COOKS! Introduce Yourselves Here!

Posted: 2007-01-28T06:15:05Z
Hi everyone,Tongue

Let's get to know each other. Let us perk up this section and make it one of the best on I-F!

Introduce yourselves here:





Fav section(s) on I-F:

Fav TV Shows (Hindi &/or English):

Best friends on I-F:

What do you enjoy cooking/making?

Whats your favourite food/drink?

Do you watch Cookery programmes if so which?

That's all. Have fun and have a healthy discussion in this section.



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Posted: 2007-01-29T15:12:31Z
Name: Meghavi

Age: 16

Country: Canada

Profession/Occupation: Student

Fav section(s) on I-F: ummm ..I lyke all the sections I visit..lolz.

Fav TV Shows (Hindi &/or English): I dun have a 'FAVE' show ..lolz...but once again, I lyke all the shows I watch.

Best friends on I-F: umm Manjot, Ami di, Princess di, Raksha di, Jelly, Megha di, Naina..and LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE.  

What do you enjoy cooking/making?

ummmm..well what ever I make, I try to make it look nice...because I think food should look pleasant to the eyes before going down to the stomach lolz.  Or at least, I like my food to look whn ever I make something, I TRY and make it look good, too.  Umm..above all things..I like making soup. =)


Whats your favourite food/drink? - Mexican.

Do you watch Cookery programmes if so which? - ohh I watch tons.  I watch 'The Family Restarunt' 'Take Home Chef' 'Rachel Rays Travel show'

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Posted: 2007-02-05T08:46:45Z
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Posted: 2007-02-07T16:28:02Z
Name: Sapna
Country: US
Profession/Occupation: Dietitian
Fav Sections: all of them
Fav Shows: TKTG, Kulvadhhu, Saat Phere, WRWMK, Kajjal, Kasam Se, Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyaan, etc.
Best Friends on I-F: ummm, im pretty new to the forum and site itself so i don't really have any friends, best or otherwise so far. maybe soon though :-)
What's your fav food or drink: im addicted to soda :-(, love italian as i cook that the best.
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Posted: 2007-02-18T07:25:25Z
Hello , I am Roopa .I am a foodie and love to try new recipes . Check my website and send me your feedbacks.
--Roopa Smile
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Posted: 2007-05-06T13:38:05Z

Name: RachnaBig smile

Age: 15Embarrassed

Country: United StatesTongue

Profession/Occupation: StudentCool

Fav section(s) on I-F: VS, CC, AnS, IESBE, KK, and many moreeEmbarrassed

Fav TV shows (Hindi &/or English): all the K serials that i warch n II. En: ER, AI, Gilmore Girls, One Tree HillEmbarrassed

Best friends on I-F: I have loadsBig smileEmbarrassed..don't want to forget anyoneEmbarrassed

What do you enjoy cooking/making? i love cooking in general, no matter what it isEmbarrassed

Whats your favourite food/drink? chinese food/coffee and waterEmbarrassed

Do you watch Cookery programmes if so which? Mirch Masala, Khana Kazana, and some shows on food networkBig smile

lovely survey dearHug


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Posted: 2007-07-04T18:52:08Z




Fav section(s) on I-F:KS forum

Fav TV Shows (Hindi &/or English):Kamamh Se n KGGK

Best friends on I-F:Ishu, Hinnu, Maddi, n Nir

What do you enjoy cooking/making?Cant really cook, LOL

Whats your favourite food/drink?Everythin food n soda

Do you watch Cookery programmes if so which?Khana Kazana n Food Network.
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Posted: 2007-07-04T19:08:17Z

Age: 16

Country: USA

Profession/Occupation: student

Fav section(s) on I-F: Kzk, II3

Fav TV Shows (Hindi &/or English): many

Best friends on I-F: many

What do you enjoy cooking/making? hmm, maagi

Whats your favourite food/drink? sunkist and then pizza

Do you watch Cookery programmes if so which? no

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