and I am a Scorpion. During a shoot, I am usually slipping (tripping) around. It's a normal phenomenon. I am a very accident-prone person.

Miny > What are the things that you consider while taking up a role?
Deepa Parab > Terms and conditions play an important role. There's a character graph that I like to see before I sign on (for a role).

Sahshi > Among the roles that you've played, which is your favourite character and why?
Deepa Parab > My favourite is "Nupur" from Meeth . She's a very simple person, so you relate to that.

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Posted: 15 years ago

Deepa Parab

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