Credit Where It's Due & Chappal Where It's Needed To Be Thrown At

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Posted: 11 months ago

So finally Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei ends and despite preparing myself for the worst, I am shaken by the way they have ended Nupur and Chikoo's story. smiley19 smiley19 smiley19

I am one of those people who love such shows where the makers stay true to the original plot and do justice to the title. When you hear "Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei", you kind of get the idea that this mother-daughter duo will remain separated until the very end. 

In that sense, I appreciate the makers for doing justice to the title and still bestowing a bit of peace on Nupur as she said all she ever wanted was to find her Payal, and now that she got her back, and knew how strong she was, she could finally die in peace. smiley28 smiley19 smiley28 smiley19 smiley28 smiley19 smiley28

I had tears in my eyes when she said those words and Paridhi Sharma as usual nailed it. smiley32 smiley32 smiley32

It was so damn painful to watch Chikoo be so happy that Nupur got to know about the truth, and the next moment, the poor kid lost her mother. The way she was frantically asking Nupur to open her eyes and looked at Millind for doing something - any normal person would choke. Take a bow Vaishnavi Prajapati because you breathed life into the character and made us all weep with you on several occasions. 

smiley32 smiley32 smiley32

And now, brace yourself people cause I am gonna rant! smiley35 smiley35 smiley35 smiley35 smiley35 smiley35 smiley35

Did they really have to end the first season this way?

Forget the tragic ending, none of the criminals got caught, Nupur-Millind continued to mourn their long-lost child and Chikoo couldn't even hug her parents. 

Considering Himanshu Malhotra is exiting too, I guess either they'll show Millind dead or we'll have an angry, older version of him who hates Chikoo for being the reason for Nupur's death and wouldn't consider her as his daughter. 

Honestly, at this point, I would rather settle for the first option because that would be considerably less negative. The way Millind lost his balance and looked at Nupur, one could practically see the man just died there. At least give him some peace after death and don't assassinate his character just for the sake of showing Chikoo wronged.

I know I am quite literally inviting backlashes for myself but forced tragedy never evokes any emotion out of an audience. I love Paridhi as an actress and Vaishnavi was exceptionally good in her scenes. Yet, post the Mini fiasco, I could never feel sorry for Chikoo.

In a way, I actually felt Nupur's dilemma more because it wasn't about who her child was. At the end of the day, Chikoo hid the truth from her, and it was a major breach of trust. She was ready to sign on the divorce papers just to shield the kid. And madam gets so easily brainwashed by an idiotic villain like Kamini that Nupur would very well prefer a more intelligent, socially acceptable Mini as her daughter than having her child back. smiley44 smiley44 smiley44

Was I really supposed to feel bad for Chikoo after this?

And the inconsistency in the last episode! smiley44 smiley44 smiley44 One moment, Nupur was going insane and ran behind Chikoo, the next moment she was pleading to God and finally she was all happy and told Aai that Chikoo was family. Like seriously? smiley12 smiley12 smiley12

God knows what sadistic pleasure they derive from sidelining Millind as in the last episode also he was roaming aimlessly without any idea. Poor guy didn't even get to be by his wife's side when she died.

 smiley19 smiley19 smiley19 Why makers? Why? Why do you hate Millind so much? smiley7 smiley7 smiley7

I understand a lot of people's livelihood depend on a show. The leads will get other projects sooner or later, we will have other shows to connect to but those hundreds of daily wagers will go jobless. So I get the PH's urgency to keep the show afloat.

But would it have killed them to at least give a happy ending and then change the name so that we could be more open to Chikoo's journey as a grown-up? 

Why would I possibly tune in to this show where the good people always suffered, hell, died at last and the evil ones kept roaming free? And why should I look forward to Chikoo solving Nupur's murder mystery as they gave us the hint with Nupur sensing someone behind her and Chikoo finding a watch? 

The story was about a mother and her child's journey. You have literally murdered the mother just so you can stretch the show further whereas you could reunite them weeks ago, punish the culprits and then proceed to the next phase of Chikoo's life with warmth and positivity.

But no, you had to kill Nupur. smiley44 smiley44 smiley44

I wish well to all the actors who are gonna be cast in the next phase of this show and definitely do not want any daily wager to lose their job. Still, a  part of me can't just can't help but wish for the show's imminent doom because this show wasn't just about Chikko. Nupur and Millind were equally important and they have been scrapped off mercilessly. 

A show with such sloppy writing can't and doesn't deserve to be on-air.

Phew! Feeling so much lighter now after the rant. smiley36 smiley36 smiley36

Feel free to share your opinion on the same without any derogatory comments. smiley20 smiley20 smiley20

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Posted: 11 months ago

I don't understand what happened - why did they end with killing Nupur just as things were going right? Why is Chickoo with Sameer instead of with her father Millind? Doesn't make sense. Pushpa really annoyed me saying they were her real family, they are not. They tried to steal Chikoo and this has no respect for Sameer's real daughter and wife's memory.

I wanted to see Shashi well and whole again and his awful sister shamed.

What the heck have they done to this serial? I have watched and enjoyed from the first episode and now it is ruined, just like Imlie. I don't understand these directors - why can they not give us joy instead of misery?  smiley19 Now I have to stop watching this serial too.  smiley13

Posted: 11 months ago

Exactly! There were so many important things that they should have addressed. Instead, they killed off Nupur and introduced a leap. smiley44

I won't blame Pushpa because she wanted what's best for Sameer. And Millind too had said that perhaps it was better for Chikoo to live with the ones who genuinely loved her.

At the very least neither Pushpa nor Sameer is as shallow-minded as the Joshis.

