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Posted: 7 months ago

Yashoda making preps in kitchen. Kanha was jumping around, trying to assist his Maiyaa.

Yashoda : Ke kar raha hai Kanha? Baith jaa na ek jagah.

Kanha : Maiyya main to aapki sahayata karna chahta hun.

Rohini : Yashoda, sab karya samapt ho gaye ho toh bahar chalo, gaon-wale utsav ke liye taiyaar hai.

Kanha running outside with Baldau to play with his friends.

Kanha : Aaj hume inn sab pyaare pyaare logo ko milne ke 100 diwas purna huye hai, aaj to bada utsav karenge.

All the Gokul-Vrindavan niwasi gather around for festivities.



'यशोमति मैय्या के नंदलाला ' के सौ दिवस महोत्सव में आप सभी का स्वागत है।




𝟙𝟘𝟘 𝔼𝕡𝕚𝕤𝕠𝕕𝕖𝕤 ℂ𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕓𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 


 𝕐𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕠𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕚 𝕄𝕒𝕚𝕪𝕒𝕒 𝕂𝕖 ℕ𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕒𝕝𝕒


Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala narrates the story of Lord Krishna who took birth as the incarnation of Lord Krishna on the earth to experience the selfless love of a mother. Depicting the beautiful bond of mother and son, the show highlights the different facets of Yashoda as a mother.

Produced by Contiloe Pictures, the show features an amazing ensemble of actors Neha Sargam in the lead role of Yashoda, Rahul Sharma as Nandraj, Suman Gupta as Devaki, Romit Raj as Vasudev, Hitanshu Jinsi as Lord Vishnu, Piyali Munshi as Mahalakshmi, Ram Yashvardhan as Kansa and Baby Aarya as infantile Krishna, Baby Trisha as young Kanha.

The show uses some beautiful original and folk songs and amazing background scores. The graphics and music are well tuned. The use of Brajbhasha instead of Sanskritized Hindi adds to the charm of the show and makes it stand out of the plethora of mythological shows.


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ℙ𝕝𝕠𝕥 𝕊𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕪


The show starts with the story of Wasu-Dhara penancing for ages and getting a boon, being the parents of Sri Narayan marks the beginning of the show which is primarily based on the stories of Bhagwat Purana. 

Wasu and Dhara are reborn as Nand and Yashoda in their next birth. Yashoda longs for a kid for long years and finally her wish is granted. Meanwhile Maharaj Kans imprisons his dear sister Devaki and friend Vasudev after the Aakashvani. 

In the Divya Shunya Kaal, Krishna and Yogmaya are born to Devaki and Yashoda simultaneously and transferred by Vasudev. The visuals of crossing Yamuna in her full glory was breathtaking! Yashoda names her lalla Neelmani and feels Niravana while feeding him, it was a divine moment indeed. During his Jaatkaram Sanskar, Devi Yogmaya takes a form of an old woman and bathes baby Krishna. The voiceovers/thoughts of Krishna and his conversations with Yogmaya and others were super adorable! Krishna, whenever in distress, calls for Yogmaya's help and she explains what's going on, and it was sweet to see him so tired at all the "human" affairs. During the Shashthi Poojan, Rakshasi Pootna attacks Gokul and neighbouring villages, we see the first Leela of Krishna, her vadh. 

Morpankh was added to Krishna's head-dress by Yashoda to protect him from evil spirits and Bansuri was gifted by Mahadeva to his Sakha.

The repeated attacks of various asuras - demons and Narayan-avatar Krishna slaying them, providing Moksha and their back-stories - revealing the deeds that brought them to this stage. The attacks of Asuras and drought-like situation made Gokul uninhabitable so they shifted to Vrindavan. Here, Krishna is learning to take care of cows and takes them to graze into the woods. 


