How YRKKH has gone downhill... Missing the OG

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Posted: 2 months ago

This once and for all proves that the OG Akshara and Naitik were ✨THE BEST✨ jodi of yrkkh. They were the only couple who has stuck together with each other in Every. Single. Leap.

- Naitik went into a coma and Akshara stayed to fulfill the duties of a wife and daughter-in-law (and did so beautifully). ALSO, when Naitik went into a coma, Akshara started blaming herself for it but her mother-in-law (Gayatri) stopped her. She literally said she was proud of her son that he saved his wife over himself. Take notes Manjiri, Mahima, and Swarna! That's what a loving mother-in-law looks like. 

- Later, Akshara was blamed for Daddaji's death (like all the FLs of the show) but the difference here is that Naitik was by her side as a pillar of support. Plus, Akshara actually confronted Bhabhimaa and showed her the mirror for her unfounded accusations. And then Bhabhimaa repented and asked for forgiveness so wholeheartedly. That's the only reason why she remained such a beloved side character despite her shenanigans. 

- Even when Naira ran away and Naitik-Akshara's marriage started crumbling, they still stayed together and overcame it together.

Compare that to Kartik-Naira and Abhimanyu-Akshara. They have such a weak relationship and unfounded marriage that they've all broken up at every single leap. Naira was blamed for Shubham's death and Kartik didn't trust her. Akshu was blamed for Anisha's death (and now Neil's death) and Abhi didn't trust her. 

Even the side couples of the OG yrkkh were better than these two. Shaurya-Varsha overcame his infidelity. Mohit-Nandini stayed together throughout her issues with disability and infertility. Mohit even supported his wife against his evil mother (Rukmini). Even the minor couples like Anshu-Jasmeet, Rashmi-Sameer, and Muskaan-Alok were so much more wholesome. 

How I miss the old days.....

Posted: 2 months ago

That is why that season ran for 7 years, was in top 2 shows across all channels for 4 years, and top 5 for seven years. Karan-Hina were commendable as Naitik-Akshara. The characters were beautifully written. 

Posted: 2 months ago

I hope the show end soon . It high time 😂😂😂!

Posted: 2 months ago

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Posted: 2 months ago

We are forgetting what the usp of the show was at first. Actor who played Naitik wasn’t some superstar actor with hot sexy looks, in fact he was chubby looking with average looks and acting. I would rank jai soni higher than Karan Mehra. How quickly people are jumping to accuse jai soni character as boring because he is mr goody too shoes, huhhhhh if I remember naitik himself was a boring person.
But what worked was naitik akshara as a team along with their families, that is what makes a great show, also OG show was not a romance show was a family show. Now over the years the focus is only on the romance the peripheral characters are irrelevant with no personality if they have any character it is to be bad for bad sakes. If the OG was only focused on akshara naitik the show would never have worked. That is the problem now the show as lost its identity. 

Posted: 2 months ago

I feel the makers showed gen 1 as sensible and gen 2 and gen 3 as new generations who are not adjusting who are casual about divorce and break up than trying to fix the relationship. 

Naitik akshara belongs to that gen in which my parents belong to who try their best to save their relationship irrespective of how difficult it is.

Kaira and abhira belongs to new generation who are so casual about hook ups and break ups  where as manjari and harsh was like old gen  smiley36 like with generation even writers mentality have been gone to bad to worst smiley44 instead of teaching new generation try your best if you can unless its a abusive marriage yrrkh is teaching it's okay to take a break run away from your home than doing tu tu main main at home smiley36 tbh i am not getting feeling that abhira are married. It looks more like abhi and akshu were in a live in relationship and abhi denied to take responsibility of kid and akshu which is really bad message to society. 

If they really wanted to stay up to date story ko karthe but instead they chose to stay up to date with balaji shows.

Posted: 2 months ago

When the producer himself is proclaiming that the theme is about how couples are in ove with the idea of being in love then they are on the right path.

OG Naksh was all about family dynamics. The writers are not willing to shift because the show's existence depends on SP's condition of copying Ichche Node.

The focus is somehow only on 3 characters and that Manjulika.

Obviously show has gone for a toss.

Posted: 2 months ago

Completely agree  ...supporting characters don't have a track of their own , they r not imp anymore , rishtas all frivolous.. sab acha toh dance , kuch bura toh divorce   ..sp wants yrkkh to copy IN ..all of their shows r copying regional shows ..

As a couple what did we see of abhira ? Next to nothing . At least during kaira times focus was on s3 focus is on breaking up abhira , and it's all about the vamps. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

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