Pyar Mein Confusion

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Posted: 2007-01-23T18:46:34Z

Hello Everyone!!!!!!
Guess what?????

Anu and i r starting a new story...called

                        Pyar Mein Confusion

   Here is the character Sketch

Arun Sharma is a very sweet guy, he gets happy when others r happy, he is 24 yrs old…he loves hindi movies…his fav actress is Rani…and he loves…R….


Ria Kapoor is a cute type of girl…she likes to be funny and make ppl laugh, her fav actors r John Abraham and Srk, she also has a strong crush on A…


Aditya Chowdry is a proud dude, he wants everything his way…every girl is college likes him except for R….and that who he likes…he is a slo a big fan of Priyanka Chopra.


Radhika Sina is a sweet bholi bali type of girl..she loves old movies, old songs and shayari….he fav actor is Amitab Bachan and hr fav actress is Rekha…and she has found her Amitab is real life and he is A….


Zaara Aunty is not related to Ria..but when Ria was younger her parents passed away…and she was the one who brought her up..her and Ria's parents were really good friends…now Ria lives with her and Iqbal…who is Zaara Aunty's son.


Anita Sina is Radhika's mother…she loves parties and likes to go out..while her daughter would rather stay at home…she and her husband r divorced and her husband (Radi's dad) lives in London now


Sanjay Chowdry is Adi's dad, he is a very rich man…but unlike other rich fathers he wants his son to study and become something in life.


Mr. and Mrs. Sharma are Arun's parents, his dad always tells him that him being a very nice person who doesn't hurt anyone will get him hurt one day…but its his mom who is always on his side…and is very proud of him.'


 Photo Gallery

Arun Sharma

Ria Kapoor

Aditya Chowdry

Radhika Sina

Zaara Aunty

Anita Sina

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma


So how is it guys??? Anu and i will try to post every the first epi will be posted next Friday...and if we have test coming up or projects due we might now be able to post...but we will try our best...

Have fun,
Anu aur Anju

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Posted: 2007-01-29T12:57:39Z
Sounds interesting.....Can't wait.....
All the Best!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
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Posted: 2007-02-02T12:07:37Z
OH wow!!!! It seems really great!!!! I'm so looking forward for it!!!! I love the character sketches and pix! You've done a great job there!!!!! Tongue Tongue
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Posted: 2007-02-03T11:40:12Z
Thanks alot guys...epi 1, 2, 3, and 4 r posted..u can read it if u want!!1
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