Still, it doesn't make any sense the way they decided to end the first season. Nupur and Millind deserved to have their child back and live with her happily. smiley19

Posted: 11 months ago

I’m not understanding the plot of CKMDK- like there was no need of killing nupur character and then include a leap straight after and then make it based on a love triangle ( that’s why I left watching the show)

They could do a better ending for the  first season like nupur chikoo and millind reunion and the family finding out ( chikoo is payal )that would be better instead of showing nupur death sequence.

The thing which I really wanna rage about is that

1)Nupur didn’t tell the family about chikoo was payal like when millind opened the door for nupur she didn’t tell anything to him that chikoo was payal and like she didn’t tell aai as well that’s one things I got so annoyed about 

2) they made chikoo sleep in a servant quarter and when the joshi family found out that mini was fake payal they still gave her payal room it just shows that more then they ever cared about chikoo they thought about mini 

3)they kept sidelining milinds character when nupur died it just shows that he didn’t have any idea what just happen to nupur they could at least make him be with nupur the time she fell down and died 

4) chikoo fell down from a cliff and loss her memory and some injury and a limp and someone pushed nupur from the 4-5 stairs and she died. It sounds very illogical 

One thing I don’t understand about the producers and makers is that they start of the show good and then after a few months they ruined the whole story for example imli saathiya 2 and now ckmdk.

Well I have to say himanshu paridhi and vaishnavi portrayed there character very well and nailed whatever scene they did I wish the producers could keep them in the show.

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Posted: 11 months ago

All the points you have raised here are legitimate but I am supremely pissed off about sidelining Millind and dumbing down Nupur.

Honestly, after all the build-up, when Nupur threw Chikoo out believing she had stolen money - that's when the downfall began. It would have been wonderful if Nupur learned about Chikoo being Payal and Chikoo distancing herself away from her stating that at the end of the day, they accepted her because they were her family and didn't believe in her innocence until that point - that would be a more appropriate response from a ten years old.

Kamini and Subodh are dumb as snails and Chikoo, who has been portrayed as unnaturally smart for her age, suddenly she believed Kamini and went away. Like, seriously?

Don't even get me started on the forced vilification of Mini! smiley44

These idiots could change the original title and still did not unite the family. smiley44 It is utter disrespect to both the cast and audience. 

Anyway, the damage is done. All we can do is cherish the good episodes of the original season and boycott the forced new season. 

Posted: 11 months ago

I have to say that the makers presented some character as annoying like ( kamini, subodh,  mini specially Rama tai and also chikoo and nupur at some points)

Sometimes I felt bad so bad for nupur and chikoo character but sometimes I didn’t feel bad for them like nupur she’s from a good family and the writers presented her as a character who gets easily influenced from people like mini a young child and kamini / subodh the reason why I didn’t feel bad for chikoo character was that she allowed mini to became payal and was easily influenced from kamini she stayed with the joshi for such a long time after she injured herself but she didn’t have that much courage to tell them she is payal .

Kamini and subodh they are presented as dumb the animals sound more clever then them but I’m so confused how doesn’t the joshi family not get suspicious on them like they keep saying things about chikoo and when it goes to mini kamini keep saying that it wasn’t mini fault it was chikoo

Rama tai i don’t know what to say about her she’s sometimes made me get so pissed of on her she kept on saying bad things about chikoo and the time where the joshi family chikoo died it just showed she didn’t regret for whatever happened.

Mini she’s more worse then ramatai I can’t believe how the writer made a young girl presented a villain in the show.smiley7

The writers produced such a bad message to the audience in the last episode by showing nupur death in a tragic way and kamini not being exposed it just shows that at end of the day bad people win and good people just suffersmiley19

I feel like kulfi ending was 100x better then cmdk ending because in kulfi none of the  good character didn’t die but over here they killed of a character who was looking for her child and when she found her she died.

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Posted: 11 months ago


I see no reason why they had to dumb Nupur down to show her helplessness. She was an educated individual from a financially stable family. And still, they showed sequences like Nupur staying in the outhouse or dancing for money which was highly illogical.

And like you said, I hardly felt bad for Chikoo when she kept whimpering while Mini and Kamini spewed venom. 

The funniest thing is, anybody could understand Kamini's motive because she wasn't even subtle. Just one question - why did she always play along with Mini and everybody would understand. But no, they had to show the entire family dumber than the dumbest. smiley44 smiley44 smiley44

Posted: 11 months ago


Im still not understanding why did present the JOSHI FAMILY as stupid and dumb and how didn’t they find anything suspicious about kamini the way she acted just shows how she is hiding something but I can’t  believe that joshi failed to know her true colours.

And as you said how they had dumb nupur down to show her helplessness I totally agree with you there was no need for her to do that.

In every episode I saw kamini brainwashing mini and then after that I see kamini playing a long with mini it doesn’t make sense the makers had to think about that.

My question is- what was the need to sideline milind character during the time of nupur death and why did they present  the joshi family as TOXIC    ( as well as stupid and dumb) .

During nupur death scene when I saw ramatai character it just looked like she was surprised that nupur died and doesn’t show any emotions and when I saw kamini it looked like she was happy inside and wasn’t shocked to see nupur to die like from there the family could realise that something is fishy as it shows she isn’t affected by nupur death but they rushed it all.
The leap they added is really unnecessary for the show as it shows a waste of time and shows how the makers are such an idiot who doesn’t know how write a script from a mother/daughter story they converted it into a love triangle. They could make another show where they could add love triangle and things about( body shaming )instead of this show being made into that.

I really want to ask the producers 

WHAT WAS THE NEED TO REMOVE NUPUR AND MILLIND CHARACTER FROM THE SHOW They could do a leap with them still in the show.

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Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 

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