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[Cover Credits: BitterBerry from the Fan Fiction Book Cover Shop]

"Sai... agar tum aaj mujhe chodkar, yeh ghar chodkar gayi, toh main kabhi tumhe apni zindagi mein wapas aane nahi dunga."

He yelled after her retreating figure, hoping that this would make her turn back. But it didn't. She kept walking, her steps never once faltering, leaving behind all the toxicity that clouded her life. His words broke her, again. When did they not? The thought of never seeing him, never sharing memories with him, never being close to him ever again made her want to scream her heart out. The helplessness in his voice when he called out to her made her want to run back to him, into his arms and never leave him.

But... no. She couldn't. She couldn't be weak now. Even if she did turn back now, what would be in store for her? Insults, taunts, abuse, and maybe half a love from her husband who could never whole-heartedly stand by her? But... her love for him, it was true. She fell in love with the man who told her that he could never be hers. And even in moments when he made her believe that he was hers, he never was, not completely. There was always someone else to stake the claim over him and made her feel unwanted, and she did feel that way. And her husband let her feel that way. His family hated the very sight of her and said everything possible to make their hatred known, and her husband... was just a mute spectator during these confrontations. He never found the need to stand up for her, and he always found the need to silence her when she answered back. 

No... enough. She couldn't put up with it, not anymore. Her Aaba had taught her to value her self-respect more than that. Nothing came above one's self-respect and sense of dignity. Not even love. And if one had to choose between love and their dignity, then there was no love to begin with. She walked away, her head held high, not once turning back. 

It was time to bid farewell to Sai Virat Chavan... 

And start fresh with Sai Joshi.


Parth Samthaan as Nirvaan Malhotra

Ayesha Singh as Sai Joshi

Karan Singh Grover as Dr. Mayank Desai

Jennifer Winget as Dr. Samaira Singh

Shantanu Maheshwari as Shaan Malhotra

All the other characters from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein will remain as it is. 


Prologue :: Post 1

Chapter 1 :: Page 1

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|| Chapter 1 ||

"Tumhari yeh nurse waali kaam ke liye kitna fees dena hai tumhe?"

She remembered the way her eyes, on its own accord, looked towards Virat, expecting him say something. He may have not liked the way she answered back to Pakhi didi and the others. And of course he didn't like the fact that she spoke about his past in front of his family, true as it was. But, this? Her nursing him back to health, taking care of him... wasn't it something she did for him, because she genuinely cared? As his wife, was it so wrong of her to expect him to tell Pakhi didi that she couldn't talk to Sai like that?

Even when he found out that it was Pakhi who instigated her, he said nothing, but just watched, like a mute spectator, when everyone took turns to stab her in chest, especially Pakhi didi, with the sharpest knife in hand. But, none of that hurt as much as watching him witness the scenario, without saying a word to anyone else but her. Nothing hurt more than him trying to silence her, even when the sea of other voices were out to get her too. 

She knew that it was a deal marriage, and that she should have never forgotten it for a minute in the first place. She knew that she was the unwanted wife, the one who had been thrust upon him without any warning. She did forget it for a moment there, when she thought that she could actually be with him as his wife, and that he was her husband, and a deal no more. And man, how stupid could she have been? Her feelings for him, that grew despite the walls that she had built around her, made her forget the deal, and the terms & conditions that came with her marriage to him. 

Now, she was shown the reality, made to remember it, in the harshest way possible. His deafening silence when his so-called best friend continued to insult her, question her care for him, answered everything. How could she, even for a minute out there, think that he had grown to care for her? How could she even think that for one moment, he felt something for her? 

A lone tear escaped her eyes as she remembered the happenings of the morning. Sai knew that she had made a mistake by probably bringing up Virat sir and Pakhi didi's past in front of the family. It didn't matter that it was Pakhi didi who triggered her. She was wrong too, and she knew it in her bones. But... for once, she desperately wanted an answer. An answer from him, her husband. Just one sentence that assured her, "Sai, mere aur Pakhi ke beech ab kuch bhi nahi hai." Instead, she was met with accusing glares and a deafening silence. 

She remembered the feeling of heaviness in her heart when Pakhi didi made that disgusting comment about paying her for her services, about how pathetic and cheap it made her feel. And she also vividly remembered Virat's indifferent expression when Pakhi asked her that. Only when she had asked Pakhi what price would she put on true love and genuine care, did she see his face lighten up, as if pleased by her answer. 

