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~~ GHKPM 4th Banner Contest ~~ New Deadline

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Posted: 6 months ago


Hello folks!smiley10

Welcome to GHKPM 4th Banner Contest.

Before you jump in, please do read the rules. 




Banner Size should be 1456W X 180H

You can send up to 5 Banners. Make sure they all are different.

You MUST read this before you get into your designs. *New* Forum Banner Dynamics

Banners shouldn't have the copyright or any kind of watermark on it.

Title of the forum in the banner should be spelt correctly i.e "Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin" The title should appear in the middle of the banner. 

No offscreen pictures or pictures from social media allowed. However pictures from episodes and from promos of the show are allowed.

Characters who have to be included: 

Savi, Ishan, Reeva, Bajirao Rane, Isha Bhosale, Shantanu Bhosale, Yashwant Bhosale, Surekha Bhosale

Including other characters is optional.


Upload your banner on []  or any uploading site that supports images (please ensure that your account is not visible in the link or your account is not public - like with Photobucket links).  If you don't know how to upload images in new site then visit How to post your creations on New Site

Don't know how to make a banner? Not to fear! Tutorials are right here! 

For PS Users:

~* Tutorial: How to Make a Banner? *~  by Abhisheking [Banner size is different make sure you take the current banner size mentioned above]

 For PSP Users: Making Banners using psp:)*TUT* by  -aditi- 


 The Banner(s) MUST be PMed to ContestEntries with the subject field as 'GHKPM BC' by 29th October 2023 23.59 IST




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Posted: 6 months ago

Banner Contest alert everyone! 

Send in your best work!

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Posted: 6 months ago

Bhavani Kaku has to be included in the banner LOL!!! She is not seen after Savi shaadi kaand. Why she needs to be on the banner?? They might not be part of the show anymore. smiley37smiley37smiley37smiley37

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Posted: 6 months ago

Deadline extented till 29th Oct 2013 23.59 IST

Kaku is an optional character!