Sukoon Mila

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Posted: 4 days ago

After a long period of time, today the entire Pandya Niwas was smiling ear to ear. The reason behind, the newly Weds had completed 6 months of their marriage. Of course, it had never been a smooth sail, but again you never get to know the real strength of something until you let it pass through its own phase of trials and tribulations. 

Dhara had finally put down the load of putting anything and everything onto her own shoulders and understood that her kids weren’t kids any longer, even though nothing would change the fact that they would always remain her babies. 

Rishita had slowly but surely began relishing the love her new family had to offer. She could not help but feel grateful for the warmth she had received in these few months. It was now that she realized what she had definitely missed on for a major part of her life. And now that she was getting the opportunity, she made sure to grab it with arms wide open and to never let go. 

Dev had realized all of his blunders and apologized for each of them. Though he always knew no amount of guilt could lessen the amount of raita he had spread, yet he thanked his stars, for all his family had a heart that was way too big. 

Shiva and Raavi were taking baby steps towards each other after the Mukteshwar mania, as they knew, no matter how hard they tried to mask their emotions, they affected each other in ways nobody else did. But gave up the charade soon after. For both of them knew, they were meant to run, wildly, towards each other and not meant for this snail pace so were they.

 For once everyone felt settled and at peace. As they chatted merrily around bowls of ice cream till the clock struck 12, and decided to call it a night after wishing the pairs for completing their six months of togetherness. 

As Shiva and Raavi made it to their room and she sat on her side of the bed, she felt a tickle on the sole of her feet. Her bhootnath emerged from under the bed, proving the nickname she had given him to be true, she mentally chuckled. Busy in her thoughts, she did not realize that her husband dearest had opened up a red velvet box and withdrew a pair of the loveliest silver anklets she had ever laid her eyes upon. It was when he had placed her foot on his thigh and made her wear those that she had noticed it. She gently touched the intricate details with her fingers, with the brightest smile glued onto her face indicating him how much she had loved his gift. Rummaging through some 28 stores, Shiva Pandya was glad that all his efforts were worth it. Her smile had said it all. As he let go off her feet, she immediately stood up and walked a few steps around, gleefully smiling at the pleasing sound. It definitely was going to become his second most favorite sound after her laughter, he knew the moment he heard of it. 

Minutes later, they were lost, in each other. First with their eyes locked into each other and then with their fingers intertwined. As their lips joined each other, they truly realized what bliss felt like. And then all they could remember was each other, the scents and the sounds that you get to know of when you discover each other so in depth. After all, home was definitely in their embrace of each other. It was all they knew as sleep gently lulled the two lovebirds.


तेरी चहलकदमी से यूं गूंजता है मेरा आंगन

जैसे बसंत की पहली कोयल है तू

तेरी खुशबू से यू महकता है मेरा आंगन

जैसे बरसात का पहला फूल है तू

( The merry clinking of your anklets echoes in my house as if you're spring's first cuckoo

Your fragrance thrives in my house as if you're rain's first blossom )

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Posted: 4 days ago

Lovely forumwaasis! Greetings 🤍.

Just felt like penning down a random happy os.

Do let me know how it was.

Happy reading 💛

Posted: 4 days ago

This is so beautiful.smiley27

I really loved it. As the title says, sukoon mila yeh padkar. 

Well written. 

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