Farhan Akhtar officially delays Don 3 to focus on his acting project


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Posted: 2 months ago

After Animal,RK fans are still fighting with RS fanssmiley8. Remember Ranveer gave 3 flops, and he gets to play SRK's  role.

RK will have to try to make public forget about Saawariya with Love and War..and try to match Ranveer's Ram Rajadi,Baji Rao and Khilji. Tough Task. It is a two hero film too.Is this the best he could do? 

Nobody believes Ramayana with 60 year old Sunny Deol playing Hanuman wearing a tail,Kneeling in front of Ranbir..calling him Prabhu. 

Partners dropped out long back..and Himesh was tweeting about 3rd March shoot date. Claiming DNEG,which never produced a film will be producers ,who payed RK,Yash,Sunny etc. Budget 1000 crs?I was waiting for Ajay Devgn or some other huge star to be announced as Kumbhakarnasmiley37.


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Posted: 2 months ago

Don 3 should be renamed to Doomed 3 😂

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: Elvis12

Don 3 should be renamed to Doomed 3 😂

Do not make a  no.3 

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Posted: 2 months ago

The movie was always going to be made near the end of this year, so there is no postponement, farhan always said he will shoot the movie he is starring in first 

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Posted: 2 months ago

That had been published in August 2014 (when Farhan hadn't a script and was involved in his sister's DDD and also planned to do the sequel of Rock On 2):


Since then there regularly would be hints at Don 3 (with SRK stating that Farhan hadn't written a script yet)...then, 2 years later, again (it was published that Farhan would start with writing a script for Don 3)...etc.

I don't believe anything published about a Don 3 until the moment the shooting starts smiley36

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Posted: 2 months ago

bhai cancel karo ye film

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Posted: 2 months ago

Chalo atleast we know when it will officially start filming. Also the reason is that farhan is going to star in a movie that he will start this year, so it makes sense 

Also aditya dhars movie will start in July, and seems like shaktimaan is happening smiley1


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