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Posted: 1 years ago

The story that was bland since january has suddenly seen better story line since May thanks to Nayat scenes 

First the concert tour track of Nayat 

Actually that concert track should have last 2 to 3 months than TRP would have soared to 2.4-2.5 

Because everyone liked Samrat and Nayan singing together on stage 

In between throw fights and misunderstandings 

In between have one kaand like murder of Siddharth rathore whose blame come on Nayan and Samrat is only one believing she did not do anything 

Than TRP would soar to 2.5 atleast with stage performances etc 

I am not understanding why Kashvi, Samrat kid is not singer but IAS 

Imagine kashvi performing together in concerts or Samrat teaching Kashvi how to rock stage lessons from his old experiences now 

Actually i would have preferred Samrat having a 5 year old kid and this Kashvi turning out to be Ruhi Khurana 

The actress playing Kashvi and Samrat together look good if you imagine them as siblings than father daughter and all their scenes are like lost sibling meeting scenes only like ssaving kid from falling sandok, or fights or jail scenes etc 

And why not? They should have taken a 5 year leap after Nayan leaves and make Kashvi as Ruhi Khurana whose changed her name and adopted by another family after her parents death and whose forgotten her past after bomb blast 

Make Saransh has separated from Ruhi and searching for her 

TRP would soar than what with emotional and fighting scenes between Samrat Kashvi without knowing they are siblings 

After 5 year leap easily they could introduce Kashvi as Ruhi Khurana adopted by Sabharwals and Nayan for want of name has taken Sabharwal widow role with 2 daughters one 6 year old Mahima and another 5 year old Samrat daughter and could have started story from there 

What is YHC its basically Khurana family story across generations first Rudra now Samrat next Samrat kids 

Who cares about Sabharwals or Choudhary or Armaan Tahkurs or Yuvraj Pillas? 

To think of it introduce Yuvraj Pillai son whose after Ruhi Khurana like dad was after her mom and Samrat going all wild at him and bashing him up like Rudra and both always fighting over Ruhi funny cunning villan that is 

Armaan daughter aanvi could also come back as villan to Ruhi Khurana and Samrat out to revenge her dad death thinking Rudra caused her death etc 

These writers have spoilt story it has no relation to Rusha or nayat or khuranas 

In between Samrat has to convince Nayna that he did not kill her parents or responsible for that, he did not push her off cliff to murder her, he did not spike her juice in concert and that he loves her and wants her and his baby daughter back home 

Meanwhile they could get aliya also back to romance saransh and samrat without knowing sarnsh is his brother going all wild at aliya lover as he thinks hes unfit for aliya

So many good tracks were there after 5 year leap actually like samrat wants prem back searching him and prem and samrat 5 year old baby daughter becoming friends in school etc but no they want these useless leaps 

Instead of leaps and changing leads pls change script writers actually horrible story writing happening 

5 year olds would have written better story about Samrat choudhary life given his past than whats happening from january 

Same daram ahppening in samrat daughter arjun wedding could have happened in ruhi khurana arjun wedding with samrat settling himself in nayan home as he wants her and his 5 year old kid back 

Introduce swarna only as his daughter and have scenes of samrat swarna again in wedding etc show trp would soar like anything 

Add 10 year old prem too at wedding with samrat both kids playing havoc at wedding together fighting and playing and dad ever ready to help them to nayans annoyance and fear that her truth will ome out would have given high trps ayways than these new sidey leads who have no chemistry or acting chops 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Truly what sort of joke is this by writers - todays episode was worst by nayantara the great God complex lady 

Nayantara falsely blaming Samrat again in todays episode saying because of him Govind and Malathi died. She even blamed him for running away living under false identity and for making Kashvi a Sabharwal and keeping her away from Samrat and his entire family 

Madam Nayantara if you have problems with Samrat Choudhary you should have lived alone like a divorcee or widow with Kashvi anywhere in india. You are educated doctor physiotherapist and will get job with lots of money anywhere in india why a widow of an unknown man? And anyway if your logic is that without father name child is illegal than what prevented Naynatra from giving Samrat Choudhary name as father in all legal documents. Will anyone say that nooo noo noo where is Samrat Choudhary haazir karo only than we shall give child as father Samrat Choudhary? Anyways that Aditya Sabharwal fellow is dead too before kashvi was born so whats use of living as his widow? I did not understand why Nayantra did not give Samrat name as Kashvi father and gave Sabharwal a dead man name? 