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बाल अध्याय - १

𝔹𝕒𝕒𝕝 𝔸𝕕𝕙𝕪𝕒𝕒𝕪 - 𝕀 


Narayan answers the prayers of the other gods and takes on the avatar of Krishna to end all evil on Earth. Meanwhile, Narayan chooses Yashoda from Gokul to become the mother of his avatar and narrates the story of how Yashoda, in her previous life, prayed for the honour of being the mother of his avatar.


Kansa gets paranoid when he learns about the prophecy that his sister's son will put an end to his evil deeds. Kansa captures Vasudev and Devaki and keeps both of them hostage at his palace, then decides to end their life as soon as they are born. Vasudev's second wife, Rohini, gives birth to Shesh Naag's avatar, Balram.

Yashoda takes on a fast till Narayan decides to answer her prayers and bless her with a child. Narayan puts his grand plan in motion to take on his eighth avatar, who will put an end to Kansa's evil deeds.


Narayan instructs Vasudev and Devaki about his grand plan when their eighth child is born. Kansa and his palace guards fall asleep at midnight so that Vasudev can escape with his child. Vasudev crosses the great Yamuna river when she gives way by stopping her waters for a few moments as Krishna's feel touch her, during a stormy night to reach Gokul in time. Yashoda's prayers get answered, and she is blessed with Narayan's avatar as her son. Goddess Durga (Yogmaya) reminds Kansa about his inevitable demise when he comes to claim the life of Vasudev and Devaki's eighth child.News about Yashoda's newborn child spreads around Gokul, and the entire town livens up to celebrate the good news. Kansa is paranoid, knowing that Devaki's son is still out there.Yashoda is not willing to let go of her son for the Jaatkaram Sanskar before feeding him.


Yashoda experiences nirvana while feeding her son for the first time. However, Narayan intervenes before Yashoda finds out about her son's divinity.

Devi Yogmaya takes on the form of an old woman to teach Yashoda the proper way to bathe her child. Meanwhile, Kansa devises a strategy with his subjects to find  Narayan's avatar and put an end to him.

Yashoda is worried about protecting Neel Mani from bad energies, she comes up with different ways, like using a morpankh to protect her son.

Kansa sends his soldiers to terrorize the people in peaceful villages to draw out Neel Mani. 


Yashoda prepares Neel Mani for his Shashthi pooja. Meanwhile, Kansa decides to enlist Pootna's help to find and put an end to Narayan's avatar.

Narayan stops Poorna from revealing his truth to Yashoda. Shani Dev himself comes to Gokul to meet Neel Mani but Yashoda stands in his way. 

Narayan grants Shani Dev's wish and appears before him in his Viraat Roop. Putana starts claiming the lives of newborn kids in search of  Narayan's avatar.


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बाल अध्याय - २

𝔹𝕒𝕒𝕝 𝔸𝕕𝕙𝕪𝕒𝕒𝕪 - 𝕀𝕀


Yashoda prepares Neel Mani for the Paalna Utsav. Meanwhile, Putana arrives in Gokul in search of her next victim at Neel Mani's Paalna Utsav.

Nanda finds out Putana's plan and rushes to Gokul. Putana's plan to poison Neel Mani fails as he vastly overpowers her. Yashoda begins to doubt her friends and family after Putana's attack on Neel Mani. Meanwhile, Gokul residents breathe a sigh of relief after Putana's cremation. 


Kansa finds out that Devaki and Vasudev have betrayed him, and he decides to end their lives.

Shiva is waiting to meet Neel Mani, but Yashoda is unwilling to let  Shiva meet with her son. However, Shiva vows to not leave Gokul until he meets Neel Mani.

Kansa puts his close confidant, Shridhar, up to the task of verifying the location of the Narayan avatar. Shridhar convinces Yashoda and stays at her house to plan his attack on Neel Mani but is unaware that all of this is a part of Neel Mani's plan to teach him a lesson.

People from nearby villages come to Gokul to meet Neel Mani. Meanwhile, Shridhar makes his move against Neel Mani. Yashoda goes out with her friends, giving Shridhar the chance to make his move against Neel Mani while Nanda finds out that Shridhar was sent by Kansa to end Neel Mani's life.


