Symbolism and Foreshadowing Galore

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Posted: 6 days ago

While we are pumped up for the upcoming shaadi functions, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty that today's episode wassmiley42

I wonder whether the makers themselves were aware about the depth of today's dialogues, but the ITV lover in me can't stop reading between the lines...after all, what's ITV without symbolism, foreshadowing and inner meanings!! So this post is dedicated to the wonderful dialogue writers of this show and the editors who perform really well occasionallysmiley32 Let me take you through the beautiful lines and scenes of the day. (Long post alert, as always!)

1. The Shakhi Break Up -

Anokhi- Iss baat ko itna aage badhake galti kar di maine.

Anokhi may fake it on his face that continuing with this marriage was a mistake. But her real mistake is stretching this drama this far. She knows she was hurting her love, she was hurting too. Only if she could stop it right there! Only if she could give back to Tej right there!! She didn't fight for her love, she did a mistake...and she knows it!!

Anokhi - Main jo keh rahi hu woh mera faisla hai, mera khudka faisla

Anokhi made a decision on her own, like always. Nobody can influence her. If she wished to fight it out, she would have slayed Tej just with her words. His words can't influence Anokhi. But at times, love makes you weaker and you end up making wrong decisions. Still, Anokhi calls it her own decision, she doesn't impose her decision on Shaurya, for her heart still wants him to challenge her always! Making a decision alone is her mistake and that's what she has to learn. Shaurya will challenge her decision in his own way and make her realise her mistake hard way.

Shaurya - Humara rishta aam rishta nahi hai, humara rishta bohot khaas hai

Their relationship is not normal, it is not how this society accepts the relationship of a couple. Anokhi has misunderstood it to be aam rishta where anybody will come and walk over their relationship. But Shaurya knows how special it is. He knows special circumstances call for special measures. He will take the special measures and make sure that the relationship always remains special...a relationship that can't be questioned, a relationship that can't be manipulated, a relationship that is consented, accepted and respected by not just them but by the entire society!

Anokhi - Jis Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal se aap milne aaye hain woh bass aapke khayalo mein hai...yaha aapke saamne jo khadi hai woh sirf Anokhi hai...Ms. Anokhi Bhalla

Yes, the one who was venting her hatred could never be Shaurya's Anokhi...his wifey...his Mrs Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal! His Anokhi understands him, she feels for his pain, she loves him like no other. The one who was faking it there was Anokhi Bhalla...the stubborn strong feminist...who doesn't want to listen to him, who wants to prove her point anyway, who thinks only by her mind, not by her heart. Anokhi wanted to pull up a mask and hide under it the Anokhi that Shaurya cherishes in his thoughts. 

Shaurya - Say it like you mean it, tell me Anokhi!!!

But Shaurya knows his Anokhi really well. No matter how strongly she tries to fake it, he will never buy her lies...for the truth in her eyes is visible to him! No matter how convincing her lie is, he will never be convinced...for she can't say it like she mean it!

Shaurya - Ab jaa raha hai yeh Shaurya Sabherwal, Miss Anokhi Bhalla!

Anokhi couldn't resist his proximity, she couldn't resist the pain in his eyes, she couldn't lie to him. She pushed him away and continued with her facade. This was enough of an assurance for Shaurya. Only after being assured of the reality, he agreed to leave. Who left as per Ms. Anokhi Bhalla's instructions was Mr. Shaurya Sabherwal...who will come back will be Mrs Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal's husband!

2. Babli Ahir Supporting Shaurya

Babli - Isse accha hota papaji uss Monty se teri shaadi kara dete.

Really! One day Anokhi would have accepted her fate and lived her miserable life, because she already knew she would never be happy in that kind of life. But after pushing away her love with her own hands, will she ever be able to come to terms with this misery?

Ahir - Waqt aur mauka insaan k haath aasani se lagta nahi hai...aur unn logo k haath toh bilkul nahi lagta jo isse aasani se jaane dete hain.

