Disappointed with Jija due to CP abd Gulzar

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Posted: 1 years ago

I am disappointed with Jija due to CP and Gulzar. Why after lockdown episodes Jija is shown extra mean and insensitive in the show? Before leap, he was not this much mean and insensitive. If trapping CP is not enough then he is enjoying getting his adopted brother Gulzar beaten by cop. He puts down Gulzar many times. Even his parents bully him like Jija. Just because they adopted him they can't treat him like crap. Jija parents always say humaara ek hi launda hai. Then why they even adopted another kid? Does adoption law really allows to let people adopt kids only to treat him like crap? At least CP don't treat her friend Titli or employee Bunty this badly. Even if CP is rude to Bunty sometimes it's because he is her employee but Gulzar is Jija's adoptive brother so it looks more bad. When Gulzar asked for money to give it to a woman he refused to which Gulzar said he is not like him who don't care for others emotions indirectly talking about his dirty plan against CP. In yesterday's episode the way he passed police stick to Gulati after telling him don't raise hand on him was disgusting. If Jija is called as Golden Boy then cvs better show him that way instead of showing opposite by making dirty plans against CP and bullying his adoptive brother. 

See this video:


Posted: 1 years ago

It looks like, writers are making Jijaji stoop so low and later he will be punished too much by the karma. Like a redemption track....

Yeah, even I feel, they are not treating Gulzar like their child and insulting him at times... Since it is a comedy show, I didn't mind it before. But now, the video is really disgusting. They even got Gulzar slapped and now Jijaji is giving him the stick. If it is a funny scene, it is different... But here, it is a serious investigation part...


Gulzar Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai 

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