Sapna-Serial-Character Sketch

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Posted: 2007-02-02T10:56:39Z


First of all this is the first ever story I'm posting in Tales Corner so I'm looking very much for all you people's feedback!

I've always had this yearning to write scripts and longed to make one of those mad, dashing serials-with villians, huge families and feuds-yes I know it's all Drama but its my passion!!!!

I have a few things to tell you people....

#1 I live on reviews!!!! And I love hearing your opinions and it always does not need be positive!!!!

#2 I will post all the episodes in this thread itself and post the links to the pages in the first post.

#3 I will be posting a new episode each Friday! Wish I could do it more often but I really lack time!!!! I've not thought of a concrete title yet so it will be Sapna until I find one that really matches the storyline!!!!

So let me introduce you all to......

TongueTongueTHE CHARACTERSTongueTongue

(Just a general info cos I know heaps of people get pretty confused!!! I've put the ages at the time that the show revolves.)

The Avrits

Akash Avrit(45)

A multi millionaire based in Colombo. Originally a poor farmer's son, he made his fortune through the discovery of oil in India and has since strived in many different industrial fields, gaining great success, fame and wealth. Yet behind his facade, lies a mysterious personality, one that creates fear, terror, love, gratitude and hatered-a personality no one but himself knows the depth.

Actor-Ronit Roy

Ayesha(19)-Akash's third wife-we will see more of her in the future!!!!

Actress-Prachi Desai

Chaya(10)-Akash's small daughter by his first wife Veena. Chaya is sweet, lovable and has a keen sense to judge the characters and feelings of the people around her.

Radha-Akash's sister. A widow, she died leaving five children behind. Five children whom Akash loved and cared for as his own family.

Radha's Children-The Desai's


A ambitious and rather crude businessman, Naveen has his uncle's guts and ambition, but lacks his personality. 


Naveen's twin-she is a mirror image of her brother-only that she declines to accept it!!!


Determined, responsibe and an enginering student, Amar is his uncle's dream and his younger siblings protector.


Charith's a chip off the block!! He dreams of being a journalist, the voice of the opressed-but what he hears make him not so comfortable about his uncle.


Small and sweet, Jyothi is her uncle's pet and trives to keep her squabbling siblings at rest.

Veena Gupta(40)

The fifth of a family of six, her parents were middle-class teachers. With ambition, beauty, brains and arrogance she fell in love with Akash and eloped with him despite her  family's dissaproval. Nothing is heard of her for many years, until the day when she falls on her parent's doorstep.

The Gupta Family

Gopal, Devaki, Kalyani, Vimash, Sania-Veena's siblings, all very respectable members of society. We will see more of them in time to come!!!!


Gopal's son, the eldest of the generation. Headstorng and intelligent, he is interested in pursuing a career in Criminal Justice and tries his hand in various detective work.


Mithil's brother-soft spoken and quiet-he dreams of becoming a doctor.


Vivacious Jani is a riot. Gopal's youngest daughter-her head is full of fashion, boys and music!


Devaki's daughter, the first girl of the generation. Kesar is a pretty, rather serious young girl with a kind and caring heart. She has just qualified for Engineering Faculty.

Mudita, Jiji, Samadhi, Marvan-The youngsters f the family-we will see more of them as time passes!!!!

(Will be updating with pix and actors next time! Review until then!!)

Loadsa Luv,



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Posted: 2007-02-02T11:36:54Z
hey nutzie.. thanks for telling me about this forumm.... i owe you one!!!!

loking forward to the serial... update soon!!!!!!!!!


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Posted: 2007-02-03T23:49:58Z
Is this a fan-fic?! Confused
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Posted: 2007-02-05T12:22:26Z
whoa!! hasnt even started n im interested!! n yeah i indirectly owe u one bcos u told ysh told me abt dis forum LOL...
n sapna sounds amazing!! even ive considered directing serials u kno...but it was jst a passing thought..i kno i wudnt b good at it..but ur characters sound well thought sure u kno where ur story is headed LOL
update soon Wink
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Posted: 2007-02-09T11:38:18Z
YSH-And I owe u heaps for being one of the best authors who motivated me! Luv ya Yshooo!!!!!

Preeti-Nope! This is not a fanfic!!!!! I just put in actors and actresses to make it seem more alive!!!!

Niyu-Niyu pls pls pls direct serials!!!! And I am chief script writer ok!!!! No after Yshoo-Im her second!!!! Hehehehe!!! Im pretty interested!!!!!

Will post Episode One SOON!!!!!

Nutzie Jaan Wink
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Posted: 2007-02-09T17:01:05Z
Wow...Plenty of characters to work with. I'm interested to see how their lives interweave.

Looking forward to episode 1 :)
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Posted: 2007-02-10T08:42:35Z
Its a relief to know that this one's not a fan-fic cause I'm really not a fan fic fan! Too many characters, will need some getting used to Embarrassed . But I'm definitely looking forward to reading this!

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Posted: 2007-02-11T14:01:00Z
Lots of characters and Akash has to look after 7 kids.. I'm just wondering is he still married to Veena?
Maybe i will find out soon, look forward to the first chapter Smile
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