Ahir knows the value of right opportunity and right timing. His love didn't get the right opportunity. His timing was wrong. When Anokhi has got this opportunity, he doesn't want her to loose it. He has always seen Anokhi fight for the right. This Anokhi is not recognisable. He knows what an emotional mess Shaurya is, he knows what his family is like, he doesn't want him to get trapped in it more, he wants Anokhi to fight against the time for her love. Anokhi has to fight...before its too late!

Ahir - Main uss aadmi ko achi tarah nahi jaanta, lekin itna zaroor jaanta hu k uske aankho mein aansu the...aapke liye! Gidgida raha tha woh...pareshaan ho raha tha...aap k liye! Usne mere saamne haath jode...haath jodkar mujhse kaha kahaan hai meri Anokhi!

Ahir has always seen only the egoistic side of Shaurya Sabherwal. What he saw yesterday was  a completely different Shaurya Sabherwal. This side of Shaurya evolves only for his Anokhi. The egoistic guy who would try to boss around the ACP and teach him how to do his duty, who always lost his cool at the drop of the hat, who preferred to stay in jail overnight rather than saying a simple sorry to the ACP for his own mistake...was folding hands and begging the same ACP to search for his Anokhi. This side of Shaurya evolves only for his Anokhi and Ahir has witnessed it. How would he not earn Ahir's support? 

Babli - Mujhe hamesha lagta tha Shaurya Sabherwal mere behen k layak nahi hai. Maine kabhi sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha main kabhi yeh kahungi k meri behen Shaurya Sabherwal k layak nahi hai

Babli has always seen egoistic, chauvinist males in her life. Shaurya too looked like one of them to her. She didn't want her sister to have the same fate as her. But seeing this side of Shaurya, the elder sister in her was assured about his love, his concern for her younger sister. Shaurya had told her that he is a changed person now, he proved himself to her. Shaurya has come a long way! He deserves the faith his saali puts in him!!!

3. Shaurya's Game Plan Begins 

Watch Scene

The watch has been a major participant of Shakhi's story. Whenever Anokhi felt alone, whenever she felt weak, his watch was always with her. It will be with her this time again. But now the difference is its broken. It was gifted to Shaurya by his badi maa, it was a sign of her love for him. But as he saw the truth in Anokhi's eyes, he is assured that his family has wronged her. As he was leaving to question his family, the watch stopped him. Once upon a time, Shaurya had questioned Anokhi for stealing his watch, the sign of his badi maa's love...but this time around, his badi maa will not be able to influence him against his love for Anokhi, for he has broken the shackles of her love, he has submitted that watch at the feet of his Anokhi!!

Shaurya remembers Anokhi's words - "Sirf sindoor lagane se shaadi nahi ho jaati, main nahi maanti iss rishte ko. Jis Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal se aap milne aaye hain woh bass aapke khayalo mein hai...yaha aapke saamne jo khadi hai woh sirf Anokhi hai...Ms. Anokhi Bhalla

Her wish is his command! If she doesn't accept this sindoor shaadi, he will give her a wedding that she desires...that she deserves! He will never accept her as Anokhi Bhalla, for he has already marked her as Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal. Of the entire drama that Anokhi put up, this is only what he remembers. And he has set out on a mission with a resolve strong as ever, to make her Mrs Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal the right way! 

Shaurya - Mere iss dard ka ehsaas tumhe bhi hoga Anokhi, woh bhi bohot hi jald...just wait and watch!

Anokhi has wronged him. She has snatched away his right to make decisions of his life. She has hurt him by not trusting him enough with the facts. He has given him a pain by not waiting for him even when he had said he is coming to her to fight this battle together. He will take her through every emotion that he felt. He will take away her right to decide what she wants by disallowing her right on his life. He will hurt her by telling her a lie that he is wedding Shagun. He will give her that pain by leaving her alone. But they say...sometimes you have to give pain to your loved ones for their betterment. Shaurya will break inside everytime he will hurt her, but he will have to do this for their larger good together.

Babli - Pyaar ki kadr na karne walo ko toh rabb bhi maaf nahi karta.

Sabherwals don't value the unconditional love Shaurya has for them. They take his love for them for granted and misuse it to twist him as per their will. But God has been taking a note of it all these years and its time for God to support the right. God has sent the good souls like Babli, Ahir, Shaan and Aastha for Shaurya's support. The downfall of mighty Sabherwals has begun!

