"Her" -- (1)

Posted: 2007-03-13T14:06:04Z

"Her" -- Chapter 1
Disclaimer: These characters are not intended at anyone, no offense if you find them to sound like you!

'Bam' He walked straight into Nikki as he headed for class.
"Whoa! Watch it buddy! What you staring at anyway?"
What WAS i staring at actually? The lockers? Nope, they look the same... My friends umm.... No! Oh yeah! "her"... Who WAS she? She had just walked into their room. Three years and I didn't even notice her?"
"Who IS she?
"No one" replied Karan, a little too quickly.
"Okie dokes" No one seemed to notice?

Twenty minutes later they walked out of class and went straight to the cafe. Welcome to Karan's life, the most popular boy in college. Captain of the football team, model student, friendly, sweet, completely likeable. Good at anything. Everything. He walked in through the doors of the cafe and there she was. Who WAS she?

Hi, I'm Natasha, Yes, I've been in this college three years and the reason why no one noticed me? I wasn't normal. Now? I walk around and there are twenty people staring at me. To wonder who I am. Who I was. Who I will be. Who my grandfather's sister was, I don't care. I've been here all along, and if all I get right now is looks, they can go to hell. Must have guessed huh? Crippled Natasha. That's me. But now, it's just ---
My thoughts were broken as I banged into one of those so-called jocks. Thos popular guys. Good for them. His name, umm Kunal... yeah... He stooped downto help me up,
"No thanks, I can walk" I replied curtly .
"Umm hi" he said, ruffling his hair, "What do people call you?"
"They don't." I had no intentions of talking to this guy, and in no mood for his "Oh poor you, let me do you a favour and talk to you." Right.

Karan, that evening, was lost in his own thoughts...
Who WAS this girl? What did I do to her? Why was she SO rude? No one's rude to me! He broke out of his reverie as his phone began ringing.
"Hey! Ssup?"
"Oh Nikki! Huh, nothing...! Football game tomorrow!"
"Oh yeah! What time?
"Cool, see you there!"
Nikki, ultimate tomboy... Karan's best friend. They had their popular group... Karan, Rahul, Nikki, Amit and Jenny.
His phone rang again,
"Hello." he said, bored.
"Amit! Yaar, kaisa hein?"
"Fine! What you upto?"
"Hmm, nothing"
"Wanna go for a walk?"
"No! I wanna sleep!"
"Ooh!" he replied sarcastically,"How interesting!"
"Accha baba! Bye!"
Meet Amit. Cute, sweet, completely mad! Always ready for a joke, a computer GENIUS.
His phone rang again,
"Whoa, stop screaming dude!"
"Ah, Rahul! Finally, a sane voice!"
"Ah-ahem, I exist" said Jenny
Karan replied, acting irritated, "Rahul! Three way conferencing again? Dude!"
"Shut up and listen, anyways, just thought we'd say hi" replied Rahul.
"Yeah man, I know you'd rather talk to Jen all day!"
"No!" Said Rahul, obviously blushing.
Jenny, ignoring them said, "KB, kuch bolna hein kya?"
"Don't call me KB!" said Karan," and no, nothing to say"
Jen replied, "Then bye! Go, you anyways seem so lost today"
"Ya, I was just going to say--" started Rahul.
"Rahul, theek hein, tu ja, Jen se baat kar" said Karan playfully as he hung up.
His mind wandered back to her.
Would she come for tomorrow's match?Maybe I could apologise them... It was the most important match of the season. She HAD to come. Or did she?


I live on reviews.
-Sam Embarrassed

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Posted: 2007-03-13T21:43:02Z
Sam, i read your short story and now this, and i must say two distinct writign styles - sign of a genius! Clap

Nice beginning to the story, though i found it a lil' hard to keep up with so many characters and three-way conversation, but i've got the hang of the characters.

Waiting for part2.
so this is a love story huh?

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Posted: 2007-03-14T06:22:48Z

Yep, I normally write political based, thought i'd try love! Embarrassed And this is the first time I'm using indian setting... so it's new to me Embarrassed ... Lol, yep, loads of characters, yes... But you don't need to remember them... main characters should be fine Embarrassed Embarrassed
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Posted: 2007-03-15T04:01:42Z
jst one reaction: awwwwwwwwwwwww!! Embarrassed
i love love stories LOL
n this seems sooooo cute Blushing
i lyk rahul jenny LOL
is it gonna b rahul natasha or rahul nikki? Wink cnt w8 to c..upd8 soon...sammy!!TongueLOLEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2007-03-15T08:34:32Z

Rahul? It's Rahul Jenny madam... the main character's Karan!!!

Lol, wait and watch madam!
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Posted: 2007-03-16T02:20:42Z
its so cute the story.
wow the style is so different, refreshing. luv it
continue Embarrassed
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Posted: 2007-03-16T03:52:13Z
love your stry sammy Wink ...ok this may seem short cos my keybs nt wrkin Ouch Cry nd im using the onsceren 1 Angry ... luv the rahul jenny Embarrassed ... so cute Embarrassed ...and i totally knw wht u ean bout the indian approac thing...
personally i myself cnt ryt with indians... LOL LOL
and this tym im gna b ur best reviewer Wink ... w8 n c... Wink LOL Embarrassed
ok i just tuk bout 15 mins 2 typ tht... Dead Ouch
bt i luv yr stry nd wanna read more Embarrassed Embarrassed ... better not abandon it lyk ur fanfic Angry nd lemme knw wen u upd8... Embarrassed
anyways... bugged with the cliky noices Angry Angry so stopping... Dead Ouch
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Posted: 2007-03-16T14:22:19Z
yikes,typo, i meant karan LOL
sry i guess i jst luv d name rahul khanna..rahul raichand..etc..etc..Blushing
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