Yashoda finds out the truth about Shridhar and sends him out of the house. Kansa is sure that Shridhar will succeed in getting rid of Neel Mani but gets disappointed after finding out about his failure.

Kansa calls upon Kagasura to accomplish the task of finding and ending Neel Mani's life. Yashoda is overjoyed when she discovers that Neel Mani is showing signs of growing up. Kagasur reaches Nanda's house, and he makes his move against Neel Mani. However, all of his efforts are useless, as Neel Mani is too powerful for him.

Shatkasur arrives in Gokul to claim Neel Mani's life while Yashoda makes preparations for Neel Mani's Janam Nakshatra Utsav. Devaki and Vasudev come to Kansa with a special request as Shatkasur waits for the right moment to attack Neel Mani. Neel Mani defeats Shatkasur and frees him from his prison. 


Yashoda gets the idea of bringing Rohini's child to her house and raise him along with Neel Mani. Kansa receives the news of Shatkasur's defeat. Yashoda organizes a special event to welcome Rohini's son to her house and a grand event for Neel Mani's Naam Karan ceremony. However, Nanda is worried that a huge celebration might attract undue attention from Kansa. 

Rishi Garg arrives in Gokul for Neel Mani's naming ceremony and puts up the condition that the ceremony must take place in secrecy. Rishi Garg reveals Krishna's truth to Nanda and tells the reason behind  Narayan choosing Yashoda as his mother. However, Nanda finds it difficult to deal with this reality. Rishi Garg tells Devaki and Vasudev about the Naam Karan ceremony. 


Krishna decides to start crawling on his own to become the centre of attention. Krishna goes into a deep slumber which has a catastrophic effect on the world. Shiva arrives in Gokul once again and brings a gift for Krishna - his flute.

Yashoda is worried that Krishna's Annaprashan Sanskar might not go as planned but Maa Annapurna herself arrives to help Yashoda and ensure the event is successful. Yashoda wants to see Krishna walking on his own two feet soon. 

Kansa goes out to find a new asura to defeat Krishna. Kansa frees Trinavarta from his prison and asks him to end Krishna's life. Gokul residents celebrate Krishna's birthday. Trinavarta bites the dust just like all the other asuras sent by Kansa. Yashoda is traumatized after the fight and decides to take an extreme step to protect Krishna.


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युवा अध्याय - १

𝕐𝕦𝕧𝕒 𝔸𝕕𝕙𝕪𝕒𝕒𝕪 - 𝕀


Three years go by, and Yashoda still doesn't allow Krishna to step out of the house in order to protect him. Kansa continues to terrorize people in order to cement his rule as a tyrant. Krishna invites his friends to his house, and all of them play hide and seek together.


Kansa wakes up from his three year long meditation. Krishna finally gives darshan to Bhumi Devi and eats the dirt offered by her. Yashoda sees all of this and punishes Krishna for misbehaving.

Yashoda lets Krishna step out of the house and takes him to the Ashwin Purnima celebration along with her. Krishna's wish of meeting Chandra Dev gets fulfilled after the Ashwin Purnima pooja. The next day, Yashoda teaches Krishna some important moral lessons. 

An old fruit seller comes to Nanda's house, and Krishna decides to help her. Krishna helps the old fruit seller by buying all of her fruits. Prapti and Asti reveal their motive behind presenting a fake Kansa in front of the court. Yashoda and Krishna watch Ramleela with the other Gokul residents. Devaki and Vasudev are worried that Kansa might gain new powers after his Tapasya. Nanda convinces Yashoda to let Krishna play with his friends outside the house. Kansa's health worsens after meditating for three years.


Yashoda permits Krishna to play with his friends outside. Kansa gets furious when he finds out that his Tapasya was interrupted by Narayan. Kansa decides to target Gokul and all the residents who pray to Narayan. Yashoda gets furious when she finds out that Krishna injured himself while playing with his friends. 

