The Cradle Of Strength: Celebrating Krishna

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Posted: 1 months ago

Janmashtami/Gokulashtami is one of the biggest festivals of India. It is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s janma (birth) on the Ashtami (eighth)day of the Bhadrapada (August-September) month. The number eight has another important significance in the story of Lord Krishna. Krishna is the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudev.

In the Dwapar Yuga, there used to live a cruel king called Kansa who used to rule over Mathura. He had a younger sister named Devaki. One day he got Devaki married to his friend King Vasudeva, ruler of the Surasena kingdom. After their marriage, Kansa suddenly heard a voice from the heavens that the eighth child of his sister is going to kill him and save the world from his atrocities. The evil Kansa got terrified and put Devaki and Vasudeva in prison. One by one he started killing all the babies that Devaki gave birth to.

On the eighth day of Bhadrapada month in the midnight Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born. Fearing that Kansa will kill this baby too, Devaki and Vasudeva started looking for ways to protect the baby. During that time, due to Krishna’s maya or magic, all the guards in the prison fell asleep, the prison doors opened wide and Vasudeva’s chains broke. Vasudeva decided to leave the divine baby in his cousin Nanda’s house in Gokul. Vasudeva placed the baby in a basket, kept the basket on his heard and left the prison. There was heavy storm in river Yamuna that night but still Vasudeva started crossing the Yamuna river. Lord Krishna again did maya and stopped the storm. Sheshnaag, the snake God protected baby Krishna from the heavy rainfall.

Finally Vasudeva reached Gokul and went to Nanda’s house. In his house he found Yashoda, Nanda’s wife had given birth to a baby girl and was fast asleep. Vasudeva kept the baby Krishna besides Yashoda and took the baby girl and left for Mathura. Thus, Lord Krishna lived in Gokul as Nanda and Yashoda’s son in Gokul and loved and care for them.

 Celebration of Janmashtami

 People celebrate this festival by keeping fast throughout the day, staying awake throughout the night singing devotional songs of Bal Krishna. They place Bal Krishna’s idol on a cradle and worship it. The devotees break their fast in the night by eating delicious sweets.

Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp and fervor in North India, especially in Mathura, Vrindavan and surrounding places. The Krishna temples there are lit up and decorated with beautiful flowers. Devotees perform dance and dramas on Bal Krishna’s leelas and also Raas leela dressed as Krishna and his beloved Radha.

In Maharashtra, Janmashtami is popularly known as Gukulashtami. On this day, people break Dahi handis or earthen pots of yogurt. According to stories of Bal Krishna, Krishna used to love eating makhan or butter. All the people of Vrindavan used to hide the makhan inside earthen pots and tie them high up out of Krishna’s reach. Krishna used to take his friends help and ask them to make human pyramids, he would climb on them,  break the matkis or pots and eat the makhan and share it with his friends. Thus, on this day dahi handis would be tied from ropes hanging from the second or third floor of buildings. Devotees would make human pyramids like Krishna and his friends, break the dahi handi and eat the yogurt.

This festival is celebrated with great excitement in Gujarat too where Lord Krishna had established the kingdom of Dwaraka. People visit the famous Dwarakadhish temple and perform poojas. In the Kutch region, farmers decorate their bullocks and take out a procession singing Krishna’s bhajans.


In the Eastern India, in states like Odisha and West Bengal, people celebrate the festival by fasting and singing Krishna bhajans. The next day of Janmashtami is called Nanda utsav and people worship the foster parents of Krishna, Nanda and Yashoda.

In South India also, people celebrate with great enthusiasm. In Tamil Nadu, people decorate their floors with kolam or a paste made of rice and water. In Andhra Pradesh, young boys are dressed up as Krishna and they visit neighbours and friends.

Janmashtami is celebrated in other countries too like Nepal, Bangladesh and Fiji.

Toh bolo,

Haathi Ghoda Paalki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki!

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Who says that only Krishna can be naughty? Today, it's our turn to be naughty as well and bother all of you. smiley14

Below you'll find 5 beautiful pictures depicting Krishna in his various elements. The catch is - there are two versions of the same pic and there are several differences in each. Find them all and prove that you are Yashoda to us Krishnas! Send in your answers to CrazyCreatives by 10th September 2021 11:59IST.

Picture 1

7 differences

Picture 2

8 differences

Picture 3

8 differences

Picture 4

8 differences

Picture 5

7 differences

Good Luck!


metacrisis | Leprechaun | DreamyButterfly

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Happy Janmashtami to all! smiley31

And, happy birthday to my favourite-est person in the whole wide world! smiley41smiley40

Awesome work, team! smiley42

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Happy Janmashtami everyone!  smiley31

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May the lord bless this world with happiness and good health and peace …🙏🙏

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Sabko Krishna janmashthami ki badhai1🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Happy Janmashtami 2021: Wishes, quotes, images, messages to share with  family and friends - Hindustan Times 

🙏Here is my humble presentation to all the Krishna Devotees.smiley31 


   The Descent Of Divine Love


It was a new dawn, a new life for many...the most amazing moment of birth of a day! The cow herding village, Gokul was slowly opening its eyes in that early morning!