Name your price Sai. Tum yahan se jitna jaldi ho sake, utna jaldi chale jao. Iss ghar mein tumhare liye koi jagah nahi hai. 
Those horrible words and her husband's indifferent expressions kept coming back to haunt her, until she wanted to shut her thoughts out and scream. It was only when a sob escaped her lips did she realize that she was crying, with those treacherous tears rolling down her cheeks, burning her skin. And she let them flow. There was no one around her anyway, and the college grounds were empty as it was already late. Probably past 7 o'clock. But she couldn't bring herself to move. She sat there, rooted to her spot, her thoughts in a haze.

She could vaguely sense someone standing behind her, probably asking her something, but she didn't look back. The voice grew closer and closer, until she heard it right beside her, snapping her out of her thoughts. She turned around to see a boy of her age, probably, staring at her with concern in his eyes. He seemed quite familiar, though she couldn't figure out who he was.

"Hey! Are you okay?" he probably asked her twice or even thrice, before she nodded in affirmation. He shook his head, probably thinking that she was mentally incompetent, as he pulled out a white handkerchief from his pocket and handed it over to her.

Sai took it in her trembling hands, looking at him questioningly. "Wipe your face. Aisa lag raha hai ki isme ek bohot bada flood hua hai." he said jokingly, as he smiled at her. Sai couldn't help but smile back, even if it slightly faltered, as she wiped her face. 

"Sai, right? Sai Joshi, the class topper?" he asked again, as she gave his handkerchief back to him. 

"Haan... aur aap?" asked Sai, picking up her bag, as they walked towards the gate.

"Main, Nirvaan. Nirvaan Malhotra." he said, as he extended his hand for a handshake. Sai took it and smiled, the first genuine smile she probably gave him. 

"Please to meet you Ms. Topper." he said, making her smile a bit more.

"Aap Aniket ke dost ho na? Maine aapko shayad practise mein dekha hai." said Sai, realization dawning on her.

"Haan... Main music committee ka head hoon. And I'm a student of Psychology. Tum Biology mein ho na?" he asked, keeping the conversation easy-breezy.

"Haan... I'm a Biology student, 1st year. Aap bhi 1st year mein hai?" she asked, earning a laugh from him.

"Nahi. Main 2nd year mein hoon. Ek saal tumhara senior hoon. So, the next time you see me, salute karke jaana padega." he said, his voice sounding serious, all of a sudden.

Shocked, Sai turned around to see if he was actually being serious. And he was not. A huge smile was plastered on his face as he looked at her shocked expression, before bursting out into a laughter.

"Relax. Relax Ms. Topper. I was just joking." he said, smartly saluting the security guard as they stepped outside the gate. 

Sai nodded her head in disapproval, angry at being fooled. But she couldn't help laughing along with him as they got out. People who saw them now would probably think that they are lunatics. 

"Waise, it's too late. Do you want me to drop you. Or is someone coming to pick you up?" asked Nirvaan, looking up at the darkening sky and then at Sai.

"Oh no! It's okay. Main aaj apni Tai aur Jijaji ke ghar jaane wali hoon. It's close by, so I'll walk." said Sai, waving at him as she started walking further. 

"Listen, I'm really not trying to creep you out or something. Nor am I trying to hit on you. It's actually very late. Aur yeh raasta bhi theek nahi hai. Main jaanta hoon ki Professor Pulkit hi tumhare jijaji hai, so let me take you to his house. Agar tum mere saath bike mein baithna nahi chahte ho toh, I'll walk with you." said Nirvaan, his expression so earnest and convincing that Sai wanted to smile again.

"Theek hai. Aapko chalne mein koi problem nahi hai na?" Sai confirmed with him again as they started walking, while he nodded in affirmation.

True to his word, Nirvaan maintained a good distance from her, sometimes walking behind her if the lane was too narrow and giving her enough space to make her feel comfortable. It was a 10 minute walk from the college to Pulkit Jiju's house, and Sai didn't feel like talking much. As if he read her thoughts, Nirvaan too kept quiet, only asking her if she were okay when she tripped over a rock, twice. The silence, for once, was comforting. She was glad that he didn't question her on why she was sitting alone in the college grounds and crying. It would have definitely been difficult to answer. 

Probably in order to entertain himself, Nirvaan started humming a tune that sounded very much like the song Isharon Isharon Mein Dil Lene Wale from the Old Bollywood Movie Kashmir Ki Kali. She smiled to herself as she listened to the humming, mentally singing along with him. This was one of her Aaba's favourite songs, and she had spent months together memorizing the song and getting the tune right before his 55th Birthday. And after she sang it on his birthday for him, they had spent the entire night singing the same song on the top of their voices that very night, while Usha Maushi looked like her ears were internally bleeding. Her steps stopped short. The memory suddenly seemed painful to her. She could feel the tears forming in her eyes, when she felt Nirvaan's eyes on her. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked her again, his voice gentle, as if talking to a wounded child. She nodded and continued walking. They were almost there. Another 40 steps, and she would be standing in front of the gate of Pulkit's house.

