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He is a great actor. He was good in comedy, action and romance. So why his career didn’t do that good? I was his fan when I was a kid. I loved his movie Humraaz and I liked his chemistry with Amisha Patel. Now he is doing villian’s role. Such a sad state in Bollywood that good actors can’t make big. Hope he gets some good movies to prove his talent. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Seriously? 😳😲🤨 Bobby Deol became Lord Bobby, the feat which no actor has achieved before. Isn't that incredible! 😃🤣🤣


Posted: 2 months ago

Bobby said he invented the idea of jab we met and Imtiaz/shahid/Kareena all hustled him smiley36

Posted: 2 months ago

I think he didn't have that charm which girls go gaga over, plus he mostly did action movies and not much romance. He was also unlucky with the projects he got unlike his brother. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Lord Bobby can play villian in gadar 3 

Posted: 2 months ago

PR and communication makes a big difference. He didn’t had both.

Posted: 2 months ago

Bobby deol came too late in 90s when many new actors had found foot holds already and there was not much space for any other new comers later it was over crowded 

If he came in 1988 like amir or 1990 like salman or 1992 like SRK or sunil shetty/akshay kumar in 1990/1992 or ajay devgan like 1991 he could have been an hit only like all these ppl 

But if you see all those who came after mid 90s all became a flop even bobby deol and akshaye khanna and tushar kapoor or any other new actor even ranbir kapoor was a flop only  

except hrithik roshan all other flopped from 1993 to 2012 whoever has debuted have only flopped heroes especially. From 1994 to 2023 only Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer singh become super stars from first 3-5 movies. Even Ranbir was no super star till Sanju in 2018 he was flop actor from 2006 to 2018. 

Also second issue with bobby deol was his brother sunny had huge ego so fights with yash chopra, aditya chopra  and it extended to karan johar too. When two most powerful production houses do not take you your career will not succeed so much. Whereas saif ali khan, akshay kumar, salman although flopped kept good relation with chopra/johar camp so although flop did side roles in successful movies as second leads and survived. 

While bobby started flopping he did not have back up of any production house as his brother fought with every other producer/director for him to get any side roles too was tough. Mahesh bhatt camp was miffed as he was BF of pooja bhat and even that successful camp never took hm mostly. Than SLB and Barjatyas too never took him so he hardly got any movie with successful producers/directors.  His option was too limited. 

Compare to that akshay/ajay/saif/salman survived by doing second lead roles in big production houses in lea phase that became hits. Or they had backing of big production houses. What is SRK without aditya chopra/karan johar hardly any hits. What is ajay devgan without rohit shetty/Mahesh bhatt camp? Hardly any hits in last 20 years. What is salman without sooraj barjatya in 1990s flop. What is akshay mostly only flops in 90s. Akshay/Saif/ajay survived by doing side characters when 10 movies flopped in row.  Bobby had no one to give him even side roles because he/his brother had no good relations with big directors/producers. 

Third is bobby was confused what to do action or romantic roles or comedy. He tried everything and flopped no niche. When bobby came in era was turning to romantic movies from 1995 to 2007 till wanted movie it was more romantic movie eras. But he was more an action hero. There were already established action super stars and stars like sunny, akshay, ajay, sunil shetty. No space for more action stars there. In romantic salman, srk, amir, saif had established. In comedy govinda was there. o bobby had tough competition to establish fan base.

Also a propaganda was done in early 2000s that bobby was lazy and late to work etc. Its known many actors are late to shoot in 90s no one was that punctual except one or two. But still this late and lazy was fixed to bobby deol. And hrithik becoming hit in action/romantic movie finished all chances for bobby. Movies that would come to him went to hrithik. 

Bobby never maintained his physique and beauty/looks very required for actor. He cut his hair short which was one rage. He had copied sanjay dutt in long hairs than cut it as his family/dad did not like his hairs. 

Also bobby was not great at PR all others were great at PR or had affairs or controversy to sustain them in lean phases. Like akshay kumar had his affairs that filled papers and kept him alive for 7-8 years when he flopped non stop. Ajay devgan had nation awards and fights with raveena/karishma etc. Salman all know had many controversy that kept him in public mind when he flopped 10-12 movies non stop. Amir had his perfectionist propoganda and fight with juhi chawla etc and affair with jouranlist to sustain him. SRK had many controversy. Bobby had hardly anything actually nothing no affairs no fights no controversy so public forgot him. Bobby was not good at PR or milking even his fight with kareena (actually his wife had fought with kareena not him). 

Most of these 90s so called super stars would have been gone in early or mid 2000s if not for controversy/affairs to take them through. Also new actors debuting were very bad like tushar kapoor. Imagine compare a bobby deol or hrithik with tushar kapoor or shahid kapoor etc neither personality height or handsome or macho looks of hero all look and act or dance badly not worth for many roles. 

After 2000s only hrithik and ranveer singh have looked like real actors/heroes 

Ranbir kapoor has come up now after sanju lmovie or he was big flop for 13-14 years  only his kapoor sur name and pr sustained his career and affairs with actresses 

Even Ranveer singh has no great screen presence except historical and some movies but hes a good actor. So in last 24 years from 2000 to 2024 other than hrithik no blue super star has come. 

Imagine if 5 more hrithik types debuted after 2000s SRK/salman/Ajay/akshay would all be gone and dusted by 2005-2010 only. Only saif would have survived from 1990s as hes mostly side hero. Problem is none new hero after 2000 except hrithik none have hero looks/acting/physique etc so thats why all 90s heroes are still here. Or most would be finished by 2005 max 2010.  

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