 The housewives were just opening the doors of their houses to clean and decorate their front yards with colorful designs.  

The good news was in the air and was already spreading like lightning in the entire village!

 The path leading to the village head Nand's house was filled with hoards of people, the house was abuzz with animated voices ringing excitement from the inner part of the house. Everyone was hurrying towards the source of the news. Some people asking others ---

"Is it true ... is it true? Yashoda gave birth to a wondrous kid? "  

Is it? Who told you? I heard his color is black but very attractive!" 

A lady with a curious frown ...'"Do you know Dhaatri? When I went near the baby... he smiled at me as if winking at me ?"

"Are you crazy? A day old baby winking? " Asked Gagan Sundari

"Maybe it is my illusion, Gagan Sundari !"

"Vakula, Mallika  ... walk fast, have to run,  don't know why I am smirking in triumph?"

"Madhavi, you are young and youth invokes many silly chaffy expressions! But see that girl  Vishnu Vandana... she is not even noticing that her veil is not on her bosom!  That lady... not bothering about her clothes, see how she is running to see the infant!" 

"Who is she? Who is she ?" 

"Oh! She is none other than our own Radha, running as if captivated by this news to see that new arrival !''

When they reached Nand's house, a big crowd had already gathered there.  Village head Nand was standing in the front yard receiving each guest with a hug, who in turn was greeting and praising him for having such a cute and charming kid.

One villager said -- "today we do not light a cooking fire in our houses ... our village chef organizes a party for the whole village!!" Nand nodded his head cheerfully.  A festive atmosphere encompassed the village and there was a buoyant mood, and everyone was celebrating!

" Do you know Dau, this morning when I was up to milk my cows, I noticed that the entire cow shed was wet with streaks of milk on the floor... all the cows were shedding milk as if they are purifying the earth...devoting it to someone. Never saw such a wonder !" 

She heard the news, unknowingly running towards  Nand's house with a  passionate eagerness!            

Her face was covered with sweat, her frizzy black hair stuck on her forehead, she was breathless, stood there --wonder struck, looking at the charmingly dark, mesmerizing and  enchanting kid with a wondrous aura smiling at her!  Krishnaa ...'  a sweet cry from her heart that resonated in her soul!

She was there looking at him, at his captivating looks,  unable to turn her eyes ...stranded!

"Radha! You are  late! See, your nephew is looking for you as if he is waiting for you for long ! "  Yashoda smiled teasingly.

Still, she stood there, awestruck!

"Don't stare at him without blinking, girl!  It may diminish his charm!  Don't you know infants are considered as God ?"

 "He himself is a God, descended from heaven for me!" ---  she said mumbling to herself.

  "Ha, Ha, ha .who will be able to see him with an evil eye? He is as vivid as a sky, how will you be able to hide him? We are so lucky to witness this wonder  Daadi !"  Radha said with an exalted smile on her face.

One old lady said, "see this fanatical   Radha, she lost herself to that charming kid! Move aside, give us a chance to see him !"

"Who am I to allow you to see him  Kaki? He is here to elevate our fate, how can I  deviate my eyes from him? He tied my soul with his magnetic eyes! Where I have to go now? Leaving him behind ?" ...  and said to herself now-- 'there is no Radha, only a lovelorn  Gopika stood here, waiting to be noticed by Him!'

Suddenly the infant started crying,  Yashoda was still lying on the bed,  with her weak voice, she asked - "Radha, take him into your hands, please!" 

She lifted the kid, took him into her hands, and hugged him to her heart. His hands touched her bosom as if he is touching her soul, he locked his eyes with hers as if asking for her association for lifelong! [ till the Yugaanth]

"What is this? He was born only a few hours back, how he is able to convey his thoughts to me Yasoda  Bhabhi?"

Yasoda smiled affectionately, " Radha, you are already started showering blessings on this little kid? Praising his prowess?"

Someone teased Radha - "when are you going to gift a child to your man, Radha?"

She smiled at her, but ignored her question and said--  "from now onwards this dark boy who was born in Krishna Paksha, in the waning moon time, will be known as Krishna "  and she hugged that infant with an endearment!

Nand stood there outside the door.  He said " Radha until now, you were roaming either on the bank of river Yamuna or in those whistling woods with Bamboo bushes! Yasoda ... hand over our kid to her  so that she will be home bound "

The kid in her hands smiled at her! Divine dawn touched her heart!  It was a defining moment!

An unending celebratory mood engulfed the entire village with music, dancing, and partaking of festivities on that eighth day (Ashtami) of the waning moon(Krishna Paksha) of Savan!

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Beautiful thread, Minionite and  Life_Is_Dutiful along with due credits to 

metacrisis, Leprechaun, DreamyButterfly. lsmiley31smiley27 smiley31

Hmn...  very interesting quiz. smiley1

Janmashtami 2021: Wishes, Greetings, Images, SMS, Quotes And Whatsapp  Messages That You Can Share With Your Family

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