Anokhi - Pyaar ki kadr karti hu tabhi toh apne pyaar se ladhi hu!

Anokhi has her twisted definition of pyaar ki kadr. She has fought with her love...but will she be able to fight with herself? She has been trapped in the game of love...and now there is no way out!

Tej - Chai mein aaj meetha thoda jyada daalna!

Yes, Mr Tej Sabherwal...your son is coming with a good news for you!

Shaurya - Chashma chadha hua tha aankho par (looks at Shagun), dikhai nahi diya(looks at Devi)...isliye toot gaya!

Shaurya trusted Shagun's friendship for a moment, but he has read through her plan very well. He trusted her goodness, he trusted his badi maa's love. But he couldn't see their reality and the result is he stands broken today.

Devi - Hume kis baat ki kami hai? Ek toot gaya toh duss aur le aaenge!

This arrogance of Devi Sabherwal is the reason of her downfall. She never considered any girl as a human first. Every girl for her was an object to be owned. She can bring 10 other girls for Shaurya, but none of them would be Anokhi. Until she realises this, none can save her from her defeat.

Shaurya - Aapko lagta hai main toote hue vase ki baat kar raha tha? (Looks at Shagun)

Shagun is like that vase for him. She might look good and add to the beauty of the space, but she is nothing but a useless showpiece for him. If she comes in his way, he won't give it a second thought before throwing her out of his way with his own hands...and she won't be able to look into his eyes again. She wore a mask of friendship to hide her intentions of misusing this friendship. He has worn black glasses to hide his motives of failing her in her own plan.

Shaurya - Anokhi aur meri kahaani khatm ho gayi hai!

Yes, this was the last episode of Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahaani...what we will see henceforth will be Shakhi ki kahaani. In marriage, there is no you and me, there is always us! They have taken enough of decisions single handedly. Now its time for them to team up. He will teach her what togetherness is...and henceforth it will be a story of love winning over the devil.

Devi - Main toh pehle se kehti thi...

Shaurya - Kuch mat kahiye!

Until now, Badi Maa always had a last say. But now he is not going to take a word more. He is letting her enjoy the momentary victory, but he will not let her speak a word against Anokhi. He has come back, but it was not homecoming for him. 

Shaurya - Aaj aap kuch kahenge nahi chachu? Main kehta hu...saaf karva dena!

Sabne jitna raita failana tha, faila liya...ab Shaurya karega safaai...matlab tabaahi! (Dialogue credits - Aditya Hooda from Bepannaahsmiley2) He has taken enough of their shit. Now its his turn to cause the distruction. And the Sabherwals won't be able to do anything but pick up shit he throws at them!

Shaurya walks over the broken glass pieces.

His love, his trust, his heart is broken into pieces. He doesn't care to pick up those pieces and deal with the heart-break. He will walk over the ones who caused him this heart-break and come out as a winner!

Shagun - Anokhi, tumne jo bhi stupidity ki hai, uske liye Thank You!

Was it Shagun or the audience? Yes, Anokhi has done a stupidity, but that is only going to lead Shaurya to better life. Not how she thought, but how he will decide. He has seen the reality of his family. He will get the love of his real parents now and he will give her the rightful wedding to his wife that she deserves. He would have never even thought of doing this before. So yes, thank you Anokhi!

Tej - Uske sath koi zor zabardasti nahi karni hai. Uska dil toota hai, dimaag bilkul sahi hai. Jo karna hai soch samajh k...dhire dhire karna...sambhal sambhal k!!

Yes, his brain is right in its place. His heart is broken, not by his love but by his family. So his family better beware of the implications. Plan your moves with utmost thought and care...but sadly, you don't have that much time guys! Your days are numbered!

4. Bekhayaali...

This song sequence was one of the most beautifully edited sequence with out of the world cinematography. How thoughtfully they synchronised the scenes with the lyrics of the song! The pain never looked so beautifulsmiley27

Bekhayaali mein bhi tera hi khayaal aaye

Kyun bichadna hai zaroori, yeh sawaal aaye

In his moments of solitude, he tries to calm himself down. He drowns himself in the water so as to wash away all the thoughts and be at peace. But her thoughts don't leave him alone even in his solitude. He tries to figure out the reasons why this unfortunate turn of events happened. Was it necessary for her to take this way? Couldn't she trust him enough? He doesn't seem to find answers to his questions, like always!

