Regarding Usernames with special characters

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Posted: 1 months ago

Around 3 years back we updated our Username policy and requested members to update their username.

Many have migrated but there are few who were unable to do so. We request them once again to update their username by 9th July 2022.

We are extending the deadline to 16th July 2022 so that more members are able to update username of their choice.

Post that we will automatically update their username removing the special characters and adding numbers if the username already exists.

So for example an username with *vijay* may become vijay_7.

This is being done due for the following reasons:

  • To prevent validation errors in the application. 
  • To Fix the issue where users not able to tag another user.
  • Users with Special characters in the username are unable to update their passwords as it shows the message that their username has invalid characters.
  • Allows us to have users profile URL as

The said issue only affects user who have special characters in their usernames.

You can update your username by going to the Settings Page.


  • Usernames can consist of lowercase and capitals (Ex: VijayBhatter)
  • Usernames can consist of alphanumeric characters (a-z A-Z 0-9) - Ex: VijayBhatter121
  • Usernames can consist of underscore and hyphens (Ex: Vijay-Bhatter or vijay_bhatter)
  • Cannot be two underscores, two hypens or two dots in a row
  • Cannot have a underscore or hypen or dots at the start or end
  • Length of the username to be between 4-15
  • Special Characters NOT allowed (like $ ~ ! # % ^ & *)

Primarily we want it for:

  1. This will enable us to have the @Mention feature in Comments / Forum Posts (Ex: @vijay)
  2. And also allow users to create their profile with friendly url (usernames) instead of numbers.
  3. Easy to type when we are sending PMs or searching our friends usernames.

Edited by vijay - 1 months ago
Posted: 1 months ago

Please try and tag the users whose username has special characters.

Posted: 1 months ago

Mujhe change krne ki need hai kia 😲 ?

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Havaana

Mujhe change krne ki need hai kia 😲 ?


Posted: 1 months ago

here are some usernames which may not be valid. I am not sure if one dot is allowed

 *4rom heaven*


















[email protected][email protected]


















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Posted: 1 months ago

Will we get the mention feature instead of tagging one?smiley42 Or both will be alag alag?

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