Krishna sneaks out to steal and eat Makhan from Janki's house Maharishi Durvasa gets angry when he sees Krishna stealing Makhan, and he decides to punish him. Krishna is worried that if he doesn't return home on time, Yashoda might get angry at him. Janki goes into a trance when she witnesses Krishna's true nature. Maharishi Durvasa catches Krishna playing with mud and gets mad at him.

Krishna reaches home on time and saves himself from Yashoda's wrath. Kansa sends a demon by the name of Lobhasur to Gokul to cause chaos. Parmanandan traps the Gokul villagers and takes advantage of their greed. Pramanandan turns out to be Lobhasur who was sent by Kansa to destroy the economy of Gokul.


Krishna makes a plan to steal makhan along with his friends. Krishna visits Savitri's house to steal makhan with his friends. Savitri visits Yashoda to complain about Krishna's antics. The villagers meet their King to raise their concerns over lowered prices of their goods. Yashoda gathers all the women of Gokul and tries to get them to stop dealing with the merchant from Mathura.

The merchant manages to lure the villagers to his side. Krishna and his friends decide to take the matter into their own hands and steal from their families. they get caught red-handed in their very first attempt. Krishna gathers all the villagers and warns them against choosing the path of greed. The merchant meets the villagers and tries to get them on his side. Kansa and Lobhasur celebrate their success and plan to bring Krishna to his knees. Krishna and his friends plan to stop the villagers from dealing with the merchant.


Krishna and his friends hit Sulakshana's house to steal makhan. Krishna also visits Kasturi's house to do the same. The ladies of Gokul blame Krishna for stealing makhan from their houses. Yashoda finds it hard to believe that Krishna could steal from multiple houses at the same time. The ladies of Gokul set a trap for Krishna. Krishna realises that he is being lured into a trap and decides to gather his friends and makes a plan. Krishna manages to escape with the help of his friends. 


Nand invites a Maharaj to bless his son on the auspicious occasion of 'Ekadashi'. the rest of the villagers decide to take their goods and make a deal with the merchant. The villagers, who went to deal with the merchant, are told to provide dairy products for the rest of their lives. Krishna makes the Maharaj angry by eating the laddoo offered to Narayan. The villagers meet Nand and convey Kansa's message to him. The ladies of Gokul surround Krishna and ask him why he doesn't steal makhan anymore.


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युवा अध्याय -  २

𝕐𝕦𝕧𝕒 𝔸𝕕𝕙𝕪𝕒𝕒𝕪 - 𝕀𝕀 


Yashoda faints as she couldn't believe what she saw in Krishna's mouth - the entire Brahmand. The merchant - Lobhasur comes to Gokul and apologises to all the villagers. Kansa refuses to accept defeat and is determined to defeat Krishna. 


Krishna finds out that all his friends have been punished by their mothers at least once. Krishna resorts to extremes to receive any form of punishment from his mother. 


Yashoda finally gets hold of Krishna and ties him to a pole outside the house for his antics. The ladies of Gokul request Yashoda to forgive Krishna. 

Krishna has an encounter with two Vishnu bhakts - Nalakuvara and Manigreev; releasing them from the curse of Narada Muni, fulfilling the Damodar Leela


Nand tells all the villagers about the water crisis that they are facing. Yashoda and the other ladies of Gokul plan to visit a water source near the village. Krishna learns how to paint from his mother while other ladies try to make fun of him. Kansa decides not to send any help to Gokul for their drought-related problems. A pack of wolves enter Gokul and scare all the villagers. The villagers gather at Krishna's house to find a solution. Krishna tells his father that he will have to take drastic measures to help Yashoda. 


Krishna makes arrangements at Vrindavan for the citizens of Gokul to arrive while everyone in Gokul prepares to leave the village. All the people of Gokul pack their stuff and set out towards Vrindavan. Upon arrival, everyone gets shocked to see how similar Vrindavan is to their old place. 