"So, here we are." said Nirvaan, as they approached the gate. Sai looked gratefully at him, mouthing a thank you as she opened the gate. Nirvaan simply nodded in acknowledgement and gave a dramatic bow as he turned back to head towards the college again. She stared after his disappearing silhouette for a minute before she closed the gates and walked inside the house. 

"Arre Sai, aane mein itna der kyun kardi?" asked a worried Pulkit as soon as Sai walked in. Sai looked at his concerned face and felt a pang of guilt for worrying him so much.

"Sorry Jiju. Main college mein baiti thi, aur aise hi time nikal gaya. I'm really sorry. Dobara aisa nahi hoga." said Sai, laying a reassuring hand on his shoulder before she placed her bag on the shelf.

"Sai, tum pehle Virat ya Ashwini Kaku ko phone karo, aur batao ki tum pohonch gayi ho. They're already quite worried." said Pulkit, as he handed over his phone to her.

Sai took the phone from him and dialled Aai's number, waiting for her to receive the call. "Hello, Pulkit! Meri beti wapas aa gayi kya? Woh theek toh hai? Kuch bol kyun nahi rahe ho?" Ashwini's voice was frantic with worry as she answered the call bombarded her with questions.

"Aai, main Sai bol rahi hoon." she said, smiling at her concern. "Main theek hoon Aai. Mujhe maaf kijiye. Main pehle hi phone karna chahti thi aapko, lekin mera battery dead hogaya. Main aaj raat Pulkit sir ke ghar mein hi rehne waali hoon Aai. Ab aakhri faisla lene ka waqt aa gaya hai. Aur mujhe sochne ke liye waqt and shanti chahiye. Main kal wapas aake aapko sab kuch batadungi." Sai answered with an unusual calmness in her voice, making Ashwini's heart sink. She didn't know what aakhri faisla Sai was talking about, but she didn't get a good feeling about it.

"Sai, baada, mujhe nahi pata  ki tum kya soch rahi ho. Lekin, tum jo bhi faisla le rahi ho, soch samajh ke lena." said Ashwini, saying a silent prayer to Bappa to keep her children safe and happy.

"Ho Aai. Hum kal baat karte hai. Goodnight." said Sai, a drop of tear rolling down her cheek. She sat in the guest room, allowing her eyes to close, thinking about her husband and everything he had given her - happiness and hurt, smiles and tears, a family and... loneliness.That kind loneliness where you feel so alone in a crowd. And in this crowd, she didn't just feel alone. She felt hunted. And her only crime was marrying Virat. She shut her eyes and let the confrontation from the morning play out in her mind again, the instigation by Pakhi, the insults thrown by the rest of the family... and the silence of her husband.

 She knew what her aakhri faisla was. 

Author's Note:

Though I love SaiRat with all my heart [well, the SaiRat during the initial GHKPM days], I can the past few episodes have made me feel like Sai and Virat are just so toxic together. I'm not gonna comment on who's at fault here, because there has been quite a bit of discussion in the forum on that topic. I'm posting this FF as a wish fulfilment, where Sai can actually do some college-girl stuff, move on from the toxicity of the Chavan family, find success, and find love, truly. And in this story, I'll be including some of my most favourite actors, as mentioned in the cast❤️.

I want to write Sai actually being a strong character and taking a stand for herself. And this is me giving Sai the character arc and the story she deserves. I would like to sincerely thank all those people who encouraged me to write this storysmiley31



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Tagging the people who encouraged me to write this!

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sounds interesting 

loved it 

Update soon 

do pm me 😊

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Yeh aap be Kya kardhiya... Karan and Jennifer ko cast kardhiya.... Dr, Arman and Dr, riddhima... Ab tho I will wait for their lovestory more than sai🤣🥺..

Your writing is so beautiful.... Even though I love sairat ... I am very curious to know where is story goes...

Posted: 2 years ago

I usually dony write compliments chapter wise, but OMG it was marvelous read..

Looking forward to More.

Posted: 2 years ago

very nice plot...eagerly waiting for the next part.👍🏼

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Sai is just sooooo sad and the chakram of a husband can't forgo his silence.... Sooo infuriating....

I am more than happy with the aakhri faisla... As per the promo, this arse of a husband tries to throw tantrums even then 🤪 

Make sai go to Parties and picnic and lunches.... I dnt know if virat is the end game... If yes then make them move out of toxic chai family... ( I am getting demanding now ,😂😂🙈🙈)

Continue soon!!!!

Happy writing!!!! 💝💝💝

Posted: 2 years ago

Amazing amazing start🤗

Sai ka aakhri faisla will be the new beginning in her life❤️

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