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Posted: 5 months ago

Even though I know it’s just ITV shows, still if as said by Angad, SAHIBA KAUR MONGA even has a pinch of self-respect, she should just sign those divorce papers in front of all & leave the toxic &tourtureous namesake mean family whom (except 2-3 persons) has never trusted you, instead always blame, torture and humiliate you.


Sahiba has made 2 mistakes:

1)     By blindly trusting her family, especially her mother & greedy sister seerat where she didn’t know what her mother &sister actually were doing until seerat ran away & their plan got backfired.

2)     By again proving her so-called seerat di innocent & only garry was the mastermind😆


Sahiba has NEVER EVER gotten any respect or trust from any brar family whenever a problem or any situation has come to her.Angad always asks for proof from sahiba, always ..still never trusts her, he still doesn’t know how SAHIBA AS a PERSON is!!😆

  •    When Seerat’s truth came out, he blindly assumed seeratji was innocent even after seerat herself accepted that no one was behind in her running away from the wedding. MR. ATM wanted proof & didn't believe sahiba until she exposed gerry.
  •     When the pregnancy letter came, he again doubted her, even supported his mother for calling sahiba characterless bcoz angad was still unable to TRUST sahiba , he wanted PROOF😆
  •     When seerat was lying & manipulating everyone, Angad knew the truth still MR ATM asked sahiba to say sorry instead of warning seeratji, what did that mean?Did angad like it what Seerat was doing?if seerat is trying to come close to angad then Angad is also responsible because you are not stopping anyone from crossing the line that means you are ok with it, that’s simple!
  •     Now again in this fake video & signature, he is still the same, unable to TRUST sahiba but wanna believe the so-called PROOF.😆


Seeing Precap, I was shocked more than surprised, how can sahiba feel bad about divorcing him, instead madam is on the verge of confessing her infatuation as love!😆



Regarding the current track, I actually feel seerat is behind this fake video & signature bcoz no one knows sahiba better than her, so it’s her & I wish not sahiba but Gerry or Sahiba and Gerry both prove &expose seeratji the mastermind together & thus, wanna see swag e jatt da back in a new different way!!😆

Posted: 5 months ago

Jinnko yeh love lagta hai, hopefully unnko bhi aisa ghatiya love naseeb na ho. Love toh nahi , abuse hi bol sakte.

Seerat ne nahi kiya yeh. Yeh pakka hai.

Posted: 5 months ago

Let’s say if Seerat is behind this and Garry finds out before Sahiba, he won’t help her bring out the truth lol. He’ll blackmail Seerat to do stuff or else he’ll tell everyone. Garry is the type of person who likes to use people for their benefits instead of helping someone lol. 

The trio: Sahiba, Keerat, and Veer will bring out the truth. 

Posted: 5 months ago

What sahiba feels is Stockholm syndrome. The problem is there are so many women in India who tolerate abuse in the name of love, khandan ki ijjat and no support whatever

It's sad that a medium like ITV portrays it as love and encourage people that this is absolutely alright why because they supposedly love each other 


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