Any sensible woman whether india or USa or Africa would take dead mans kid and go back to hubby Samrat Choudhary if they know they are pregnant. Why did Nyana not take Mahima to Samrat after she know shes pregnant? Rather than going o Sabgharwal famly she must go to Samrat as samrat rightly told her yesterday. 

Why do you required a Sbharwal family and sabharwal name for yourself and Kashvi when you could easily give her Kashvi Khurana name and father as Samrat Khurana is every document as hes alive anyways. And many woman like that divorce or become widows and live with their kids alone in many cities of india. You are highly educated doctor you cannot live alone working and caring one child or what? There is absolute no justification to what Nayantra did its a big crime false identity and betraying both Samrat and Sabharwal family trust. 

And this lady has audacity to tell Samrat do not go and say anywhere Kashvi is your daughter or no one will be bad than me? And this man good for nothing Samrat kept quiet and agreed or what? How i wish now Aliya or Revathi was with Samrat because Naynatra needs someone strong to make her get off her God complex and see her faults. 

From starting she is abusing and taking advantage of Samrat after marraige few weeks and blaming him for everything that is her and Iyers faults. 

Does the writer want to send a message to all woman who dislike hubby just leave house and give some unknown man name to their husband kids? What sort of message is this? 

OK fine now Nayantra thinks Samrat is bad he killed her parents and disappeared faking her death. So if Samrat is bad go and stay with Isahni and Chintu and Prem your siblings and son. Why become another unknown mans widow and stay in his house and than blame Samrat for her crimes saying i did because of you all this. 

I am not sure which great writer has written this script or dialogues but it shows worst mentality of that person that woman always right wife always right man always bad even if hes most innocent guy who suffered for 20 years alone. 

Instead of roasting Naynatra ffor leaving Samrat alone for 20 years and becoming another mans widown here as per serial writer Samrat is to be blamed for all Iyers, Govind, Ishani, Nayantrasa faults. Imagine the mentality of those who write such script are they in 19th century or 2023 

Next we come to this Arjun bajwa hes male Naynatra by nature. Kashvi must never marry him and leave with Samrat to Delhi home or london. Or kashvi will become next female Samrat suffering abuse at hands of spouse and getting blamed for all his faults always. Arjun is a Macle Chavunist personality and psychopath by behaviour like Nyanatra is a female Chavunist person and Narcissitic personality 

Anyone else were Samrat will never allow Kashvi to marry Arjun bajwa nor accept Nayantara back in life seeing their worst behaviours last few days. 

Samrat is innocent man lonely so accepting all abuse misbehaviour false blames. I pity that guy do such guys exist?  Hes male version of sati savitri or a 1950s hindi movie heroine kind by nature taking all abuse and accusations silently without any faults. 

I thought Rudraksh Khurana Part2 ( village track onwards) was innocent man but this Samrat exceeds daddy Rudy by miles in softness, forgiveness, taking others blames and innocence. Aliya needs to come back to vat laga Naynatra, Iyers and sabhrawls on behalf of her brother Sam. Atleast one episode i want Aliya to blurt out all historical truths about Nayantara, Iyers, Govind etc before Nayat leave show. 

20 years Samrat has suffered while Nyanatra was enjoying with Kashvi and Sabharwals and she dares say i suffered. And shes thretening him do not say anyone Kashvi is your daughter etc and Samrat is standing quiet. What pathetic story? Thats why TRP suffering 

From Nayat starting scripting is very bad putting all blame on Samrat by nayan and iyers. Is this love and family? 

Nayan says i ran away because mansi will kill Kashvi and my family. If so Prem life has no value to you, you left him your son and ran away too. Forget Samrat you left your son and ran away.. You left your younger brother Chintamni and ran away. They are not your responsibility and in danger from Mnasi or what? 

I wish prem, Aliya, Ishani who blamed Samrat and ran away leaving him come back and meet Nayan Sabharwal now. Let them all ask forgiveness from samrat for blaming him leaving him alone now atleast. And Naynatra seriously needs reality check and few hard slaps from Samrat or Aliya for doing this to Samrat. Shes still sitting on emperors throne while she the emperor is naked (by her deeds) actually . I wish Kashvi also gives her a mouthfull for separating her 20 years from samrat and her brother Prem. In real ife this is what would happen if Naynatra did all such things. Sabharwals would put fraud case on Nayantra she would be in jail thats all. 

