Some 1 Some where is Made 4 U..(fan fic)

Posted: 2005-07-30T17:28:25Z

Some One some where iz made 4 u…………..


Story info N preview:


Angad Khanna: son of Dilip n naina Khanna….

Senior  year student in Soul Music academy…..

He is a rich spoilt brat……. jaan of all gurls….. n da so called stud of the academy!!!!!!! But deep inside he is that innocent little boy who wants 2 belive in love….. who totally falls 4 simplicity but has not yet found any1…..he has his own gang in the academy known as the "Angadiens"


Kripa: the only daughter of the Mr n mrs Sharma…… she is rich yet very simple…. She is a 1st yr student in the academy….. n so called Behenjee….. she wears glasses n looks a total padakuu gal who does not wants 2 enjoy her life…… she lives in her own dreamland n due 2 this don't have any good frens…….


Josh: another so called stud of the academy n justs hates da name called "angad khanna" he hates angad coz he knows that angad is the only 1 who can challenge him…..

He also has a gang named " the josh gang"


Misthy: she is josh only darling sister……..n involved in every activity with the "Josh Gang" .. however this gal has a soft corner 4 angad….. n is totally fida on angad's har ada!!!!!!!! But she is really scared of the day when her bro will come 2 know about it……


Prithvi: a decent n so called goodie goodie kind of guy who completely believes in love…. Well he will be introduce later on…… so it's better not 2 say anything about this guy rite now…..


Aaliyah: Angad's cousin….  She is da 1 who knows her brother da  best….. supports her bro in every decision he takes……

 Well guys these r da main characters of the story….. every1 plays an important role but the story revolves around angad n kripa


Okay guyz gona continue the 1st episode soon ….

Just wait n watch……

 Big smile







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Posted: 2005-07-30T17:30:11Z
cant wait for you to start sounds interesting!!!
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Posted: 2005-07-30T17:35:29Z

i can't wait it....its sound very interesting...


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Posted: 2005-07-30T17:37:12Z
the storyline is just awesome
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Posted: 2005-07-30T17:37:43Z
i cant wait till u continue plez continue fast
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Posted: 2005-07-30T17:48:28Z
Sounds really interesting, plz continue!
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Posted: 2005-07-30T18:07:13Z
plz cont!! plz loose the geeky glasses on Kripa!! sounds intresting!!
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Posted: 2005-07-30T18:21:07Z
kewl starting, waiting to read the  beginning of the story. 
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