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Posted: 1 years ago

Hello guys! smiley1

I'm new to this forum & I hope I can join you in the discussion. 😃

Recently I came across a YouTube clip where Kaju was baring her soul in front of Satyakam and the scene and dialogues were so heartbreaking that it prompted me to watch the earlier episodes. I've gotta admit, for someone who has had the misfortune to watch "Jol Nupur" at its worst, smiley7 GSMI definitely felt good. 👍🏼 Yes, we have the stereotypical evil sister-in-law and unreasonable dad. smiley44 But the three leads are refreshing from what I can recall of the original. 🤗

Now coming to this particular episode, I believe it entirely belonged to Pari, and hats off to Meera and Pankhuri for pulling this off. smiley32 smiley32 smiley32

The promos as well as the initial campaigning focused on the solidarity between two women as one of the driving forces of the story but blame it on my prejudice, I wasn't so sure about whether they would be able to handle it properly. Today's episode definitely gave me some hope and the story writers and dialogue writers deserve every bit of praise for handling this topic so beautifully. smiley32 smiley32 smiley32

The thing I loved the most was how Kaju could relate to Pari. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

No offense to any specially-abled person, but even the most compassionate people find it a bit difficult to communicate with them during the first meeting. Kaju herself was stressed out when she first met Pari or mistook Neel to be a specially-abled person. smiley24 smiley24 smiley24

Today's situation was a lot more complicated than that. Her own condition is so fragile, she's being humiliated by the people who are supposed to be her new family members and not to mention her heartbreak that Neel loves someone else. Anybody would be traumatized and so was she. She was already worried about the family's reaction to Pari's enthusiasm and given Pari's mental condition, one could see Kaju's apprehension as well as exhaustion when Pari welcomed her.

And still, this innocent person managed to win her heart. 🤗 🤗 🤗

What stood out for me was that in a way, Kaju saw her reflection in Pari. They are two people who are pure at heart and are craving love and appreciation. smiley19 smiley19 smiley19

It broke my heart when Pari requested Kaju to keep repeating that she's a good person. smiley38 smiley38 smiley38

She may be innocent but deep down, she's well aware that except for a few people, no one gives her enough credit, let alone respect that an individual deserves. smiley19 smiley19 smiley19

And the smile on Kaju's face when Pari said "Dudh Phul Sabji Phal Phulo" - I think this was the first time she genuinely smiled after Neel told her the truth. smiley38 smiley38 smiley38

It also marked the return of her trademark dialogue "Poori Duniya Ki Akkal Mein Jang Lag Gayi Hain"smiley41 smiley41 smiley41

I don't know why, but I felt there was a glimpse of old Kaju there, someone who believed in goodness and love but was also painfully aware of the cruelty of the real world. smiley13 smiley13 smiley13

Her pain and subsequent relief on finding a true friend who doesn't care about the tags attached to her was portrayed beautifully. smiley32 smiley32 smiley32

With Jaydeep, Sonia, Bhumi and I guess Pavitra too will join the list soon, 😵 😵 😵 it's inevitable that there'll be a lot of negativity in the future. Not to mention Phul Singh's return. 🤬 🤬 🤬

But I really hope the makers focus more on Neel-Kaju-Pari more because it's the positivity and support of our friends that help us survive in the long run. smiley1 smiley1 smiley1

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