There's lots to admire in Sushmita Sen but....

Posted: 5 months ago

One thing which I feel is she changes boyfriends like clothes. 

Don't get me wrong, I think she's a woman living life on her own terms and that is praiseworthy. Also, there's something so charming and infectious about her energy. This, apart from the fact that she has adopted two daughters and raised them single-handedly, makes me respect her a lot.

I don't want to nit-pick on any negative here but I feel her refusal to have a stable romantic life might affect her daughters more than we think.

Do you agree?

Posted: 5 months ago


Sushmita has already provided a stable life to her daughters. Her love life should not make any difference

Posted: 5 months ago

4 mahine mein kaun clothes change karta hai?

Plus, Jug said in Dear Zindagi, find your best khursi. 

Finding love isn't easy, so maybe she is also working on it. unless she is manipulating/hurting them somehow (which we will never know) And I think same logic applies to her daughters. If she doesn't feel stable with her partner, why would her kids feel so?

That being said, Lalit Modi, why?🥴 And yes, she and her ex Rohit(?) looked 😍😍

Posted: 5 months ago

Who cares? Her life her choice. As long as she doesn’t hurt anyone, then why does it bother us so much? 

Posted: 5 months ago

Looking for stable partnership and going through many relationships to find it is not wrong. Before she became a mother she was involved with married men and that i felt was wrong not from a moral perspective but you are hurting another person by being involved with a married man and that is wrong.

Post kids i think she matured and learnt and tbh it's her life and her kids seem to be happy and healthy which is a great part on her.

Posted: 5 months ago

She has dated like 4 to 5 guys in her entire 25+ years of film and modelling career. Out of which, merely 2 affairs have been public.

"She changes boyfriends like clothes" is a bit of a stretch... and it's frankly none of our business.

Posted: 5 months ago

I guess the one reason she doesn't get pulled up for it as much as others is coz she is so open and bindaas about it that people are like 'itni nonchalant hai to theek hi kar rahi hogi'smiley36

That is the thing about confidence. Saamne wala confuse ho jata hai ki ab main kya karu, ye toh khudko defend hi nahi kar rahismiley36

Yes, I strongly dislike actors who get into extra-marital affairs (both parties involved). But with Sush, my mind somehow separates that part, I dunno why. I cant seem to dislike her for it like I dislike some of the others for the same reason. I think it is coz my brain just refuses to accept that she could date people like Vikram Bhatt and Lalit Modi.smiley36

I dunno what is this sorcery. I just love listening to her speak.

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Posted: 5 months ago

I totally agree and I am glad someone said it and I am not the only one who thinks like this.

Sushmita is entitled to do whatever she wants in own life but when you have kids you gotta be more responsible.

I always felt bad seeing her daughters on family vacation with a new man each time with Sushmita. Imagine how it affected those kids? Kids form attachment to adults. Sush's daughters have grown up seeing instability and fickleness. I wonder if Sush was right to introduce them to her BFs.  Why? 

Imagine impact of mom's lifestyle on girls. The partying, smoking, drinking, either not working at all or working in fits and starts and a new man of varying age groups by her side every 4 years.

Looking at her I can see why law earlier did not allow singles to adopt kids in India. They probably feared ability of single men and women to raise or handle kids or impact of their own personal life on kids. In this sense I respect Salman Khan for never having  kids through IVF surrogacy as a single dad because he knew his lifestyle would impact kids badly or perhaps he would not be able to give time to kids like a normal dad or take their responsibility. Single man is not allowed to adopt kids in India as per law anyway so I am glad Salman was honest and did not go Tusshar or K Jo route to get kids, as single dads.

And IDGAF if someone trolls me here but I think purely from a child's POV and think Sushmita types are reason enough for GOI to reconsider right to adopt for singles.

I hate how celebs promote selfish lifestyle of hedonism and no one thinks of impact on kids. I have seen how even domestic abuse and divorce affects kids badly. Here celebs do anything and have so many flings or affairs and marriages that kids get totally messed up themselves.

I bet Sush's daughters will have unstable lives themselves like their mom in future. I wish them good luck though.

I also wonder about safety of daughters introducing them to new BF every few years by Sush. What do girls call their mom's each new BF? Uncle? Or what? It is a shame Sush takes daughters along for family vacations with BFs than keep them away from her new BFs. 

A man would be roasted and called a bad or negligent dad if he had daughters yet kept changing GFs every 4 years like Sush does.

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