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Posted: 5 months ago

Is it end of Nayat era? 

Will Samrat die and Nayan along with him because Samart has understood Nitya Bajwas is behind Shenaz Kaur murder? 

May be Samrat gets all evidence collected by Shenaz Kaur against Nitya Bajwa and Nitya gets to know that and before he exposes her she will try to eliminate him 

Will Nayan believe Samrat when he tells truth about Nitya to Nayan? 

Because 20 years back when Samrat told that Siddharth Rathore is using Nayna as antar and that he had arranged boats and net to save Nyana, Nayna never trusted Samart but truusted Siddharth Rathore.

Also 20 years back when Mansi told Govind and Malathi died thanks to Samrat Choudhary, Nayna left him and staged her death in bus accident ensuring all relatives blame him for her death 

Now 20 years later what is gaurantee that Nayan believe Samrat that Nitya has murdered that junior Shenaz Kaur and takes bribes 

Nayan may think Samrat is wrong and stand against him 

Nayan always supports Sabharwals and Bajwas against Samrat from starting

If you remember in starting Nayan went and attacked Samart on stage in college function and humiliated him why for Sabharwals shop issue? Actually that time also Samrat was right, as per law Sabahrwal family had occupied road and he was right in complaining to muncipality of faridabad. Yet Nyana went and screamed at him in public function on stage  

Hopefully Nayan trust him once in life this time that Nitya is murderer because attempts shall be made on Samrat life from now on by Nitya and he needs to tell someone his thoughts and discovery regarding Nitya and her kaands. I wish Prem and Aliya was here to help Samrat, no matter how much they both disliked Samrat as father and brother but in Nitya kind of situation they would definetly trust his instinct and support him unlike Nayna whose telling him to patch up with Nitya as shes Kashvi saas 

Nayan must understand Nitya is criminal and murderer Kashvi livng in that Bajwa ouse endagers Kashvi life too. Nitya may try to kill Kashvi in future if she goes against her or does not listen to her or finds her dark past. Its not only Samrat life in danger but Kashvi and Shenaz mom too. Nitya may blackmail Samrat saying stop all investigation against me or i will kill Kashvi  

Why do i feel Nitya killed her father in law too as Nayna said her father in law died same time as Shenaz Kaur? May be he saw her murder Shenaz and wanted to tell his son so she killed him? Or is Nitya hubby too involved in Shenaz murder 

If good script writer there this story is very interesting and can stretch for months to do detective work 

Honestly i want Samrat real family back with him if not Iyers atleast Khurana/Choudharys like Revathi, Aliya, Prem 

Samrat is too lonely and has no one actually although hes married Nayan he cannot talk to her anything against Sabharwals or bajwas nor can he tell Kashvi 

Both Nayna and Kashvi are blind worshippers of Sabharwals and Bajwas clan and will not trust Samrat against these 2 family 

Samrat need neutral people who can listen and understand what hes sayinga gainst Sabharwals or bajwas and that can only be Aliya and Prem 

Tommorow if Nitya attempts murder on him, Samrat needs supporters to tell police we want to file FIR against Nitya Bjawa on Samrat attempted murder. Nayan and Kashvi will never do that file FIR on Nitya or any Bajwa or Sabharwal ever. But if Aliya or Prem are there they will first question Nitya and Bajwas if Samrat is attacked 

I do not want Samrat dead like his father Rudraksh without findind what happened to Rusha and how good Rudraksh was as a father and that Ruhi sarnash were his siblings 

I know abrargun are leaving show but if Samrat death happens like Rudraksh without his family back ground coing out its traversety of justice it means Revathi woon against Khuranas 

If Samrat dies it also means Nitya and Bajwas on against him. Menas always villans winning and good people dying 

Also Nayan should know that Samrat did not try to kill her 20 years back call those fisher men and boat man to tell truth now before Nayan. 

Sorry serial happening where every time Samrat is accused but he can never prove its false allegations and all left open ended without proving Samrat truth. Always villan winning and proved right in front of good person like Samrat what sort of story this is? 

Nayan must know Samrat never pushed her to kill her please 

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