Yashoda tries to convince everyone that she can hear Lord Ganesha in their house. Kansa gets the news about Krishna moving into another village called Vrindavan. The villagers band together to make a Ganesha temple at Vrindavan. Krishna does everything possible to get in touch with Lord Ganesha. Krishna and his parents meet a newly wedded couple that arrive from Ayodhya. Later, Krishna accidentally breaks Urmila's beloved necklace. Urmila gets heartbroken when Krishna ruptures her necklace. Krishna's uncle advises his parents to teach him the difference between right and wrong.


Krishna seeks Kuber's help to apologise to his mother. Later, Krishna calls everyone that he has hurt in the past and shows them that he has grown and learnt his lesson. Krishna promises Vrinda Devi that he will visit her the next day. Yashoda orders Krishna to stay at home. Krishna crafts a foolproof plan to visit the woods. Later, he finds a way to keep his promise to Vrinda Devi. Balram gets angry at Krishna for causing him trouble the other day in the forest. Later, Krishna takes Balram to the woods to show him something important. Balram and Krishna get punished and are locked in their room with only fruits to eat. Later, Krishna finds out about an old lady who lives on the other end of the woods.


Krishna gives the old woman a suggestion to find enlightenment. On the way back, Krishna believes that he saw a ghost. Krishna steps up and takes responsibility for the cows in his family's care. Later, Yashoda confronts him about his hobbies and plans for the future.Yashoda wants to test Krishna's abilities to tend to the cows before giving him their responsibility. Krishna makes his parents feel special by praising them at the Vaikunth Sabha. Yashoda worries that Krishna will grow up and forget about her.Krishna sets out for his first trip into the woods with the cows. Kansa seeks Vatsasura's help to deal with Krishna. Krishna realises that his parents have been spying on him in the jungle. Vatsasura tries to hinder Krishna's first walk in the woods with the cows.


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𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝕊𝕙𝕠𝕥


Sorrow is an integral part of life. Just as night gives way for dawn. Vṛndāvana was about to witness the night as the Sun was about to leave.

The house of the esteemed Nanda was filled with cries of a grieving mother. Once filled with bubbling laughter and sweet scoldings was now enshrouded in despair. 

Eleven years of heaven reigned in part of the Braj-Bhoomi. Gokul, Vṛndāvana and Barsana saw the childhood of the mischievous and the darling of Yashoda, Nandalala. 

Now the time has arrived for the child of eleven to leave with his old brother for his destiny awaited. 

Not even the desperate cries of an unwilling mother, a silent but pleading father and the soft sniffles of the residents could stop the Lord from doing his duty.

“Kanha! Maat jaao!” pleaded Yashoda, her eyes minted with fresh tears, “Apni Maiya ki baat nahi manoge?”

“Kshama kijiye Maiya,” The Lord's voice was sweet with a hidden sadness, “Par itihas aur samay meri pratiksha kar raha hai.”

“Rajkumaro, hume jana hoga.” Senapati Akrūra said, eyes glinting with sorrow at having to separate a mother from her child. Devi Yashoda may not have birthed the prince but she had raised him as her own. Even Nanda Raja was reluctant to let the child he raised leave. But he understood the significance of this requirement and Akrūra respected his mental fortitude.

Rani Rohini engulfed the grieving mother in her warm embrace. Another two pairs of soft hands wrapped around Yashoda’s torso. It almost felt like a parting hug as Yashoda sniffled and clutched onto them as much as she could.

As the chariot containing Rohini, Krishna and Balrama sped away with Akrūra at the helm, a pair of deep magnetic eyes filled with devotion and sorrow glanced upon the Lord as he bid goodbye to all. 

Krishna smiled, mirroring her emotions, at the young woman, eyes shifting to his teary mother. 

Radha Rani nodded with a sad smile and he glanced forward knowing what awaited him in Mathura.

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