Don't let anyone tell u that u r past your prime:True for Rani Mukerji

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Posted: 1 years ago

Michelle Yeoh in her Oscar Speech said "Don't let anyone tell u ladies, that u r past your prime"

This holds so true for Rani Mukerji, a true actor, here for the right reasons and not any perks as per her own words [Anupama Chopra interview , FC Front row , 2018]

Consistently spoken through her work when everyone was busy doing PR, buying awards

Rose like a phoenix from the ashes after 3 back to back flops with NOKJ, completely re-inventing her as an actor.

Never hired any PR to hide those flops, infact she went completely silent unlike today's actors/actresses who behave like they did not have flops. Some actresses after her had 5-7 flops in a row but they built their image very meticulously and those flops did not matter. But for Rani, those 3 flops did. She was written off mercilessly, publications asking her to pack up and leave and get married as if her talent did not matter.

But still she re-invented herself and came back stronger as a tigress with NOKJ, since then she has old school conviction on her talent and kept on doing films with her in the central lead without being fazed by her naysayers. Yes, Aiyya bombed but this is one film which is still talked about by a lot her harsh critics as well. There are some hard core Aiyyaa fans (I am not one of them).

Then , consistently delivered hits after hits , all on her own , with her being central on the poster. 

Yes, they are her home productions but no one pays the audience to go and watch films. She was brilliant in those films and she attracted the right audience for them proportionate to the scale of those films. Eg. Mardaani, Hichki, Mardaani 2, MCVN.

She did everything without hiding behind a male hero and getting that flimsy 100/200 cr heroine tag which a lot of older actresses are also doing and when they come with a solo film, we all know what their worth is. Not naming anyone of course.

Because, this post is not to shade anyone, this post is to appreciate her, give her credit for what she believes in as per own words again :

"Just acting for the audience who love her and has given her more love than what she thought she can get "

Haters please stay away


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Posted: 1 years ago

Rani is just love, easily the best actress in last twenty years

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Posted: 1 years ago

Go Rani!!! 🥳

Truly a BO Rani as well!!

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Posted: 1 years ago

Rani has  done BETTER work as an actor in recent years compared to what she did at hee prime. Very brave choice of scripts and versatile, powerhouse performances.

Her talent shows. She overshadowed Aamir in a brief role in Talaash.

Rani never does PR nor hypes herself. Rani is not that good at interviews and does not have a way with words like Vidya or Shefali which is why she gets less credit in recent years but she has done progressive work.

She is not as hyped as that loudmouth Kajol. Nor she cashed on her past image or sold her personal life.

But she has done work that pushed the limits. And she has never been past her prime. A pure actor who always went from strength to strength.