By Nayna logic in covid all must leave family and run away or in any danger great 

Now Covid came in 2020-2021 all were dying falling on roads inside houses no hospital beds etc . So all family members left their hubby, siblings, kids and ran away or what? Or did they stay back and fight till last minute to save life of family members? 

Script level is going very low actually no logic grave crimes by female leads put on innocents

One more thing Nayantra knew Sabharwal brother put fire t shop yet she kept quiet and left Samrat suffer in police station. If it was not Kashvi Samrat would still be in jail. Does any man require such wife? So Ssome unknown Sabharwal brother life is more precious than own hubby Samrat Choudhary Khurana for Nayan? What if Kashvi or Pradhyuman could never find clues and save Samrat? Than for many years he will be in jail while Nyana knows who truly set fire? 

And here Pradhyuman no relation to Samrat is running to save him Kashvi is running to save without knowing hes hr dad. All can see what a good man Samrat is but Nayan cannot see or care to save Samrat. What is marraige or husband or spouse or family? To help in tough times which Nayna never does to Samrat 

And one more thing Siddharth Rahore already told Naynatra that Mansi gave money to fisher man to cut net set up by Samrat to save her the day after their drunk sughaag raat. He aso told Nayna that Mansi paid fisher man to lie to Naynatra and him that Samrat wanted Nayna dead so never put net etc. Yet what is Nyanatra telling sobbing near car after confrontaton at his home "You pushed me you tried to kill me yet i accept you forgave you" etc 

I do not think Nayantra ever loved Samrat. Its only one side deep love from samrat towards Nayntara only 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Drag fest going on in YHC 

Why do not they properly finish Nayat track than start with Kashvi Arjun marriage?

Purposely they are using 2 min Samrat scenes 2 min Nayat scene to show 18 mins sideys scene and wasting viewer time

Again bride swap happened in YHC 

In YHC1 Rudra swapped himself with Pillai means groom swap 

In YHC2 again Samrat swapped himself with Naynas actual groom 

Now in YHC3 now Kashvi is swapped for Mahima 

Marraige has become joke in this serial is it not fraud? 

Tell groom/bride and than swap no 

In real life too in india if groom or bride runs away their sibling/cousin or friend marry in mandap instead of one whose run away 

But they ask permission of groom or bride to swap not blindly swapping its a crime  

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Posted: 1 years ago

I must appreciate Nayantra aguts 

Shes saying to Samrat i am Mrs Satish Sabharwal for everyone i cannot talk to you leave 

Legally shes still Samrat Choudhary wife not Staish Sabharwal widow 

Because as per law Samrat Choudhary wife was missing ordead in manali bus accident 

Nayan never divorce Samrat so how shes legal wife of any other man? 

Unless she lost her memory and than married Satish sabharwal by mistake no law will accept her stupid arguments 

Shes cheated Samrat Choudhary for 20 years as per law because although alive shes acted dead for Samrat and his family 

So Samrat need not hide from her duplicated Sabharwals and meet or speak to her as per law 

He still has all legal and societial rights on Nayantara as wife 

And he has all rights on Kashvi as father so Naynatra cannot decide independently to marry her off to anyone like playing games because Mahima is not there 

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Posted: 1 years ago

Has not finally Nayan proved Revathi doubts true?

I mean Revathi always was having doubt that Nayan is not good for their family or for Sam and not liking Samrat marry Naynatra

When Samrat got her first day after marraige Revathi took him to his room and was apprhensive why he married her? 

But Nayan is consistently proving Revathi words right for last 20 years 

First she falsely blamed Samrat for Ishani disappearance and sent him to jail when he had not done anything, than blamed him that he killed Ishani Mohit till he got them back, than she kidnapped Aliya and got Ishani married to Mohit by fooling Samrat, than she blamed Samrat for pushing her off cliff and joining hands with Mansi without verifying truth properly, than she joined hands with siddharth and humiliated Samrat and finally blamed him for her parents death and disapeared 20 years 

Now Nayan is hell bent on creating more issues by refusing to tell world Samrat is her husband and kashiv their daughter and refusing to go back to him with his daughter. 