Teri nazdeekiyon ki khushi behisaab thi

Hisse mein faasle bhi tere bemisaal aaye

She experienced the best time of her life when she was with him. No matter what she tells him, she will always keep those moments close to her heart. She won't let him go away from her heart. No matter what how far the destiny takes them from eachother, she will always choose to belong to him, she will always wear that sign of his love with a smile!!!

Main jo tumse door hu, kyun door main rahu, tera guroor hu

Aa tu faasla mita, tu khwaab se mila, kyu khwaab tod du

Even if they are separated by distance, they won't be separated by heart. No matter how blur the future looks, he has associated his future with her name. He wants to reach her, but he is broken by his family's actions. He will have to face the reality of his life...or should I say, the biggest lie of his life? Just the way he wiped off her name and cleaned the mirror only to face his shattered self, he will have to hurt her for a while in order to clean the mess that his life is due to his family. Then only will he be able to meet the future he dreams about.

Bekhayaali mein bhi tera hi khayaal aaye

Kyun judai de gaya, yeh sawaal aaye

In a brief moment, they dream about having each other by their side, but the dream is shattered and again they are left only with questions...why this separation? Was it really necessary? 

Thoda sa main khafa ho gaya apne aap se

Thoda sa tujhpe bhi bewajah malaal aaye

She punishes herself by eating chillies for causing so much hurt to him. She can't forgive herself for doing what she did. He is mad himself that she had to go through something really devastating due to his family and he is not able to do anything about it. He is also disappointed with her for not trusting him, for choosing to leave him alone rather than fighting together and he vents his anger on the punching bag.

Raatein dengi bata, neendo mein teri hi baat hai

Bhoolu kaise tujhe, tu toh khayaalo mein saath hai

No matter how hard they will fake about their indifference in the broad daylight, to others as well as each other, but in the night, it will be only about each other in the confine of the walls of their rooms. She takes out her frustration on the pillow, whereas he tries to give a right direction to his anger as her concentrates on the weights.

Bekhayaali mein bhi tera hi khayaal aaye

Kyun bichadna hai zaroori, yeh sawaal aaye

They are unable to deal with the situation. He wants to scream her name, his yearning for her, his love for her...but he will have to control, he will have to pull up an act as if he doesn't care about her, he will have to get a hold on his feelings. Whereas she wants to hide her feelings, but she is not able to. One day, she will have to take a step forward, she will have to drop her inhibitions, she will have to break the shackles and she will have to scream his name to the entire world and accept her love for him.

Nazar k aage har ik manzar reit ki tarah bikhar raha hai

Dard tumhara badan mein mere zeher ki tarah utar raha hai

As they can't handle the grief of seeing everything falling apart, she crashes down in the bed and he, on the floor. The pain acts as a slow poison trying to kill them. Yet, what they hold on to are the memories of each other. Being with her in achieving her ambitions, thereby giving her the utmost happiness is what he strives, whereas the moments of his love and their togetherness is what she desires.




Shaurya will have his buddies his support. He will have his parents to guide him. He will have his trust in Anokhi that she won't betray him. Distance won't break him as his determination is strong as ever. With only Anokhi in his heart, he is ready to take on the world.

Aa zamaane aazma le, roothta nahi faaslo se, yeh hausla tootata nahi

Na hai woh bewafaa aur na hu main bewafaa, wo meri aadat ki tarah chhootata nahi

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Anuja, this is such an amazing post. I loved everything you wrote. Brilliant explanations and a great take on even the minutest details. I so wanted someone to write about the symbolism of the watch scene and you wrote it so beautifully.

Much love to you.

This post made my day💓💓🤗

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Posted: 6 days ago

WoW, No words to describe your thoughts. I am going to rewatch it with new eyes now.

Thanks for the lovely write up and for reading it in a way which gives more meaning to every word uttered. I did not know if I was happy with the episode today, but now I will appreciate it better...

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 

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