Rishabh’s regret & Wise advice to Sameer

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Posted: 1 years ago

The last part of tonight’s episode was all about Rishabh.

Manit did it so beautifully ably supported by Abhishek👏🏻 

Rishabh comes and tells Sameer to prepare for their trip ( Me - Abhi he came back, where is he going again? Before I could fume, Rishabh & Sameer completely took over).

This will be one of my fav & best scenes of KDB. Kudos to actors, writers, direction and the background music.

Rishabh is a puzzle where everyone has a small piece but maybe apart from his dad no one has made the effort to figure him out and put it together. We as viewers too have got those pieces which have helped us to understand, love him more.

Rishabh sees Sameer at the exact same situation where he once was. In love with someone, unable to express it, hesitating as he is unsure of the outcome.

The caring and wiser Rishabh gives one of  the best advice Sameer will receive. It is your life, take control, take action, don’t worry about the outcome. Go ahead even if the outcome is not what you want, you will still figure out a way to be happy. But regretting what you could/should have done, that is a painful thing to live with.

In all this Rishabh doesn’t let it once slip he is talking from his own experience. He first gives general advice. Sameer is still hesitant, unsure of what to do do.

Rishabh then tells him directly. He says Shrishti but you could easily substitute Preeta and understand the deep regret Rishabh is living with. Yes, he has accepted it, made peace with it but if there is a next time with someone, you know Rishabh will act differently.

Rishabh points out to  Sameer  that he has not shared his feelings with Shrishti, Sarla aunty or with his own family. What is stopping him? If he genuinely loves Shrishti he should just go ahead and say it. The outcome will not be in his hands that is up to God. At least he will not be living a life of regret. Things that seem complicated in his head are actually simple and straightforward. He encourages Sameer to take control and not wait for someone else to figure it out and do something for him.

Rishabh is lonely, hurting but not bitter. He has figured out a way to be happy with his work and family. I hope we get to see Rishabh finding someone who truly loves him back❤️

Posted: 1 years ago

Karan had some great advice on self love yesterday. If you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you.

I thought Prithvi was the inside source, since he too seems surprised about Sona, I am now sure it is Kareena.

The way she has been masterfully manipulating everyone especially Dadi, 👏🏻

She tells her mom that Karan always argues with family for Preeta and if he was married to Sona this wouldn’t have happened. As far as I remember between the two brothers most of the time it is Rishabh who has argued for Preeta. Karan has just started.🤔

Anyway Sherlyn’s not after money, she just wants Sona out. Instinctively she can sense the danger Sona will be to her. She tries exposing Sona but Sona turns the table around. No one believes Sheelyn. Welcome to Preeta’s world at Luthra house Sherlyn, where truth does not matter.

Some light fun scenes between Preeran, Rishabh, Pihu. 

Property track is really back in focus. Confrontation/challenge between Rishabh and Prithvi. On what I am still not clear but it is nice to see Rishabh 2.0 being in control. Nice scene.

I just hope Rishabh is doing all this as he wants to catch Prithvi this time and hence provoking him. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Precap - Whole family comes to know about the fraud that is happening at their company.

Preeta catches Prithlyn hugging in Rishabh’s room. I hope  Preeta for once doesn’t worry about proofs or warn them or lecture them. JUST GOES and TELLS Rishabh. Let him deal with it.🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Interesting week ahead.

Posted: 1 years ago

The Rishabh Prithvi scene though good lacked depth as it came out of nowhere. I liked it as the actors did good but it gave the hope that Rishabh knew about Prithlyn.

To my disappointment Rishabh is still clueless.😞

He fondly talks about Pihu and tells Karan he hopes him and Sherlyn have a kid one day too. Rishabh is all set to fully commit to his marriage, Preeta catches Prithlyn together and is furious with them.

She gives them one final chance and makes them promise in front of god, that they will stop the affair and be loyal to their partners. She gives them the ultimatum Mend your ways otherwise I will tell the family. 

Rishabh also indirectly tells Sherlyn that he wants to be more committed to their marriage. Praises Sherlyn for giving him space and tells her that he is in a different space mentally and emotionally. Sherlyn is confused and worried now.

Precap - Preeta discreetly records Prithlyn confessing their love for each other.

Best part - She goes and tells Rishabh. Now let him deal with it. Feel sad for Rishabh that his heart will be broken again, atleast he knows now. Let us see what he does now.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Last few episodes we were constantly reminded Preeta is intelligent, she is a doctor etc.

She sees Prithlyn and realizes they made a fool of her again. Quickly she records the video. So far so great.

Now all she had to do was whatsapp/ email the video to Rishabh & Krithika. Actually the entire family. 

She didn’t. Pretty sure Prithlyn would have deleted it from her phone.

The good thing is she told Rishabh. He didn’t ask for proof, told her he trusts her and immediately confronted Prithlyn. Both denied it of course.

Precap - From Prithvi & Preeta conversation, it appeared that they got away with it once again. I hope and believe Rishabh believes Preeta and plays along with them. He knows Preeta does not lie, Mahira their close friend also said the same. It is now a matter of connecting the dots and getting proof to convince his family.

Posted: 1 years ago

Rishabh ji is so cute & sweetsmiley27smiley27smiley42

PrithLyn acting sweet with Kritika & Rishabh jismiley14

Rishabh's talk with Sherlynsmiley36smiley27

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by Bacillusbadius

Rishabh ji is so cute & sweetsmiley27smiley27smiley42

PrithLyn acting sweet with Kritika & Rishabh jismiley14

Rishabh's talk with Sherlynsmiley36smiley27

As show has become repitative but my mom doesn't change the channel so I have to suffer.My mother watches this show although I am way too irritated with but I loved the Convo between Rishabh and Sherlyn. The duo have some sort of nice chemistry,a part of me so wants Sherlyn to change for good,like the old raaz why she hates Rishabh gets revealed and she gets to know he was not her culprit or something like that. As ekta rarely breaks pair after marriages because if divorce is on cards then 2 couples have to be broken,Rishabh Sherlyn as well as kritika Prithvi... let's see what Ekta Mata dosmiley37....Also Rishabh has moved on and is looking on to work on his relationship with Sherlyn...smiley29

Also,I saw some pics of Manit/Rishabh in a broken state on the middle of road at night bts pic...Did he got to know the truth??? 


Posted: 1 years ago

They are focusing on Rishabh and everyone has a good role to play. Show is looking more balanced now

Posted: 1 years ago

Preeta tells Rishabh about Prithlyn affair. So he knows now.

Sameer Kundali Bhagya 

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