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Posted: 2 months ago

Do they endorse any sweet drink or chocolates? 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: Bekind

Do they endorse any sweet drink or chocolates? 

It's not about endorsing them, it's about the time they eat. 

Usually before a big event, there are certain periods of time actors are strictly instructed not to touch certain foods (has to do with blood sugar levels + how much you bloat on camera). So like for example, for two weeks they were strictly not touch any sweet. After the shoot they may incorporate sweet treats like normal, as a cheat day kind of thing, but there are a lot of times workout regimes include times where the actors HAVE to go cold turkey.

Sometimes, when the body is so used to this kind of thing, breaking the diet for a treat can send it into haywire. I remember one aging actress, her dieting patterns were completely ruined because she initially threw herself into eating sweets as a normal person would, before realizing she had to ease herself into it with the rhythm of the body. 

So someone refusing all sugar at an event, and then endorsing say, candy doesn't necessarily mean they do not eat any whatsoever. It's moreso they are strict on when.