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Posted: 1 years ago

Haven't seen this show for a while after I got busy with my college. And well timepass ke liye I saw 9th June promo and seeing Baji's dead face after Mastani's love revelation has made me feel that till now the story running is a one-sided love from Mastani's side and not Baji. 

His shocked face clearly indicates he his confused and cannot think anything.. I just hope he tries to make Mastani understand his love towards Kashi though I have doubts Mastani will understand and continue to act selfishly but lets see how the story unfolds.. 

What do you feel like after seeing the spoiler..?

Posted: 1 years ago
same I haven't also watched this show cuz of mastani track but now it's going interesting I also feel ki baji friendzone mastani 🤣😂🤣 and have u seen the promo where kashi and mastani fave each other on yt mastani looks villainous type and possessive but in today's episode bajirao gave his sword to mastani and she admits it as marriage with bajirao ohh god 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ and also now is everything fine between radha and kashi radha apologise to kashi and hugged her chalo atleast she admitted her as bahu
Posted: 1 years ago

Yups surely becoz of Mastani TRP has increased so we can't ignore the fact that Mastani has improved the show's performance in terms of trp. 

Yaar what can I say about Mastani, be it for the promo or the show's spoiler Mastani has always been selfish and possessive about her love for Baji. She isn't infact not refusing to give up on him even though she knew he is married. And Mastani is busy justifying her love by comparing herself to Radha.. Oof kya hoga iss aurat ka..?smiley5

And now Radhabai accepting Kashi and her asking forgiveness to Kashi is a positive point for the track. Their bond might strengthen as the show moves forward to Mastani's entry in Pune. After that I feel it can be shown as Mastani Deewani Ho Gayi VS Kashi- Radhabai.. 

I am already rooting for Kashi's team.. 

Yet I am not sure how makers will portray Baji's character. Will he be on Mastani's side or Kashi- Radhabai's side ? I think time shall only reveal what happens next... smiley14

Posted: 1 years ago

Yes he was shocked to hell but he is definitely getting attracted to mastani , he mentioned this to kashi in letter he getting attracted to mastani's zid thou he dint send d letter  but later her hand were shivering to right d letter that time he said I have to reject mastani's love , return to kashi , 

Baji denied accepting mastani as he was unaware of khand vivaah ritual later mastani did mahanta act of freeing him from khand vivaah by saying I will get my love if it's true. It actually left an impact on him that he lifted sword on his own soldiers for badmouthing mastani.

Only good thing radhabai send suryaji to bundelkhand to bring baji back .

Now if u see new spoiler then ur blood will boil mastani is playing all sort of games with him , there r in some jungle , way close to each other almost about kiss each other, dono ke raging harmones or speed of lust ko dekh kar lagta hai shamsher bahadur ki birth dur nhi jabki abhi nana saheb ki birth nhi hui.

I really don't want kashi to be every caring wife of baji after knowing d truth , do teach him a lesson I won't mind keshav guy returning. I really want distance herself from him but don't show her tolerating everything silently.

Kashi won't side radha or chimaji in insulting mastani for sure , regarding baji he will face worth of society as bangash predicted mastani will be reason of baji's defeat. I don't want kashi to help baji in it . I don't have expectations from him.

Ab to naye spoiler dekhne mein bhi darr lagta hai, they did showed chatrasal giving lakh gold coins & 1/3 of bundelkhand to baji as gratitude but there is no political angle yet .

Anyway as baji mastani spend night together I jungle I m sure mastani character will be questioned leading baji into accepting her.

Will they show mastani is love of baji , kashi just a childhood friend , what is unique in this show they r showing sasti copy of Bajirao mastani only.

As radhabai said baji don't understand love & samparpan . Vaise chhoti kashi is like radha only for him as she is his soul voice.

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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 

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