Th#5 Hum Aapke Dil mein Rahte h/pt55/56/pg33/37/9 nov

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This stored based on geet original story... Am continuing this story after maan memory loss & he not except geet as his wife...

am already posted phase 1 of this story ...for reading phase 1 click here - link

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept 

Note :-

 Any scene or situation , moment of this ff is an imagination. If any match to any other thing that is merely a co-incidence. I haven't copied any scene I want to let u know beforehand. Still if anything match it will be only coincident.

P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Kahani ab tak


Maaneet relation already facing many problems ...then sam comes back in his life... and he knows about sam disease, she never cheats him...she left maan for only him...

His heart & mind already trap in many side sam & other side geet... he don't getting what's a right...he not believing after going sam, he close the heart for forever, so, how geet come or make place in his heart... In this situation  he hurt geet many times , sometime he knows about this or sometime not...

But in reality he never wants hurt geet, but, he also not want to give false hopes to her...

Another side, geet heartbreaking each moment due to his ignorance, rudeness... but she always console own self... one day his heart recognize her... but after hearing maan words to sam or know about his first love, she break she want only his happiness...if his happiness with sam, so she ready to left...on his birthday she signed Divorce paper as his birthday gift & left khurana mension ...


Maan is so angry on geet due to her divorce decision... why she not shows her right on him... Why she not asks questioned to him...only Divorce paper has solution?


He know, he never fulfill husband duty, but he also never want geet go...his angered, his helplessness increased after knowing geet share this importance decision with adi &pinky...


In all of this, maan find about Vicky too, he doing work in some restaurant as manager... Vicky come back home on satyanarayan pooja, he shocked his bro Maan married with some geet but not sam...why this happen ...he want know...


On maan birthday, annie &arjun Rathore engagement happened...maan have no problem with this realtion...he is happy for Annie...


Vicky makes understand to maan, why geet left...if he not seen her with any other one, so how geet beart his...


maan stop geet , but geet put one condition in front of him, she not enter in Khurana  mansion ,she going to leave in outhouse  to till he accept her as wife from heart... days passing out this between storm enter again in maaneet life, her name is Naintara...


Naintara want this time tohurt geet and maan mentally , want to break this relation...and another side geet & dev seeing tara each activities...and don't get any suspicious...for dev & geet she trying to harm maan or try to snatch the money...but tara want to show and geet have affair ...she twisted the words like that, and accept in front of maan marry with geet and he is father of unborn child nor maan...he want to slap her...but each time seeing dev and geet together...increasing his insecurities... one night maan raise the finger on geet ...her relationship with dev...

once again her dream castle broken by him

jisne wadaa kiya tha sapne sojena ka

ussi ne usse aaj taar - taar kr diya

she want to run from whom,she leaving only for him... his condition also not differ from geet...he is so much hurt with all going on current events... again he hospitalized and for him geet break own swear or promise... she enter in khurana Mansion...

fir chali kissi ne chal

fir huya kuch asa

geet met with accident, she not recovers from one incident, again someone try to harm her and she get paralyzed due to this attack.


khte hai upar wala jo krta hai

acha krta hai

due to fear of losing her,maan realized own feeling for her... yes, our maan again fall in love with own wife...

but he not confessed to geet , he believe her geet can understand from his actions, Maan take sameera project on zero profit,his talks and meeting increases with sameera, and TARA play the last card shown maan and sameera dance picture in newspaper…

she left to dargah, closed the eyes for prayer and seen Maan smiled face with Sameera, she never seen him so much happy with own, her insecurities, her paralyzed state make her like that

she said to Maan, she wants to see him happy, and his happiness with Sameera, he confessed own love to her, but she denied…

maan never loves me

ye pyaar nhi

bs sympathy

in this conversation Maan feel her movement of fingers with perfect coordination… if his pain gives her geet back fit and fine…. He ready to marry with her only due to her swear…



aane ko hai ek aur tufaan

maaneet ki zindagi mein

kya ye rishta bch paayenga

ya ho jaayenge unke raaste alag


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First phase threads link

thread 1

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thread 4

                    *******************Second phase

thread 1

Thread 2

thread 3

Thread 4

part 47 on page 1

part 48 on page 4

part 49 on page 9

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part 52 on page 19

part 53 on page 25

part 54 on page 29

part 55 on page 33

part 56 on page 37

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sauda - part 24 on page 127 (14 oct)

hum aapke dil me rhte hai - updated today

see above post

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