Deception - A Sinister Betrayal...C1- P4

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Deception - A Sinister Betrayal ...... Do Not Believe What You See....?

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It was the hand that had been there for him, ever since the incident. It was the hand that reached out to him when all others had neglected him. Sean just looked up and saw Nisha standing behind him. Her brown eyes showed the love and warmth that Sean wanted in a friend. Instantly he got up and hugged her.
"Nisha, thank you for coming here"
What Sean had said, got Nisha worried. He sounded so sad and helpless. She waited for him to calm down, before she could ask him anything.
"Sean, where were you – we were worried?"
As they walked away Sean told Nisha everything about what had happened. Like always Nisha listened to everything what Sean was saying. She could sense how hurt Sean was. But at the same time she wanted Sean to forgive Amanda and go back to his family. She always believed that you cannot change the past and that there was no point in clinging onto the past. You need to move forward in life.

"What time do you call this?" asked Di angrily, as Nisha and Sean walked into the house. Di is Nisha's elder cousin and the owner of the house. Even though Di's parents have got a huge house, Di wants to be independent; therefore she has her own house and a job as a computer graphics designer.
She just stood there, staring at both Nisha and Sean, waiting for a reply. While at the same time she just kept on stroking her long blonde hair away from her face.
"Now isn't a good time to be asking questions" replied Nisha, on Sean's behalf.
"What do you mean now isn't time…I've been worried sick about you Sean…I even sent out Nisha to find you and why have you got your phone switched off?" yelled Di.
Sean could sense how much Di cared about him. He thought to himself – why couldn't Amanda show this much concern to him, in the past.
"I'll explain everything to you later, Di" Nisha then turned towards Sean. "Do you want something to eat?"
Sean just shrugged and waved his hand through his hair. It felt rough and sweaty.
"I don't feel hungry…I think I'm just going to have a shower and then get some sleep" He just turned around and took off his jacket and was about to head upstairs when Nisha stopped him.
"Are you okay?"
Sean just turned around and replied, "Yes – I'm fine".

Throughout the night, Sean couldn't go to sleep. He just stood in front of the bedroom window and stared outside. Everything that Amanda had said was haunting him. It started to make him feel guilty. He started to ask himself, whether or not he should have gone with her. All he could think about was, Amanda and their past.
Sean pulled himself away from the window when he heard a sound behind him. A floorboard creaked and a footstep. Instantly Sean spun around and saw someone move by the doorway.
"Nisha", Sean whispered.
"It's me", replied Di, as she moved towards Sean. The moonlight revealed her worried expression. "What's wrong? I heard you walking around in here."
Sean sighed. "It's nothing"
Di put her hand on Sean's shoulder and said, "Nisha told me everything."
Sean just turned around and walked back to the window and looked outside. There was a brief silence and then Sean said, "I…don't want to talk about it"
"Why – didn't you tell me, what happened?" asked Di, as she also walked towards the window and stared outside.
"I just don't want to talk about it…I want to forget about everything what has happened"
Di always cared about Nisha and Sean, although everything wasn't as smooth, in the past, as they are now. She put her arm around Sean and said, "If you want to talk about it…I am here, you know"
For the first time tonight, Di saw Sean smile very briefly, but at the same time she saw tears forming in his eyes. She couldn't stand to see anyone upset, that she knew and cared for.
"What's wrong now?"
"Why…why couldn't Amanda care about me as much as you do?" replied Sean. He just turned and hugged her. He could feel how much Di cared about, just by hugging her. Like Nisha, she had always been there for him.
"You know, as seen as neither of us can't go to sleep…we might as well go downstairs…there's a good movie on tonight" said Di, as she pulled herself away from Sean.
Sean hesitantly agreed to go downstairs with Di.

By the time the movie had finished, Di had fallen asleep, while Sean was still awake. He thought that the movie might take his mind off things, but it didn't. He didn't pay much attention to the movie. All he could think about was Amanda. He could still see her crying.

Days had turned into weeks and the topic about Amanda or Sean's past was never mentioned again. It had been almost a month since Sean saw Amanda. Now Sean looked and felt a lot better. He was back to himself again; getting on with his life. Although no matter how hard he tried to be normal, Nisha and Di knew that he still hadn't forgotten anything about what had happened. He was still hurt from the inside.
"Hey – Nisha…the movie is about start!" yelled Sean, from the living room. Nisha quickly hurried into the room with some popcorn, just in time as the opening credits had just started.
"Knock! – Knock!"
The knocking on the door jolted Sean and Nisha from their movie atmosphere.
"Who could this be, at this time?" wondered Nisha, as she stared at the clock. It was 1:00 in the morning. She got up and went to the door. Sean also got up but he went to get a drink. But when he came back, he was shocked at what he saw. Samantha was standing with Nisha, in the middle of the living room. Tears were rolling down her face and she was crying. Immediately she ran towards Sean and hugged him tightly. She just didn't want to let go of him. Although Sean hated Amanda for what she did, he never hated Samantha. She was his little sister. Sean tried to assure her that she was safe, but she just kept on continuously crying. Something had definitely happened and it began to worry Sean.

End Of Chapter 1

........To Be Continued

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