This Is One Leapy Fan Fic

Posted: 2005-08-14T11:32:29Z
guys since this whole talk of a leap an all and whether it will be any good...i made a fan-fic which is abt the leap..tell me wat ya'll think

kripa overhears naina aunty felling guilty and full of remorse saying that how she spoilt angad's life and seperated him from his life... and how in his true love for kripa he did evething he cud do to help her career even if his own went down the gutter
kripa rushes to angad....they get married straight away cos they cant take ne more seperation
after a few yrs marital bliss...there's another huge mis-understanding(sorry havent thought of wat as yat)
they seperate
cut to 15 yrs later and the arrival of angad jr
he learns evething abt his parents from how they met to how they fell in luv to how they broke up to how they got married to how they seperated again
he's determined to get them back
side by side he finds his own lady love
and re-unites his parents

tell me what ya'll think...think about it...kyph and angad for many more yrs to comeLOL

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Posted: 2005-08-14T12:01:47Z
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Posted: 2005-08-14T12:55:10Z
that was great, plz continue soon
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Posted: 2005-08-14T13:11:26Z
that was good
plz cont soon Clap
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Posted: 2005-08-14T16:05:38Z
That was really good. Plz cont.   Clap   Clap
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Posted: 2005-08-15T01:07:46Z
Thanks a lot to everyone for the positive response Smile Smile
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Posted: 2005-08-15T01:28:51Z
HOPE not... I will be Old and grey by then... LOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 2005-08-15T01:33:15Z

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