Next mistake Nayan doing by hidding Mahimas fault and making Kashvi bali ka bakra in marraige games because arjun will be wild when he knows he married kashvi not his love mahima

Is not Kashvi mom nayans good friend so why not tell her mahima was drunk in  jagoo night and postpone rasam? Why hide everything create more mess? 

Nayan could have easily invited Samrat as mall owner for all marraige functions of Mahima but no he has to lie to get entry saying car broke etc to attend his own daughter kashvi wedding or what? 

Will she atleast allow Samrat do kanyadahaan of kashvi or that sabharwal uncle will do? 

Why cannot nayan for once accept her faults in public and declare samrata sa her hubby in front of all 

Whats this cat mouse game shes playing with samrta even after 20 long years  

Must say Samrat Choudhary is a saintly man only even in 10th century no hubby wll be so patient at wife faults as Samrat forget 21st century where for simple things they will divorce 

This Samrat love has so much patience that hes giving competition to majnu, romeo, salim etc in real life no husband or boy friend will keep quiet at nayan kind of antics 

Samrat just himself declare in public next this nayan is my wife kashvi is my daughter thats only option left for samrat now going by nayan behaviour 

On wedding day this mahima will run off with pradhyuman and since samrat is his uncle he will get abused and bashed up by sabharwals for pradhyuman mahima antics for sure 

In reality if you think Nayan spoiled 3 peoples life by her actions - Aliya (by kidnapping her and marrying Ishani to Mohit, i know Mohit did not love aliya but still nayan techniques were all illegal) Samrat (By putting murder accusations on him whether its hers or her parents or prem kidnaps and leaving him 20 years while he thought shes dead and mourning and keeping his child away from him) and Kashvi (by making her marry arjun without informing arjun that mahima ran off) 

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Posted: 1 years ago

I am thinking why Nayna has no remorse after meeting Samrat? 

She never remembered him last 20 years how he is alone without her. But now after meeting him too no remorse is very shocking 

Why does Nayan hate Samrat? 

Not once she thought how nicely Samrat took care of her and all iyers in 6-7 months she was married to Samrat 

Look at Sabharwals that Satish Sabhawal brother his wife and 2 sons they always play games with Nyana and Kashvi 

While Samrat family be it Seema aunty or Aliya or Prem always were supporting her and nice to her (except Aliya who pushed her in water tank, but Nayan too had kidnapped her twice once kept in below basement and once in car kidbnapped). Revathi was hardly there to create problems. Samrat himself changed himself 360 degree to please Nayan after marraige which no man does actually in real life. From a casanova rockstar he became a completely loyal husband and lover. 

He became a family man an obedient son in law who always took care of all needs of all iyers. He even risked his reputation with police when Mnasi was blackmailing Govind and was blackmailed by mansi because of Govinds past. 

Here Nayan never did anything against Sabharwal brother his wife and kids any crimes against them but they hate her and her daughter Kashvi or even Mahima 

Yett in 20 years ont once she regretted leaving Samrat alone? Even after meeting him now after 20 years Nayan has no remorse instead she bothered about Sabharwal family reputtaion and Satish Sabharwal dead man reputation 

Is this the great love that YHC proclaimed? 

Great love is one Samrat had for Nyana, 20 years hes not married again although hes millionaire can get anyone in world as wife but still livng in dead wife memory. Thats love 

Will not any human being compare previous husband and his family how they treated her and her family compare that to Sabharwals and feel bad or remorse for not having Samrat in life? 

Hows Nayan acting so cool in sabharwal home like shes really married Satish Sabharwal? 

Now out of gratitude for taking care of Nayna and Kashvi 20 years Samrat will take all Sabharwals to his bungalow in Delhi and than more mess will start after truth comes out i think 

Because other than that old lady all Sabharwals are cunning manipulative and money minded and will do anything to snatch Samrat wealth at any cost from Kashvi and Prem and Pradhyuman (all 3 kids are dumbos and cannot handle cunning Sabharwals) 

God where is Ruhi and Saransh their kids may be clever unlike Samrat 3 dumbo kids to handle Sabharwal mess this Nyana has created for next gen