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Posted: 17 years ago

This is the last warning that would be given for members.

From today onwards, ONLY IQBAL fans can reply to posts related to IQBAL.

And ONLY NEHA fans can reply to posts related to NEHA.

We dont want to see members bashing actors and members here for no reason.

If you do not like Iqbal/Neha , simple stay away from there posts dont go on posting sarcastic/offensive replies.

If you have something good to say then you may reply, OTHERWISE NO!

Anyone who is not a Neha fan cannot reply to there posts, anyone who is not an Iqbal fan cannot reply to there posts.

You can always read and leave the posts, but replying is not allowed...you may use thank you button if needed.

And now i know everyone will say "its an open forum, why we cant reply".
Yes its an open forum but KYPH forum doesnt act according to the rules of IF COC.

If seen anyone breaking this rule, its a straight ban.

And now i dont want to see posts regarding this issue saying how fair or unfair this rule is, we have cared enough for your views as well, but not anymore.

Past two months we let things easy for you all, but seems like no one heard anything.

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