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Posted: 2 months ago

Did any one watch it?

I watched only one episode and I loved it. 

1. Realistic yet interesting story

2. Natural acting and dialogue delivery and casting is 😍

3. I watched in Malayalam in which Hindi dialogues aren’t dubbed to malayalam. I hindi, malayalam dialogues are dubbed (dubbed dialogues are also good. They didn’t just translate) so I prefer malayalam version. I don’t know about other languages. 
4. Whoever wrote the dialogues did a brilliant job as they are authentic to their language and locations ( malayalam dialogues)
5. Extra point for not stereotyping !

6. I don’t know much about direction, screenplay and script etc - so i am not saying on those things. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Can't watch it yet but definitely will do. Already the fact that it premiered at the Sundance festival gave me interest...and the subject, too.

Thanks for sharing your impression, Sak smiley1

Posted: 2 months ago

No not yet will try to