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Posted: 1 years ago

Hello people! I am not sure if I have ever commented on SHQ forums before but I was a silent reader way back when the show was on-air.

Season 1

Few days back I was re-watching the old episodes (tbh, I was just watching SanDhir and Maya-Vardhan scenes and was skipping rest) and oh ,my god, I fell in love with them again!! I watched till the time when Sanyukta and Randhir confessed their feelings for each other (can never get enough of them- from that hate kiss to the way sanyukta proposed him when he had decided not to confess first). I stopped watching after that coz I remember that the show had started going down the hills after 200 episodes.... I don't want to remember the way they had butchered every character and how they killed off Vardhan's character( In case Krip was leaving the show, then it wasn't necessary for them to kill the character off.  They could have introduced some other tracks where he moves out of country etc etc). In my mind, I am having the version where Vardhan is alive and is with Maya (idk why, but I just loved them together... I loved their character development with each other too..... From rivals to friends and the way they stood for each other and respected each other). 

I loved Sandhir coz even though they fought with each other (i know both of them were toxic af for each other but they balanced each other ), or even if they had misunderstandings, still they would find their way back coz they couldn't live without each other..... They both brought the best/worst in them. I refuse to believe that in the last episode when the accident happened and Randhir left her, he didnt come back.....not even to check on his best friend Parth that he was alive or not.... How is this possible? Knowing Randhir, he would have may be isolated himself for a month but he would have definitely come back to know about Sanyukta (even if it was to fight) coz he could never stay away from her............

Season 2

I had completely forgotten about season 2 ,(never watched this properly when it was on-air either) so thought of rewatching Sandhir scene (worst decision ever). What an utter shit was this season?! I would have never posted here but seeing those scenes made me so annoyed that I had to vent it out and get this annoyance out of my system. 

Aryan: Tbh, the character was definitely intriguing , different and mysterious. What I dont understand was how was he said to be a "nice" guy? I would have loved this character if they would have highlighted his dark side instead of showing him like a saint to Sanyu's eyes even when he was not. Sanyu is like he is the right choice for her----- how???? Who wants to live with a person whose identity reveal can cause destruction to the people he loves? Who wants to live with a person who doesn't give u proper advises or stop/condemn u when u are wrong? Who wants puppets as a life partner? How can u consider a guy "nice" if he stalks about your whereabouts, your chats etc....  Where is the privacy? Who likes a guy who can risk your family's/friend's/anyone's life just to prove that u can do something------ Risk your own life if u want to show Sanyu's capabilities, why risk someone else's life? He said he can kill ANYONE for her (WTF is this). So, if she says that she hates a person, then will he kill that person? 

Randhir: Season 2 Randhir was not Randhir....... He wasnt even a corner of the real Randhir.... I dont understand why they butchered his character so much? Were they planning for Aryukta to be the end game and Randhir to be the villain? Season 1 Randhir hated Sanyu's tears but season 2 Randhir didnt mind if she cried coz of someone else, infact, he said he loves to see her in pain....

Sanyu: From independent Sanyukta in season 1 to cry-baby , aryan dependent Sanyukta...... God!! How come both Randhir and Sanyukta forgot about their marriage. I mistakenly saw Aryukta scene *instant puke*. Why was she confused about them in the first place? I still dont understand if she loved Aryan or not..... She was having monologues like she might have fallen for him... blah blah... bhai Aryan jaap iska band nai ho raha tha... It felt like they gave Sanyukta to Randhir in "bheekh"..... Bhai itna pasand tha isko Aryan to bhej dete isko uske saath, Randhir ki aisi haalat karne ki kya zaroorat thi? Randhir was always love deprived as he never got attention from his parents, he was never given a priority...... I felt irritated when Sanyukta wanted to choose Aryan thus making Randhir not the priority but a back-up plan /an option.

I regretted watching season 2 clips again(Sandhir scenes were so less and the one which were there felt like a torture coz cvs were hell bent on posing Randhir as villain). 

I will just pretend now that the SHQ season 2 didnt exist(coz anyways the characters were off and they didnt seem like themselves). SHQ could have been good if they had not introduced third angle in already married couple's life :)

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Posted: 1 years ago

I was active here when season 2 was airing and believe me people used to hate Aryan

They used to call him Kala saya🤣

I could never like sanyukta she was just too annoying 

Watched the show just for randhir❤️