Ungrateful adopted kids immature blood kids?

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Posted: 3 months ago

What is message given in YHC3 now that all adopted/foster kids are ungrateful and misbehaving and bad is it? 

I mean look at Pradhyuman, hes so rich thanks to Samrat. Since Samrat had no family no kids he gave Pradhyuman everything he would have given his own kids love, care, wealth,, business, education and ownership of eveything Samrat owns 

But Pradhyuman has turned ungrateful and is meeting Mahiam aright under Samrat nose. Cannot Pradhyuman understand if he runs away with Mahima its Samrat who will face music by Sabharwal family and society as Pradhyuman is like his son. Imagine father like unkle staying in bride house and bride escapes with nephew on wedding day or is on bed with nephew who will get bashed up? Obivously Samrat. Even that much brain this Pradhyuman does not have and hes arguing and misbehaving with Samrat whose wealth and luxuy he has enjoyed from baby days as 3-4 year old kid. Samrat Pravarish or upbrining failed with Pradhyuman and Prem both. Prem without understanding Samrat pain always supported Nayan mom even if shes completely wrong and believed Samrat killed Naynas parents and was responsible for Nayna death and walked off with Ishani and Mohit. Its so sad a 5 year old who does nt understand life or anything easily accused his father and walked off with some relatives leaving father all alone when he was devastated with Nayan death. Both of Samrat kids turned out ungreatful. 

Next comes Mhaima, if her father died on way to home, it was Nayan who adopted her made her daughter took care of her and what this girl is doing speaking so worst about own mother. She does not know Nayna is not own mother yet she said such things to Nyaan which no outsider will dare talk to a stranger woman too at Nayans age of 45-50 years. Mahaima was openly slandering her mother. Again Nayan paravarish has failed. 

As per research 50% character comes from genes means dad mom  and 50% s surrounding. Surrounding does not truly mean mom dad upbrining or granpraents upbrining because if that was case Pradhyuman has best dad and unkle both good humans. And Mahima has good mom and grand mom. The upbringing means actually uncle aunty cousins neighbours relatives friends classmates etc all together make up for 50% character of a human being. 

Like they say be careful of company you keep actually is right proverb 

Pradhyuman has become spoilt n Mahima company and may be his friends too. Mahma is spolit because of her unkle aunty cousin brothers andfriends influence mostly. Also who knows how her dead dmom behaviour was genes. 

If adopted kids are bad next Kashvi will break Samrat heart by marrying that useless Arjun Bajwa. Truly Samrat said so correctly that if Kashvi lived with him she would not be in love with useless Arjun. She would have loved someone mature and capable like Samrat Choudhary her father. Usually girls look for heir fathers character in their hubby mostly. Sadly Nayan deprived Kashvi of ftaher love and advice in formaative yeaars and teenage years thus making her wrong choice of love and hubby Arjun Bajwa. Having a father is so importnat as a kid and teenage years both for boys and girls you see. 

Boys having a father keeps them in check and stop them from becoming spoilt brats. And girls if they have father will be more mature cannot easily fall for bad boys or useless boys and have a role model to choose future hubbys.  Nayan has deprived Kashvi and Prem both of that fathers protection and teaching by running away from Samrat. Shes indirectly responsible for spoiling both Prem and Kashvi life by deprivig them of fathers gudance, love, care and teachings actually which is so importnat to develop a mature human from childhood. Arjun Bajwa loves Mahima why should Kashvi marry him by tricks to save him from Mahima? Look at immaturity of kids without a fathers guidance and influence. Will any girl marry someone who loves her sister to save him from her sister oly? Just look at your own life and do not bother about Arjun bajwa hes not your responsibility to save him from Mahimas tricks actually. Since Kashvi has no father figure she seems obsessed with Arjun bajwa to point of obsession actually. If she had a father Samrat from birth i doubt she would be going so obsessed with Arjun Bajwa and saving him etc. Just look at your own life first and your mom life why bother about Arjun. If one day Arjun will realize how good you are and love you he will come to you leaving Mahima obsession. Samrat said so correctly you mut love person who desrves your life not go crazy after who do not care for you. What a correct advice by a mature father to his daughter, Saadly Kashvi will not listen to Samrat advice and create hara kiri for herself and her parents 

Out of all people in serial most soft hearted and nice human is Samrat. Hes super rich but has no ego he can sit on floors of bus for wife sake or get slapped without reason by wife but not retaliate. Also he can do anything for Nayna and his relatives be it aliya, revathi, govinfd, malathi etc This Samrat has 100% Rudra Pressha genes actually both were innocent soft hearted trust others easily help even enemies etc Samrat is same to same soft hearted will do anything for loved ones himself will go to jail to save loved ones same to same like preesha. With rudra he has this once he loves it for life and he can do anything for his wife or loved ones and also he has the kameena genes of rudra flirting with wife etc. And his love for his kids especially daughter. Like his grandpa Balraj  hes clever a business man and can handle work very well. Like Rudra hes a great singer. Like Sharda hes mature and like Preesha/Rudra hes emotional about family and friends. Initially he was like Revathi influenced by her teachings thats 50% of the character that outside influence develops. 

I truly miss most Revathi/Ruhi/Saransh and Aliya on this show with Samrat. Wish they had done the story and finished it for Samrat. What a great story spoilt by leap. Samrat story was better than Rudra Khurana and had all right ingredients like betrayal, tough upbrining(like Rudra), exploitation, kidnapped son, adopted sister, murdered parents, missing real siblings etc such a great story as Samrat life does not come easily on ITV. Since Kyunki saas bhi bahu thi Ansh/Karan story this Samrat story was the best and had all ingredients to make it super hit spoiled by leap and worst writing actually by CVs. Hope this kidnapped son and murdered parents story is done into another serial by mature CVs and director some day. Would like to watch Samrat story on another serial. Like spin off of YHM was YHc you caan do spin off of YHC3 Samrat story on new serial with same actors now that they are over with YHC3 

One good things of YHC is both adopted kids turned out good one is Saransh to Rudra and Samrat to Revathi. 

And step kids step mom great relationship Sharda-Rudra and Nayan-Prem was good 

Even Rudra-Balraj Tashan was good and showed reality of star dads obsessed with kids success like famous sports people 

I truly hoped Samrat had a father in life like Revathi husband may be as step dad. I am not sure why Revathi hubby never came back from jail. He was jailed i guess for killing his son. Would love to see Samrat have a father even step dad would do  


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