Posted: 11 days ago

I don’t understand? Why is it dhara fault? Why did all the blame come to her? She raised the boys as her own, she always put them first and then everyone turns against her? How was it her fault that chutki got snatched? They all were in the house when it happened? I felt really sorry for her.  The way they all hate her and ignored her. 

Posted: 10 days ago

I also feel sorry for her. Everyone should.smiley19

Posted: 10 days ago

Yeh wala comment dekha dekha lag raha hai 🤔

Posted: 10 days ago
Originally posted by Saakshi2k

Yeh wala comment dekha dekha lag raha hai 🤔

Kidhar dekhi tu? smiley17

Posted: 10 days ago

Don’t worry i hate all the characters except Raavi and her son! smiley31smiley27 So Dhara is not alone lol

Posted: 10 days ago

Very funny! Defending the main reason for the whole thing😂😂😂😂!

Dhara ki kya galti hai. Hmm…… let’s see….

A) uska Chiku Prem. Duniya mein ek wahi Bacchae mila tha that she wanted to adopt? Jab dikh raha tha that Chiku’s bio mom was crazy, why didn’t Dhara let go of the child? Or get help from his rich nana Nani to pay off the crazy bio mom? 

B) her craziness for Chiku forced Krishh to marry that lunatic Shweta. But, I felt the whole family deserved a character like Shweta. Ache se aina dikhakar gayi! And ache se sabko khoon ke aansu rulaaye! Us mein bhi Mahaan Dhara ko khud ko victimize karna hi tha. She makes me sick!

C) Rishita lost her baby girl all because of Dhara and Chiku. And she still expected Rishita and Dev to forget everything and live with her happily ever after?

D) because of Dhara and Chiku, Shiva has lost seven years of his life and poor Raavi has lost everything. And yet she wants Raavi to forget everything and live with her happily?

E) the hypocrisy of Suman. Dhara was responsible for breaking the whole family and yet Usko apne paas hi Rakha hai. Ghar se nikaal deti toh baaki sab ghar par hote. 

Dhara’s mahanta syndrome is the reason for all ruin.

Posted: 10 days ago

Kaun Dhara? Kaisi Dhara?!

Hum kisi dhara ko nahin jaante! 

 - Legendary Jaanuseth

Posted: 8 days ago

Again you say dhara fault but how? 

Why is it everything that goes wrong it’s her fault! She thought krish was marrying for love! Not her fault he did it for her! How was she responsible for chutki going missing? Everyone was at home?! Everyone hated shweta… so why blame dhara? 

I agree she needs to stop trying to fix things on her own as she makes things worse at times but she was not responsible for breaking the family! How on earth is shiva injury her fault? If anything it’s because of chutki he had the fight and hurt himself! Rishita and dev owe shiv so much but instead they don’t even care! All are selfish and it’s all me me me when dhara has given up being a mother just so she could raise them!  She needs to put them in their place and stopping letting them all gang up on her !

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