Stop with the cringe

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Posted: 1 years ago

Just caught up with episodes I didn't even get the purpose of Raunaq coming with Knife and cutting her dori/button whatever shit that was scene. I liked Raunaq maintaining boundaries even with his hatred till now, so please FGS let that stay. Yesterday's scene was cringe, unnecessary . Like Chandini said agar himmat hain tho go and call off the wedding instead of doing chindi harkatein. 

And Chandini woman you can see the extent Raunaq hates and now seen what he can do, yes I get your concern for your sister and blah blah but how about you too understand you are putting yourself to something dangerous and talk to Mr Babbar. 

And what was today's scene with Sumeer and Roshni for the first time I felt repelled watching something. Roshni is in her early 20's FGS and he is 50 years old man. That scene was gross, stop showing them as a couple. And they don't have any chemistry too. If you want pair her with Aman or someone else.