ITV logic- Samrat blaming himself for Nayan faults?

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Posted: 4 months ago

This ITV shows female leas have God hallo in them otr what?

So many crimes and big errors ITV female leads do and whose at fault? The hero the male lead

Preesha hide Yuvraj killed Rajeev bhai and ran off 5 years with Ruhi wse blamed? Rudra of course 

Nayan falsely enacted her death and ran off 20 years and lived as widow in Sabharwal family cheating them and fooling Samrat whose to be blamed? samrat of course 

From 20 years Samrat is living in guilt that if he reached bus stop 5 minutes easrly Nayna would be alive while Nayan enjoying her life with Sabharwal family and daughter whose fault? Samrat of course 

Samrat had no clue he has a daughter Kashvi and she lived in penury and having tough times no money to pay fees whose to be blamed? Samrat again of course 

Kashvi loves that good for nothing egoistic ireresponsible boy Arjun whose not educated not interested in studies cannot take any responsibility of life? Whose to blame Samrat of course

I mean atleast Rudraksh and Samrat were working their ass off for last 7-10 years before marrying Preesha and Nayan they were successful singers making millions before marraige what is arjun? A 20 year old useless young boy who lives off his parents money next father in law money and millionaire business only

Nowadays which girl loves an unemployed not so good in studies boy and marries him at 19 years of age 

Now Samrat has to next sponsor all Sabharwals than bajwas too thanks to his wife and daughters stupidities? 

Before he was sponsoring all iyers and all know how they treated him like dirt living off him only

Now Sabharwals and bajwas will fleece of his hard earned millions all life 

I mean who wants a family like sabharwals and bajwas who cannot stand on own feet and want to live off others wealth like mahima, bhahi and bhaisaheb and his 2 sons and arjun bajwa kind of lallu useless son in law?  

Any other father will never allow kashvi to marry arjun bajwa or pradhyuman to marry mahima 

But here poor Samrat will beg both to marry his kids because of nayans fraud and crimes 

I would rather have kashvi sitting unmarried all life than marry an arjun bajwa same for pradhyuman 

Both pradhyuman and kashvi are capable mature people but mahima and arjun will live off their dad or unles wealth and lech off Samrat wealth without any relation or capability enjoy Samrats million dollar wealth that hes hard earned last 48-50 years 

Add the two Satish sabharwals nephews too to leech off Samrat wealth 

All thanks to nayantaras foolishness and crimes Samrat will pay abig prize all life in future 

I pity poor Samrat why did he come back to india? To clean up nayantara mess and crimes or what? and pay for her crimes to sabharwal and kashvi foolish love to bajwa boy

Why cannot pradhyuman marry kashv and end this foolish story? Who loves incapable ppl nowadays no one is so stupid in kalyug 2023 as Kashvi is and Pradhyuman is


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Yeh Hai Chahatein 

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