YuvaNni One Shots Collection: Tu Jo Mila

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Posted: 2 years ago

Starting with the parampara of introducing my old soul😆

Hella fellas! I'm Aaliya, a proud silent oldie who's writing after months and ages. So pardon me for any minor grammatical/spelling mistake😳


It was a sad and gloomy day for me. I was forced into an unwanted marriage. Yuvaan knew nothing about my true feelings. He was still a young bright boy of 7 and was incapable of understanding what I felt about our marriage. I guess I loved and valued our friendship more than anything and I lost it to the society. I knew Yuvaan is not going to be a very bad or toxic husband but somewhere my heart wept because it knew Yuvaan can never be my husband in true terms. He knew nothing about love and how can I even expect him to? He knew nothing about what a marriage is and I don’t wish to burden him. He was not to be blamed. I was to be blamed. If I knew our friendship would send an invite to such an unfriendly circumstance I would have ran away from our friendship.


I sat down on the sofa with the conundrum of how to deal with Yuvaan, my husband. I never saw him with that perspective. I never locked my eyes with his, in a way a girl would do so with her lover. I let go a deep sigh and uttered to myself, kuch toh sochna padega thare ko Banni. Yuvaan toh nadaan hai, bacha jaisa hai. Uske saath apni saari zindagi guzarni hai tujhe aur tanne kuch na pata. Iss rishteyka kya mol hai yeh sirf tujhe samajhna hoga.” Suddenly I heard some noisy footsteps.I could understand, it was Yuvaan.

 He was ran hither thither and was never calm. As I had expected, Yuvaan entered the room. I thought ,jab Yuvaan mhara dost tha tab jab wo ata tha mhane Khushi hoti thi. Ab na jane kyun mhare dil me ek ajeeb sa darr baith gaya hai. Mhare ko ajeeb sa bharipan mehsoos ho raha hai…par kyun?” Unable to understand the new feeling, I looked at Yuvaan, with fear in my eyes. I knew I had to be strong. I had to be strong for the smile on his face. For me the marriage was a harsh and bitter truth but for him it was all a fairytale. He gave a big smile to me but somehow I couldn’t return it back. Yuvaan stared at me for a long while and then after a deep pause of silence he came and sat under my knee. I felt uncomfortable.


Kya hua Banni?Tum..tum sad ho kya?” asked Yuvaan with his eyes popped out of curiosity. Iwas touched how she could still guess my mood. Even though he couldn’t understand my pain, at least he could know my pain. I tried hard to smile and replied back ,pata hai Yuvaan? Main dukhi nahi hun, bas darri hui hoon.” He looked here there for few seconds and then again stared at me.


Banni main…main hoon na tum..tumhare sa..ath. Dadu bhi hai..and tum..tumhe kaha tha na ke tum har kisiko jo mujhe pareshan kare usko yun dhishoom-dhishoom karke marogi? Toh..toh,tum kyun dar rahi ho?”

I could not reply anything back to him. How could I say that I doubted him? Yes. I truly doubted him and there was no gain in hiding it. Somewhere I was scared of seeing an unknown side of his. I looked at the clock. It was about 10 pm and to cover my uncomfortable feeling, I decided to put him to sleep. 

"Yuvaan dekho.. bahot raat hogayi hai. Tum..tum so jao hum kal baat karenge" said I, gathering up all the courage I had to speak. Yuvaan looked at me. I don't know what he saw in my brows. He yelled , " nai..nai..Banni mujhe nahi sona." His refusal seemed to shiver my nerves. I feared him more. More than Yuvaan's intentions I feared the teachings he might have received from Viraj. 

"Yu..yuvaan dekho na 10 baj gaye hai. So jao hum..hum kal baat karlenge" 

I tried to put some force on him. The more my heart wanted to run away from him, the more he refused. 

"Nahi Banni...maine kaha na Yu..yuvaan nahi soyega."

After hearing his refusal, I decided to sleep instead. I tried to cover myself with the blanket but he stopped me from doing so. He snatched my blanket. My eyes widened. Was he going to do something wrong? Is he going to follow the words of Viraj? But he's my friend and I should have trust on him? My brain continuously processed such questions until he finally sat down beside me. 

He did not look into my eyes, rather he looked at the toys which lied still on the floor. He slowly asked me , "Ban..Banni tum..tum khush toh ho na?"

I felt guilty after hearing those words. I feared of having him know that I was not happy. I did not wish his happiness to fade away for no fault of his. He looked at me and again lowered his eyes and said, "Ba..banni dadu bol rahe the ke shaadi ke baad saa..sab ko na uncomfortable feel hota hai." He looked at my face to see if I wanted to approve to his words. I looked at him with tears sparkling in my eyes. He continued, "agar tum...tumhe uncomfortable feel ho raha hai toh..toh main dadu ke paas jaakar sojaunga...but...but please tum na mat roya karo. Mu..mujhe acha nahi lagta."

I looked at his eyes. I felt bad for being cruel enough to judge him. The guilt inside me broke down, I could no longer hold my tears. I just let them flow. He looked surprisingly at me. He tried to cup my face and wipe my tears. I looked into his eyes and said , "yuvaan..mhanne...mhane maaf karde". He was still confused. Maybe he was not expecting a sorry but I knew that I had judged my best friend, my best half. 

He silenced for a few minutes and then smiled. He replied to me, "waise  mu..mujhe nahi pata tum kyun sorry bol rahi ho but..but.. banni I...I promise main kab...kabhi tumhe sad nah...nahi hone dunga." I gave him a smile. I didn't really 'give', it just came out. He smiled back at me. 

Now that I'm waiting on the sofa for my beloved husband to arrive, I am happy to recollect a beautiful memory of mine. He's coming and I can still feel his footsteps approaching me. I'm happy that I'm no more anxious. In fact, I can wait to cuddle my husband. As I had guessed it right, he has arrived and I have wrapped his shoulders in my arms.

He says to me in a low tone ,"banni....bahot thakaan mehsoos ho rahi hai" I looked at his red face. I kissed his cheeks and got him to sleep.


Okie Okie. So jo last part samjh nahi paya, I've written the drabble starting with a flashback and after the flashback ends a short description of YuvaNni's later life. 


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Posted: 2 years ago

So since am planning to add more one shots to this thread itself, I thought of maintaining an index (if someone wishes to choose a particular OS to read):

1. Their First Night (Pg:01):



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This was very refreshing and lovely!

Cant wait to read more shots from you!

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It was beautiful....❤️

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Wonderful story 👏

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Thank you for boosting activity on the forum with your creativity 🤗